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Thursday, March 31, 2011

32 - The Vegabonds

Genre: Rock, Southern Rock, Rock'n Roll, Jam, Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.myspace.com/vegabonds

Bio: These lawless Brigands take the stage with the sole intent of rocking the venue to its foundations. Some may call them Rogues, Pirates or Vagabonds but they roll together solid and true as the Vegabonds! This band is becoming one of the most popular bands rockin' the scene here in the southeast. Hitting the road later this April they'll be opening for legendary southern rocker Greg Allman from a little known band you probably don't know about called the Allman Brothers. Back to these Vegabonds that slam Jaegerbombs and Vegas Bombs before dropping Megaton Bombs on the masses. I got a chance to jam with this power rock explosion last night at the Sky Bar and the crowd was chomping at the bit. The lovely ladies in the audience knew all the songs word for word and their various boyfriends had to play second fiddle to the tempestuous vocal stylings of their lead singer Daniel "Hacksaw" Allen.

In addition to maintaining a grueling touring schedule, the band has just released their debut album, Dear Revolution to widespread critical acclaim. The Vegabond's sound is a combination of classic rock and southern rock with the new school rock and jam band rock. If you like rock get ready to rock the funk out! When enjoying their album from start to finish you may be reminded of bands such as: The Allman Brothers, The Drive-By Truckers, Pink Floyd, Phish, Widespread Panic, The Kings of Leon, Joe Walsh, U2, Counting Crows, The Black Crowes, The Crow and Pantera. Okay maybe not the last two because one's a movie and one's Pantera, but you catch my drift? The Vegabond pound the ear-pussies on the reg with immaculate slide guitar work, groovin keys, nasty solos, bombastic drums and tight bass work. They play mostly down here in God's country i.e. the Southeastern section of the continental U.S. however they are planning to make an extensive tour of Thailand this summer. They might not look it all six members are half Thai. Whether you see them down the street or overseas, check out the Vegabonds for a super crunk party jam time experience sure to last for eons.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

31 - BeBad.US

Genre: Freakjams
Website: www.bebad.us
Location: Auburn, AL

Bio: Run by the infamous comedian Tense and Nervous, this affiliate blog is a towering library of independent music. WWW.BEBAD.US is a testament to the burgeoning renaissance of modern day freakjams. I must preface that there is also a large portion of twisted humor contained on this site, relating to some good old fashioned racial and religious humor. However if you can dig the Chappelle show you might be able to wade through a bit of Blue Collar Get R Done muslim jokes to get to the juicy band page section. Despite Tense and Nervous' unwieldy sense of humor and in not wanting to compile a treatise on the dichotomy of our distant cultures, Freakjams would like to focus on BeBad.US' plethora of Sound and Video archives. There are countless volumes of classic Freakjams waiting to be devoured by your insatiable sonic cortex.

There are extravagant masses of legendary musical Boat wizards contained in www.BeBad.US's Band Section. Acts like the dastardly Daikaiju to throwback heroes like Sterno, Pretty Beat Up and others. Make sure to check out Freakjams faves: Hermatavore, Rollin In The Hay, The Pine Hill Haints and Brown Kid; as well as new vids by bands like Blood or Whiskey and Rock N' Roll Ape Sex N' Hell! When entering the site you might spy the Wildman Steve seal of approval smiling buddha-like and overseeing the zen rock garden that is BeBad.US. Overall you can feel the waves of Booty-Thunder washing over your spirit and cleansing your chi when you stumble upon these epic freakjams. So check out BeBad.US and Be Bad! Real Bad!