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Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 - Moon Taxi

Genre: Rock/ Jam/ Techno/ Electronic/ Freakjams
Location: Nashville, TN
Websites: www.myspace.com/moontaxi

Bio: Moon Taxi, as their name suggests is out of this world! The taxi will take your mind on a blast off journey through time and space! A modern day spatial Lewis and Clark (Sacajawea and Pocahontas too) exploring uninhabited sound worlds and planting their flag for future generations to see. Their compositions are an amazing amalgam of hard rock and electronica fused with techno, reggae and just the right amount of jam. Moon Taxi is reminiscent of bands like Muse, Particle, The Allman Brothers, Radiohead, The Clash and David Bowie. Their live show is mind-blowingly spectacular. I got a chance to catch them at AGR fraternity in Auburn and they melted faces and souls with their set-to-kill laser wave beams. After impeccably ripping a cover of the Allman Brothers' "Whipping Post" with flawless form and skill they launched into meteoric originals laced with scorching viscosity.

They are currently touring the world, having opened for Matisyahu, Government Mule, DJ Logic, The New Mastersounds and many others. Their virtuous twin guitars riff incalculably over tight drum spice supported with doric columns of keyboard, synth and dirty funk-rock bass-quakes. Did I mention their vocals? Their voices ring true as a heavenly host of virginal angelic seraphs precipitating lush harmonies that attract flocks of snow-white doves flying above a multitude of sea-blue dolphins under a double rainbow. Wow! A double rainbow! Words cannot describe Moon Taxi's unquenchable molten mass of soul power, however I try in vain. The only way you can begin to know their vast repertoire of unique Freakjams is to close your eyes and let them take you for a ride to the Moon and even further to the rings of Saturn. After making a left turn at Jupiter and sailing thru the milky waves of our galaxy you might return home with a new perspective of which direction music is headed. It is going to the freaking moon and Moon Taxi will take you there!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

29 - Alpha State

Genre: ROCK
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.reverbnation.com/alphastateauburnal

Bio: Alpha State is the Tits! A brand-spankin new band out of Aubizzle, they crank out Freak-rock maxed out to eleven! Their balls are massive, and you can check out their cream sac on the world wide webernet. They get the titties poppin and the D's swollen with old school and new school balls to the wall Rock n' Roll! Shane's crusty crush guitar blares out of his Marshall stack with Alec's clean southern rock voice soaring above his jammin rhythm guit-fiddle. Scott Shepherd herds the flocks with slammin pop-rock infused punk drum beats while Adam thunders out tumultuous bass lines holdin down the overall funk for your dome. They recorded their demo less than a year ago up in Nashville with engineer and renown producer Scotty 'too hottie' Rorrins (of Scotty and the Fags fame). Consisting mainly of covers you can get an idea of how their full length O.G. album will sound if you check out their single, "Wedding Cake".

Although three of them are still in college undertaking various majors and what not, if these guys stick together then they are most definitely destined for fame and glory. Just check out their single and you will wet your pants in excitement I guarantee it. With influences such as: Black Sabbath, Kings of Leon, Grand Funk Railroad, Hendrix, The Beatles, Mumford and Sons, Weezer, Wolfmother, The Strokes and Creedence you will want to catch one of their sold-out beer soaked classic rock infused live performances fo sho! Just see what people are sayin about them: "Masterful" - Axl Rose; "There sex is on Fire" - Caleb Followhill (of the Kings of Leon); "Alpha State is my favorite band, and Freakjams is my favorite blog!" - Lady Gaga (of Lady Gaga). You obviously don't have to take it from me, this band will obliterate your mind into oblivion. Make sure to check back on these guys for they already have many more original Freakjams in the works. Alpha State is a state of mind and Freakjams is a way of life!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

28 - Tony Brook

Genre: Country/ Blues/ Rock
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.tonybrook.net

Bio: Local Blues God Tony Brook has just released his newest album, "Guerilla." It is fucking awesome! I just caught Tony Brook this past Saturday at Bourbon St. in Auburn rockin' the crowd as a power trio. The pub-crawlers were pumped as he launched into a mix of hard-hitting originals and suped-up old school covers. Tony has been rockin the scene down here in the south for as long as I can remember, and has brought his own brand of Alabama Country Blues Rock to foreign lands as well. If you see his name on the marquee, be ready to grab a cold one and get rowdy. Try not to get into a barroom brawl as his music will certainly get your blood boilin.

He's got five amazing albums to his name and his likeness is emblazoned on the pages of Alabama rock history. Tony Brook's witty lyricism is only matched by his soulful guitar twang. His recordings range from low-country heart-wrenchers, beer-guzzling barroom anthems to hell bent lightning blues. His songs are solid messages of truth and political wisdom. You can hear a bit of Jerry Jeff, John Prine, David Allen Coe, Hank, Willie, Waylon, and even Tom Waits in his music. His sweet-tea southern drawl tells it like it is, and his music aint for the faint of heart. Check out "Mule's in a Ditch" off his new album for some real country. Check out Tony Brook and you'll discover a new brand of whiskey-drenched southern rock!

Friday, February 18, 2011

27 - Wildman Steve Radio

Genre: All
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.wildmansteve.com

Bio: Disclaimer: this is not a band! This is a movement! Wildman Steve is a beacon of hope shining bright in this messy world of music. The Wildman runs his own internet radio station independently with a team of genius DJ's exploring the underground, the long lost, forgotten and hidden sound gems that have existed since the dawn of recorded music. You can find everything you always wanted from a non-corporate controlled Radio network. Like the name suggests, his musical taste is wild and free! Wildman Steve is a musicologist that knows more about the history of Rock n Roll than you think you know the back of your hand!

Before he won the world over as an internet sensation, getting backstage passes to festivals and jet-setting across the globe, Wildman Steve played music with the best and the brightest in the Southland. In addition to being an acclaimed percussionist, Wildman Steve has worn many different hats. When I was growing up in Auburn, the Wildman owned the coolest record store in town. You could go and find stuff you wouldn't find in your average Record shop! However as CD stores became history, the Wildman has worked to make history as the world's most infamous Rock DJ! After working for the man, and living for the city on FM, the Wildman decided to open up shop on his own! He now provides constant ear-pollination 24/7 to anyone that has an internet connection. Check out Wildman Steve Radio at www.wildmansteve.com for streaming Freakjams!

Monday, February 14, 2011

26 - The Incredible Sandwich

Genre: Jam/ Rock/ Groove/ Freakjams
Location: Athens, GA
Websites:  www.myspace.com/theincrediblesandwich

Bio: Jam masters, The Incredible Sandwich fill your ears with pure joy and your pants with fresh jam! You won't be able to stop dancing when the Sandwich comes groovin thru your town. Hailing from Athens, GA they are renown in the south and have won multiple awards for best jam band in Athens. We all know Athens for spawning great bands like R.E.M. the B-52's and Widespread Panic, and The Sandwich is part of the next gen. of Athens talent currently rocking the scene. They have a sick album and merch available on their web space. They formed in 2007 and have a wide array of recordings to sponge up with your empty brain. A dry brain-sponge that has been deprived of your daily dose of liquid Freakjams.

Having graced the lineup of prestigious festivals such as Wakarusa, the Incredible Sandwich is on their way up slinging various flavored jams, preserves and jellies to the people. With influences ranging from Phish, Bob Dylan, Widespread Panic, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, there is a distinct Jazz and Classical flavor as well. Their stylings can groove out gospel stlye, hillbilly style, jazz style or almost any style you might prefer. All their distinct voices on their respective instruments create a vibrant palette of musical colour to draw from. Matt will tear out your eyes with his guitar wailing while Rackley lays down a fresh beat to jam to. Kevin phunks up the bass with Damien's killer organ rippin it up with his Mind-beams! This Sandwich is Incredible and Good For Your Health!

Monday, February 7, 2011

25 - Bodega Roja

Genre: Prog/ Jam/  Fusion/ Freakjams
Location: Atlanta, GA
Website: www.myspace.com/bodegaroja

Bio: Bodega Roja is a mind melting force of nature that conjures new acid-prog-jazz-jams and floods your uber-space with solid mesmerizing fusion power. Hailing from Atlanta, GA their magic envelops your groove thing in a warm blanket of dueling fuzz guitar and synth wailiness. Influences include: Muse; Tool; F-Zero X; Tribal Tech; Liquid Tension Experiment; Steve Vai; John Scofield; Medeski, Martin, and Wood; Particle; Kooken & Hoomen. I'm not sure if these really are their influences but they sound like a spicy gumbo of all of those fresh ingredients. The guitars shred incredible dueling solos with funk-jazz rhythms and monster piano styles. The drums and bass keep the freshness increasing steadily along a path of wisdom of the ages.

Originally an all instrumental group, Bodega Roja has recently begun its venture into the vocal arts as well. Adding a lot to the groups already gargantuan sound, they have yet to record their new stlye. Their badass instrumental tracks are already available on their myspace, and check out their homepage to join their mailing list. Already a mainstay on the Atlanta jam circuit, with a sound like theirs they will soon be rocking festivals near you. Keep your ears and eyes wide open for their Freakjams, for Bodega Roja will surely rock your dome!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

24 - Brown Kid

Genre: Brown/ Freakjams/ Rock/ Rap/ Funk/ Jam
Location: Auburn, AL
Website:  www.myspace.com/brownkid

Bio: When I hear Freakjams, I mean real true Freakjams it just tears at my heartstrings and warms my soul. Brown Kid is a delicious, fruitful magic basket of the most masterful Freakjams! Check out their myspace for some of the illinest freshness to ever come out of Auburn, AL. As you may know most Freakjams come from Auburn, AL or Boston, MA (not forgetting Brooklyn, NY; Athens, GA; or the entire Freakjam state of New Jersey) thats just a little known fact. I'm not saying that there cannot be Freakjams elsewhere, it just happens to be that the loveliest village on the plains is a melting pot of the most luscious Freakjams. Okay, so Brown Kid has achieved Legendary status here in the Southland from rocking out mega shows with Jason McMillan, Strangelove Ocean, The Pillij, The Good Doctor and others. Ed's mysterious vocals transcend the sludge of the haters, jealous pimps, jealous of his pimp-status, all the while his partner in crime, Rodrigo, kills the verses with incredible mic-skill putting all haters and whack MC's to the test.

With influences from The Violent Femmes to Sublime, their music is a cool mix of hilariously truthful lyrics and uncontested song forms. Buy their album on CdBaby!! you will not be disappointed! Brown Kid is still rockin down here in the Auburn area giving regular white people and black people a smidge of brownness in their life. If you are unsure about how Brown Kid will help you're life, try this little experiment. Stop eating cheeseburgers, stop eating taco hell, go to Mexico and get some real Mexican food. Then come back home; stop taking prozac and five hour energy shots; Sit down with a cerveza and a cigarillo filled with the most primo kush and listen to a purchased copy of Brown Kid's album. Instant cure for depression/anxiety/wanderlust. There you go. Life Cure= Brown Kid! Freakjams!