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Thursday, December 8, 2011

69 - The Bama Gamblers

Location: Auburn, AL
Genre: Blues/ Rock
Websites:  www.thebamagamblers.com

Bio: It is only fitting that the Gamblers hold the no. 69 spot. These motherffin stunnas have not only a totally badass band name but they also have the best band logo I have ever seen! See if you can find their logo of an owl smokin one down on one of their various web spaces. They have some super sweet original material you have got to check out on their reverbnation page. Reigning like kings on the Auburn Alabama scene they have rocked the college circuit far and wide! With their hard hitting blues- rock they have no equals for they truly roll the dice testing their might over the top style... that was a Rolling Stones/ Mortal Kombat/ Sylvester Stallone reference if you didn't catch that.

The Bama Gamblers hit the stage with nothing to lose, relentlessly destroying faces with Matt's sidewinding slide guitar pickin and Forrest's driving blues beats. Bo and Jered take turns rocking the mic slanging their blues power to and fro inciting wild fits of dancing and merry-making. I have heard tale of a female singer that performs with them on occasion and that she has unmatched style and skill on the stage. However I have not had the chance to catch her roll with the Gamblers. These guys have conquered the southland with a reputation of dirty blues and thunderous rock n roll. Their cover selection ranges from classic rock, to blues to old school R&B sometimes with a tongue-in cheek twist. You gotta see them to know what I mean. They are currently working on a full length album that hopefully will be due out next year. If the Gamblers come to your town you must attend as they will help you throw down like only true Alabamians can do! They go down Gamblin and they do it with the swagger of tasteful southern gentlemen riding high and true into the sunset with hearts full of blues, bellies full of beer and bodies full of thrizz! White-hot thrizz lightning! The Bama Gamblers are a solid bet for an unforgettable night on the town!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

68 - Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Genre: Southern Rock
Location: Birmingham, AL
Websites: www.reverbnation.com/leebainsiiithegloryfires

Bio: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires kick out high-powered alternative southern rock mixed with blues, country, punk and surf guitar! I can't think of a better combination. The Glory Fires are reminiscent of artists such as: The Drive By Truckers, Wilco, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Rev. Horton Heat, The Legendary Shack Shakers and Lucinda Williams. I unfortunately have not been able to attend one of their shows but having listened to the recordings, know this band's live show must be chock-full of raw Alabama energy! The song Magic City Stomp is a sweet tea fueled, slap in the face romp about Birmingham for those of you who dont know. The Glory Fires' music is a fantastic soundtrack to the Magic City's blend of train tracks, burned out buildings and old factories. Their songs have very cool structure, not being locked into a pop song format they can explore their own form and it keeps the listener on the edge of his pants!

Lee Bains has a patched up plaid knapsack full of influences from blues, jazz, jam, funk, country, southern rock, punk and metal. His influences coalesce into a firey brand of freakjams that only he can explore. His voice is sometimes soft and smooth, and at times harsh and smoky but always spot on! The vocals are very clear and crisp with succulent guitar tones laced underneath. Their lyrics are joyful hog-stompin southern vernacular delivered with electric love jelly and buck nasty true grit! The Glory Fires burn like a red hot branding iron sticking into your left butt cheek. And you like it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

67 - Brent Cobb

Genre: Country
Location: Ellaville, GA
Websites:  www.facebook.com/TheCobbWeb

Bio: This dude rocks to the max! Brent Cobb writes songs with catchy country-fried lyrics about girls, partyin and livin in the deep south. He is a true badass that knows about Bars, Guitars and Honkytonk Crack and aint afraid to talk about it. I mean listenin to this guy is like smokin a fat bowl of Honkytonk Crack! I got a chance to see him play a solo set openin for the Bama Gamblers the other night at Bourbon street bar and he brought the house down! Playin by himself with just a guitar in hand he captivated his audience with his high-powered beer fueled originals. He delivers hard drivin lyrics at the speed of a revved up locomotive, and writes Country and I mean Country music. Not Nashville pop that you hear so much on the radio and tv, but real Country music! Brent brings back the lyrical prowess of Steve Earle; the stage performance of Johnny Cash in his boot stompin pill poppin days; and the badassitude of Waylon Jennings, then mixes them together in a sound that is all his own.

His songs are well recorded and have spectacular musicians playing on them. Check out his myspace and like him on facebook while you give him a close listen-to. Pay close attention to this guy for he is bound to be a top Country songwriter. If you like clever lyrics and original music, singable choruses and a down home feel, then you will want to see him live. Although I havent seen him yet with a full band, the next time I see his name on the marquee I am definitely gonna drink a beer and get down to some Brent Muthafuckin Cobb!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

66 - Full Circle Clique

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Durty South
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Websites: www.starsmusicentertainment.com/

Bio: Rappers Marvalous and Kool G bring back catchy hooks of the glory days of Durty South Rap and lace them atop freshly produced beats. With their new single, "I'm Supposed to Ball," they are climbing the Billboard charts all the while gaining massive popularity on the internet. When I talk about the good old days of Rap music down in the Durrty, I'm talkin about Master P, Silkk The Shocker, UGK, Trick Daddy, Doe or Die, Still Poe Pimpin, The Youngbloodz, Three Six Mafia, Hypnotyze Camp Posse, Lil Wyte, Project Pat, Devin The Dude, Juvenile, Mia X, Soulja Slim, Outkast, Dungeon Family, Mr. Bigg, Gregory D, Baby D, Cash Money Millionaires and countless others! When Birdman was still Baby, before Lil Wayne held the No. 1 spot on his own, and before Mystikal and C Murder were incarcerated. Full Circle Clique brings me back to the time of Ying Yang Twinz "Boom Its On" and Master P's "Ice Cream Man."

Hustlin iz a Habit and its got to be when you are out there promoting your own music. This group is grindin hard and it is evident when you check out their well designed website, dope video and hot tracks. Buy their single off of iTunes because it is most definitely a hit! If Full Circle Clique can keep on churnin out fly hooks over fresh beats, they could very well bring back another Durty South Hip Hop renaissance. Like Pimp C said, "Quit Hatin the South!" Watch their youtube videos and give Full Circle Clique some love! If you don't, well they need more haters anyway. Full Circle Clique - "I'm Supposed To Ball!" Buy It Now!

Monday, November 7, 2011

65 - Caninus

Genre: Grindcore/ Metal/ Rock
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Websites: www.myspace.com/caninus

Bio: So we have all heard metal bands before, but this one is slightly different from the one thrashing your local pub on a fri. nite. Caninus is a band that features two lead singers but they are'nt human. The band is fronted by two pitbulls and their music is totally badass. This is dome grindcore at its best. Their jams transcend generational boundaries all the while appealing to various species as well! Caninus is a band that would be perfect for little timmy's 6th birthday party or even a laid-back office cocktail shindig. If your thing is grindcore then you will truly enjoy Caninus, however if you have an open mind but metal isn't typically your thing you can still latch on to the tasty kibbles and bits like their use of form, the soundscapes of their tunes or even their sense of rhythmic displacement.

From Brooklyn, this band is the cream of the crop when it comes to New York bands. As they say on their website they are and very well could be the first band fronted by an animal. As they list their influences from Cannibal Corpse to Duran Duran I can hear a distinct Cradle of Filth or Pantera flair to their longer jams. I like the freedom that they have when it comes to song length. Screw the conventional three minute pop song format and go for whatever feels right. As some of their songs clock in at less than 30 seconds, that means that you can enjoy their beggin strip morsels in short burst of ferocious energy. Check out Caninus and you won't be disappointed!

Monday, October 24, 2011

64 - Shut Up N' Clap

Genre: Pop/ Rock/ Indie
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: shutupnclap.com/

Bio: These kids have a strong message and convey it over cool synths and fresh beats. Shut Up N' Clap are an indie band that already have a website rockin and an album to boot. There music is new and unapologetically snappy. There name is pretty badass as well. I mean their name is what most musicians are thinking when they're playing anyway, they just go ahead and say it. There music is rife with acoustic guitars, bass, electric guitar, synths, drums, noises and don't forget catchy lyrics and sultry harmonies. Shut Up N' Clap is combining all the best from new Indie Bands like Portugal the Man and Mumford and Sons as well as a hint of 80's pop to conjure up a very new sound!

I got to see an acoustic performance by Shut Up N Clap down at the Gnu's Room here in Auburn and was blown away at these youngsters with very mature voices and cool song choices. Im not sure as to which were original and which were covers but they covered an exotic array of themes like war and death as well as trying to stay positive amidst all that bullshit. I really enjoy their jam Ping Pam Pow for all of its tongue in cheek, zen-like lyrics. These kids eat confidence for breakfast and they are in no way bashful. Check out their sweet album as well kickass youtube videos. And watch out for them in the future because music is about being creative and I feel they have just poppe the top on there organic mustard jar of creativity.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

63 - A/S/L?

Location: Brick, New Jersey
Genre: Rock/ Punk/ Hardcore/ Hard-Rock/ Freakjams
Websites:  http://aslmusic.bandcamp.com/

Bio: Whilst scroming through some lost domensions with fellow domelord Zombi Fo, I fell asleep under the Bango Tree and was awakened by this band of demon hellriders. A/S/L? screams in your face!!! Watch out for face obliterating mind exploding hell screams and disqusting guitar and drum mega rock slop of doom! A/S/L??????????????? What?? They have apparently been ballin for aeons without dicks and that makes them pissed!! With one little arm and one big arm they challenge all other non-vertebrates with riot inducing rock fervor. Lyrics that are unapologetically sexual and provocative you cannot censor these hos! We be rollin off these tricks like we be stuntin!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

62 - The GodBody

Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Websites: www.myspace.com/godbody

Bio: The GodBody began in Boston as a collaboration between the illin lyricist/ producer MostArt and fellow rhymer Tre' Guevara. These guys put it down when it comes to Hip Hop w/ flavor and an Old-School swag. Takin influences from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop (i.e. Nas, Jay-Z, Big L's first albums respectively, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Wu-Tang, Tribe Called Quest and others) You can also hear influences like Brother Ali, Pharcyde, Mos Def, Black Star, AZ, D.I.T.C. and underground guys like Sage Francis, Eyedea and Atmosphere. With all of that funk under their belt they can't go wrong. The GodBody used to ball in Boston, but now currently reside in Los Angeles, where MostArt works as a staff writer and producer at Aftermath Ent.

Their goal is to put the real hip-hop out there, when we are constantly inundated with the bling and the bravado. The GodBody embraces the old-school style, when Hip-Hop was about a positive message to the youth; tongue-twisting verses and who was the best MC? instead of who's the hardest thug and who's got the most scrilla. I'm not sure if they are still recording or performing live, but they still have a catalog of great music to check out. Go to their myspace and get a taste of The GodBody!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

61 - Uhul

Genre: Punk
Location: Santa Caterina, Brazil
Websites: http://palcomp3.com/uhul/

Yo Stones here, bringing you the first ever guest freakjam!!... and what a pleasure it is to present Uhul (???- you know, its pronounced YAHOO! in Portuguese)! I met one of these Brazilian punk rockers in a bar in Austria a couple years ago where we bonded over our collective hatred for that country. After swapping war stories we put their album on the bar stereo and rocked out to the max, while simultaneously terrifying the locals (Fuck them, anyway!). And so it was that I was first introduced to Uhul, the Brazillian punk rock four piece that loves to Heineken!  Apparently there is a video floating around of our crazy antics that night.  What I can piece together involves lots of alcohol, offended locals, and police. What else can I say, that pretty much sums it up right there!

Uhul embodies the spirit of Punk Rock, Brazilian Style! Check out their webspaces and listen to their furious rock!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

60 - Ayo Awosika

Genre: Jazz/ Pop/ R&B
Location: Denver, CO
Website:  www.ayoawosika.com

Bio: Ayo Awosika is a new artist with a masterful and mature voice. She sings a fresh brand of R&B without getting bogged down with auto-tune and synthesized beats. Her band plays her tracks together live in the studio the old-school way which makes for a warmer and more personal sound. She has a classical background in voice and a degree in vocal performance from Berklee College of Music so she knows how to sing! Incorporating all the precision of classical music; the relaxed swing of Jazz and the freedom of R&B she sings music that is completely her own. Her voice sounds like a healthy mix of Natalie Cole, Eva Cassidy, Billie Holiday and Diana Krall; yet her music is something new. She combines the best parts of old school Jazz vocalists with the vocal agility of new R&B vocalists and all with the unmatched confidence of a classically trained performer.

Along with a killer voice, poetic lyrics and great songs, she is backed by some ridiculously- talented musicians. This band creates a jazz and pop hybrid sound that is reminiscent of Joshua Redman, Keith Jarrett and ECM(label) with a R&B twist. She has a brand new album entitled: Hearts, Words, and Other Forgotten Things. Check it out on CDBaby and iTunes. You can keep up to date with her on her homepage www.ayoawosika.com, or on her blog, www.ayoawosika.squarespace.com. Definitely pick up her album, for some real music with real words and a real voice!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

59 - Chris Posey

Genre: Country
Location: Cleveland, AL
Websites: www.reverbnation.com/chrisposeyband

Bio: Chris Posey is an all-american cowboy from Alabama. Thats the darn truth and if that aint country than please tell me what is. Garth Brooks can go back to L.A. for all I care, just as long as Chris and the other Alabama boys stay put and keep on givin us some real country music down here. Part of the underground country crew that has been rockin the beer joints in Alabama for the over a decade, Chris has a style all his own and a vibrant country voice that will shake any old honky tonk to its foundations. Comin up with the likes of Alabama legends such as Tony Brook and Adam Hood, Chris has a huge following down here and a right true philosophy about music here in God's country. He believes that good music should stay down here in Alabama and rightfully so. The more musicians the merrier, and Alabama is a great scene for all types of music. Alabama has had its share of musical greats, like Hank Williams, Nat King Cole, Percy Sledge, The Commodores, Wet Willie, Erskine Hawkins, Sun Ra and Lionel Hampton. Alabama is also the home of the Muscle Shoals sound studio that was the premier  recording studio in the nation back in the day. Bands and musicians like the Allman Bros. Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Bob Seeger, Bob Dylan and even more recently The Black Keys have all recorded there.

Chris Posey believes that Alabama can be home to another great musical renaissance like back in the 60's, and I'm right there with him. Alabama is smack dab in the middle of great music hubs like Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis and the Mighty Mississippi. Chris Posey writes a good bit of material about his home state and he is writing from the heart. He ain't writing an album for Taylor Swift so he can bank on royalties off music he doesn't care about. He writes what is real to him and that is solid badass country! In a time when we are inundated by pure clearchannel crap. Stupid overproduced pop they call country and annoying rap is all there is on the radio. What ever happened to the good country like Hank, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, Townes Van Zandt, Kris Kristofferson, Willie, Waylon and the boys? Well the answer ain't on the radio, its down here in Alabama and Chris Posey's on the front lines. Chris Posey is real country, for those of you who still know what that is.

Monday, August 8, 2011

58 - Way Way East Bay

Genre: Funk/ Soul/ R&B/ Jazz
Location: Logan, UT
Website: www.myspace.com/waywayeastbaymusic

Bio: The funk permeates the seams of this rockin horn-based R&B band. Excellent horn voicings and prime grooves from the rhythm section support Maureen's versatile soul vocals. The band is ridiculously tight but in all the right ways. A killer horn section blasts funky harmonic and melodic lines and the soloists flawlessly kill technical and juicy jams off the top of the dome. Way Way East Bay is  a group of seasoned professional musicians based in Utah that have united and recorded an amazing album. With sounds reminiscent of 60's and 70's motown, soul and funk. They are primarily influenced by the great horn bands of that era. Bands like Tower of Power, Chicago, Cold Blood, James Brown, The Sons of Champlin and more. Way Way East Bay covers some of this classic material as well as playing some funky new origz.

This band primarily plays in UT and might not be as active now as in past years. All of the members are continuously involved in a multitude of other musical endeavors. I'm not sure if the band plans on recording a second album, but I hope so because their debut recording is kick-ass! Way Way East Bay has a myspace page where you can check out their tracks. When you give them a listen you might think it would have been a monster studio undertaking with a four peice horn section, full rhythm section, lead and backing vocals. However according to their myspace, they recorded all this music with a time constraint and played it pretty much all the way through. Recorded like all the good old-school records were made, the whole band in the studio at the same time doing the whole song in one take. Huh, imagine that. I'm not sure yet if this album is available online for purchase, but when I find out I'll put a link to it. Click their myspace link and get ready to enjoy Way Way East Bay, some real old school funk with a new school vibe!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

57 - Funky Butter

Genre: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Freakjams
Location: New York, NY
Websites: www.funkybutter.com/home.html

Bio: This band is so good its retarded. With two badass chick singers, buttery Palladino-esque bass thumpin, creamy funk drums, sexy keyboards and guit-fiddles Funky Butter has a multi-colored pallet to paint funkalacious soundscapes. Formed by the coming together of Kate, Dallin, Dan and Justin who all attended NYU for music and Josh Steingard on drums, who graduated Berklee School of Music in Boston. Not only do they have unchallenged technical skill on their instruments, but their vocals intertwine, I think you know what I mean. No really, their vocals layer upon each other in lush harmony that is very similar to the sounds of thousands of rare amazonian birds that have evolved over millenia to have the most perfect singing voices.

Funky Butter used to crush shows around NYC, Boston and Philadelphia with a tasty organic buttery spread you can't seriously believe its not butter! Unfortunately the Butter is no longer together as all the members are all currently pursuing other musical adventures. Luckily before the members went on to their next evolutionary stage as artists they recorded a fantastic final album. Their recording pushes the boundaries of real rock n roll! With sounds like the Beatles, Janis, Joshua Redman, Diana Krall, Wayne Krantz, Steely Dan, Horace Silver, Ella Fitzgerald... I could spend days listing their respective influences, however it is evident these folks are musicologists at heart. Their music transcends the Rock genre and is something all its own. One thing is for damn sure it is pure unadulterated Freakjams, Aisle 9 - Dairy section: Funky Butter! I don't have to justify myself here just buy their album now!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

56 - Blame Sydney!

Genre: Ska/ Punk/ Rock
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: www.myspace.com/blamesydney

Bio: This super-powered group of ass-kicking ska mayhem has been wreaking havoc on the Auburn scene for the past few years. Two guitarists shred mercilessly underneath thunderous mountain horns over a palpitating ska rhythm. With raw energy seething from their pores, Blame Sydney has cornered the punk market in the Auburn area. They have been honing their tastiness all the while incorporating influences like, The Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Smash Bros, Op Ivy, Less Than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto. Blasting trombone and wailing trumpet fling mystic sounds that sail as boat wizards into the night.

Now hosting a show one night a month at the Olde Auburn Ale House, they continue to bring new hardcore, ska and punk acts to the deep south. Blame Sydney have a devoted following of skankers and punk heads and rightfully so. They have a smorgasbord of original jams, that rock on thru the night with catchy sing-a-long choruses and singable horn lines. Rock on America and beyond! Blame Sydney's straight and to the point lyrics and outline the day to day struggles of kids with no money but plenty of beer and good times. Blame Sydney is a must see Auburn band fo sho! Watch out for them if you come to town for their show is a raucous explosion of punk fury that if you miss, you would lose a mass amount of cool points! Blame Sydney is the ska of the future that you can enjoy today!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

55 - Kristen Hines

Genre: Folk/ Rock/ Pop/ Acoustic/ Singer- Songwriter
Location: Atlanta, GA
Websites: www.kristenhinesmusic.com

Bio: Kristen Hines does it all. She runs her own website, writes her own songs and performs across the southeast. Her songs traverse a wide range of styles. She has a strong basis in Folk and you can hear east indian and native american influences as well. Her lyrics reference biblical and religious themes as well as love, heartbreak and friendship. A renaissance woman in her own right, Kristen Hines writes intelligent pop music with heart and her emotion radiates through her songs. She has a wealth of great recordings to check out. With an EP and a full-length album to boot, Kristen is a real hard-working pro singer-songwriter. Visit her homepage, facebook, myspace and discover cool tracks on her bandcamp page as well.

Originally from Jamaica, she is based out of Atlanta, GA and currently attends Auburn University in sweet home Alabama. Making a name for herself across the plains and the lands down here in the south, you can catch her in a variety of venues here in God's country! Kristen Hines is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians and songwriters as she is proof that you can do it yourself and get your songs out there without any outside help. Yep she's a badass. Kristen Hines, buy her music now!! Freakjams!

Monday, August 1, 2011

54 - Waste Basket

Genre: Ska/ Punk/ Hardcore/ Freakjams
Location: Chicago, IL
Websites: www.myspace.com/wastebasket

Bio: I saw these cantankerous Chicago ska punkers rock the Ale House in Auburn last wednesday and they brought the heat! Fiery two-minute masterpieces blasting forth from their rocket launchers of ska. This band has deep horny harmonies created with powerful trombone and earthy saxophone, as well as a tight rhythm section and virile testosterone fueled punk vocals. Waste Basket is definitely hardcore Chicago ska punk at its finest. "I'm a slob and I don't care so fuck you!" is just one of there many Shakespearian jams. "S.O.S." is another song that rocked the Ale House to its core. The lyrics include the message is that every day is the fucking same! This song is great because it reminds me of when I had a real job, and how much better it is now that I don't!

I like bands that do not censor themselves. They are not conforming to a pop format thats for damn sure. These guys are heavily Rancid, Skatalites, Op Ivy and Screetching Weasel influenced, which if you don't know already is dope. Waste Basket is the perfect combo of ska and punk. Hard hitting and up-apologetically blunt! This band is perfect for a late night waste-fest, street skate competition or back alley brawl. Listen to them in the morning and you will wake up faster than six shots of espresso to your fucking dome! Waste Basket is on tour around the states and will come to your town soon, so be patient and continue to practice your skanking, moshing and thrashing so you can be ready to get Wasted!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

53 - My Two Wings

Genre: Folk/ Country/ Pop/ Rock/ Americana
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: www.myspace.com/mytwowingsband

Bio: Heartfelt lyrics and driving song forms are flying to great heights with My Two Wings. With flawless vocal harmonies and well-thought out instrumentation they create songs that are mouth-watering and unpredictable. Their recordings are badass and their live show is unstoppable. I've seen them perform at a few venues here down here in Auburn and they always throw down! Don't let the genre fool you, these guys create one entirely their own as they pump high voltage energy from the stage. My Two Wings is a band to keep up with because of their original style. Already their sound reminds me a little of Bob Dylan, Country Joe and the Fish, Al Kooper, The Eagles, The Band, Elvis Costello and Merle Haggard.

My Two Wings combine all their influences to make some real good music. With a great pop sensibility, they have all the good parts without any of the lame parts that usually make pop art so tangential. Taking it from a more down-home approach they create some real freshness for your ears. Utilizing mostly guitar, drums and organ they tend to stick to this instrumentation and add some banjo and the occasional synth when needed to great effect. They have tremendous ability on their instruments yet their recordings do not include much individual flash or tons of wanton soloing. This is a good thing! They devote their playing to what is most important, i.e. the song! Dope songs, great lyrics and impeccable playing, My Two Wings flies high above the competition.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

52 - Stoney Lawless

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Freakjams
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/stoneylawless

Bio: Stoney has been a mainstay of the underground hip-hop scene for the last five years. A very talented MC, his rhymes are clever, deft and agile as he swings from his mic cord like tarzan eliminating whack MC's along the way. With classic old school beats and a get fresh flow, Stoney Lawless makes other rappers jealous with his impeccable lyricism. With lyrics that remind me of other underground heroes, Murs , Slug and Atmosphere, Sage Francis and all the other true badasses that aren't so underground anymore. With beats that remind me of the Pharcyde and Nas' first album you couldn't ask for a better combo in Hip Hop. You got dope beats and dope lyrics and that's a deadly combination, like Harlem's Finest, and I don't use that reference lightly. If Stoney keeps grindin then the sky is the limit.

Hailing from Minnesota, Lawless relocated to Beantown a few years ago and has been constantly firing up bowls and letting rapid-fire rhymes spew forth into microphones and recording software along the way. I used to see him walking the streets around haviland and Mass. ave back in the day when I too roamed Back Bay. The only place you can find this classic badassness is on his myspace page so check it out. If I can get in touch with him, I will try my hardest to get him on the first Freakjams mixtape coming out in the next lightyear for all domes! Stoney Lawless is a real MC so get with the flowgram!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

51 - The Original Booty Burglars

Genre: Freak-Rock/ Butt-Rock/ Funk-Rock/ Freakjams
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Websites: www.originalbootyburglars.com/

Bio: I have heard legends of the original booty burglars travel across the lands, seas and skies. I heard of broken legs, grown men in diapers and unrelenting booty burlgin freak-rock for your face! The rumours were true and I lived to tell the tale. I freaked out at their last performance about four years ago. It was a gargantic throwdown at their rehearsal space in Los Angeles. They partied down till the cows came home and we all had a transcendental experience that opened up new pathways for neurongz in our brang-stems! After a mind-exploding performance, sadly I think they went their separate ways, but not without leaving a virtuosic catalog of mass destruction in their wake! Their mighty reign lasted for an entire decade. From forming in the stone houses carved from cliffs in their home with the Pueblos Indians to peace talks between the Hungarians and the hill tribes.These guys are the Trace Adkins of Butt Rock! Spartan warfare at its best, the Booty Burglars are deathridin, whiskey drinkin, leg breakin, party rockin bastards from hell!

Check out their fantastic bombastic plastic spastic jams on their homepage and myspace page because they damn-sure will stick it your jammerhole! They ride their huffys through the streets and take on the Ghosts of L.A. on their home turf. Their lyrics are well thought out and speak to you in a style that speaks to the heart. In other words, their speaking your language! The Original Booty Burglars are so fuckin great, Im gonna list just some of their fucking sweet masterpieces dripping wet with philosophic truth, so here we go: You're so fuckin drunk!; Huffy Riders; Deathride; Dope Ass Body; Jammerhole; and Funky Camel Toe. The Original Booty Burglars are the perfect band to increase the crunknicity of any fancy wine dinners, catered executive meetings, or drunk off your ass back-woods hootenannys! Get down with the one and only Original Booty Burglars, guaranteed to increase sex drive!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

50 - The Good Doctor

Genre: Superfunk/ Rock/ Jazz/ Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: www.myspace.com/thegooddoctormusic

Bio: This group of haters illuminates tasty Freakjams to the universe! Superfunk, a genre of music that can only exist in a state of Freakjams. Like wormholes, black holes or dark matter exists in space. Can you fathom the fathomless? Can you hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? These are difficult life-related questions that you must answer when faced with the infinite quandaries and parables of Freakjams. Will Freakjams stand the test of time or will it create new spheres of reality? The Good Doctor has dealt with these questions and has seen the other side. The real question is can you? 

The answer to everything is yes... with limitless possibilities the Good Doctor transcends the mucky muck with sheer force of will. They play a brand of superfunk that can only be appreciated by hermetically sealed Japanese philosophers yet they relentlessly attack the clubs and venues of Alabama and the deep south. You may think that Japan and Alabama are vastly different, however the energies and the Landhornes align to make the two vibrate together as a newly forged tuning fork. You can experience the Good Doctor for yourself in the comfort of your own home after you spend your earth-dollars on a copy of their debut EP on the internet place that is known as the iTunes.

As the members of the Good Doctor may go on spirit journeys, the Boat Wizard stays the same and the sounds you may encounter on the way are in the first stages of crystallization. As the primordial ooze that spawned the single celled organisms that in turn begat Methuselah, the Good Doctor draws upon these forces and heals your ills with a special prescription to be filled by Dr. Long on the second album. A New Doctor is on the rise in the east and he saw that it was Good.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

49 - Rollin In The Hay

Genre: High Octane Groove Grass/ Bluegrass/ Country/ Blues
Location: Birmingham, AL
Websites: www.facebook.com/RollinInthehay

Bio: Rollin in The Hay set the standard for high-energy, moonshine drinkin, badass bluegrass bands in the south! With washboard, acoustic guitars and bass they bring a fiery combo of country, southern rock and bluegrass to whip up audiences into a seething frenzy. Having seen their performances at various venues in the southeast, I can tell you with gusto that they are the best around! They create thunderous mountain jams with Johnny Fontana's fast paced finger pickin, and hog-stompin washboard playin by the notorious Wildman Steve. They have a wide variety of country-fried originals and farm fresh covers to incite non-stop dancing at their shows. Their southern twinged voices harmonize beautiferously winding and floating ever so wonderously over their driving rhythms and booty quakin bass lines.

Check out their homepage for delicious Bluegrass as well as their myspace and facebook for more info. They have four amazing albums you gotta give a listen to! The lightning fast bluegrass tunes have hints of Ry Cooder, Hawaiian Slack-Key, and even a little Django. While their lyrics are bout the deep-south, southern girls, Birmingham and the Highway; Trucks and Trains, everything you'd want from a mud-slingin' blues, country, bluegrass band and more. A must see for a serious ho-down experience! If you haven't tasted their own brand of Rot-Gut yet, I suggest you head on down to Alabam, drink a little bathtub gin, smoke a fatty and get down to Rollin in The Hay!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

48 - John and The Conners

Genre: Folk Rock/ Ghettotech/ Western Swing/ Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: www.myspace.com/johnandtheconners

Bio: These suckas know how to write some fresh songs. Check out John and the Conners for some real folk rock jams! John and the Conners like to classify their music as a mix of Ghettotech, Folk Rock and Western Swing. I would have to agree with that whole-heartedly. John and the Conners are one of the few outfits that currently rock the Auburn scene with style and grace. They have garnered a good reputation and a big following due to their excellent song-craft and lawless stage performance. Their music is mainly a mix of acoustic instruments and lush vocal harmonies. They do mix it up with electric guitar, mandolin and the occasional banjo. Their demo was recorded up at Jay's place in Nashville engineered by Scotty Rollins, a very famous freakjammer and true originator. Their recordings sound awesome! You can hear some of their tracks on Reverbnation and Myspace.

John and the Conners get their name from the Terminator movie series, as their lead singer Chris looks a lot like John Conner. Had you not known that their name might just seem like an appropriate title for a traveling acoustic folk group. Chris's tenor voice is very distinct with the perfect amount of growl mixed in with his light airy style. When accompanied by the rest of the group's sweet voices they create a sheet of sound that envelops like a morning mist over a green Alabama field. Andy Cox lays a tingly banjo in there that brings a fresh texture to the acoustic guitar and wafting piano. John and the Conners is Americana at its purest, with tight and simple forms and perfect instrumentation. Go forth and listen to John and the Conners and taste the rainbow!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

47 - Action Park

Genre: Metal/ Hard Rock/ Freakjams
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Websites: www.myspace.com/actionparkmusic

Bio: AUSHDANG!! Action park rides from the eerie mists to devastate your soul! Think Danzig, CKY, Motorhead, AC/DC, Opeth, The Sword, Pantera, Soundgarden, RATM, Ratt, Audioslave, Def Leppard, Tool, King Crimson, Journey and Black Sabbath rolled into a fat blunt that blazes as you ride the demon hell ride roller coaster of Metal through the nine hells into the secret wastelands past the marsh ogres and into oblivion. Action Park is the metal that you were born to experience. Supersonic metal jams will vibrate your chakras to existential satisfaction. Action Park takes its name from a shitty theme park of the same name. This band is anything but shitty, however both Action Parks share one thing in common and that is at any time you may fall hundreds of feet to your death!

Progressive metal guitar driven riffs explode from Action Park's thunder cannons into the aether and land somewhere in the mountains of the Frost Giants. The Frost Giant are already super pissed (of course you would be pissed too if Odin cast you of Valhalla) and an extreme battle of might and magic ensues. An epic melee that melts the sands of time and lasts eons, not even the Boat Wizard could determine the outcome. These guys have laser beams, and I'm serious. I mean laser beams in their dreams! They can't get on, and they can't get off! They feel the energies aligning, they know the Landhornes are intertwining. All you gotta do is ask and they'll tell you! Action Park, although no longer together warp riding through dank space caverns as a unit, their masterworks shall last for several eternities calling advanced alien races to earth with their advanced tectonics and magic spells. Action Park - A Demon Hell Ride for your Dome!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

46 - The Living Sample

Genre: Jazz, Techno, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Freakjams
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Websites:  http://www.myspace.com/thelivingsample

Bio: Fresh lyrics blast over illin hip-hop tracks played live w/ real musicians! Fantastic jazz keyboard accompanies deft DJ work and phat bass lines. It is hard to decipher on their recordings that the driving beats are played by an actual drummer as opposed to a drum machine. The group makes excellent use of their instrumentation and all the tools at their disposal. Twisting synth lines and sampling create new soundscapes for the MC's to traverse. All of their jams are addictive in the best possible sense of the word. I saw these guys jammin at Time (an absinthe bar in Philly) in a trio format and they crushed it with improvisatory multifaceted grooves. Just keyboards, bass and drums was thick enough, but when you add the rest of the group on top of that already simmering roux you get a very powerful gumbo.

The Living Sample has been together since 2007 and has been a staple in the Philadelphia music scene ever since. With styles ranging from electronica, drum n bass,  jazz, techno, hip hop and funk this band proficiently pounds your ear drums with hearty vibrations. The Living Sample is a testament to Freakjams, as real music does exist out there. But it is not easy to find on TV or the Radio anymore. Hell MTV used to mean Music Television. But as the radio dies and Sirius satellite radio becomes the same as the crap you hear on regular radio, these Cro-Magnon forms of hearing music are thank god fast becoming obsolete. Thus Freakjams. Here to show the true freaks where its at. The Living Sample, a breath of fresh air in a stagnant cesspool of horrid noise that is radio and MTV.

Friday, July 1, 2011

45 - LP Stiles

Genre: Jazz/ Fusion/ Funk/ Groove
Location: Mantua, NJ
Websites: www.lpstiles.net/wp

Bio: Ever evolving grooves squitulate from this NJ based group! LP Stiles has developed a sincere following in the Northeast based on their infectious sound and high-energy live show. They started as a trio (guitar, bass, drums) in 2006 and later on integrated a saxophone player to expand their groovedom. Having just won a local band competition in their adopted hometown of Philly, they are set to continue ripping up shows around PA, NY and the rest of the New World. They create a unique and powerful energy with only four instruments. The saxophonist uses a variety of pedals to shape his already beefy tone. Occasionally whipping out an electronic saxophone (iwii?) and delivering soaring synth melodies over the jam. The guitarist also plays with a variety of tones and it almost sounds like a change in instrumentation.

They are mainly an instrumental band however their guitarist belts out fresh vocals on a few original tunes. Their sound reminds me of a mix of Soulive, Chris Potter, Maceo Parker, Joshua Redman, Steve Slagle, Pat Metheny, John Mclaughlin, Grover Washington Jr., Dennis Chambers and James Brown. With a focus on jazz fusion and funk they can occasionally cross the borders into R&B and Reggae/ Dub as well. They are on iTunes, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Last.fm, Freakjams and Youtube (what a mouthful!). You can check out their homepage, www.lpstiles.net/wp as well. Although they don't play that often south of the Mason/Dixon line you can expect to see them deep in the heart of Dixie soon. Check out their new album A Modest Proposal available on iTunes now!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

44 - Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and the Cornhole Prophets

Genre: Beach Music/ Rock/ Shag
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites:  www.revbubbaband.com

Bio: Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and the CHP are unconditionally true to the artform of Beach Music. Well what is Beach Music you ask? Well you might think of such artists or songs as Jimmy Buffet or Puff the Magic Dragon... however you would be mistaken. While Jimmy B. and the Parrot head gang rule the gulf coast airwaves of Florida with an iron fist; Bubba D. Liverance and the Cornhole Prophets rein over the Beach Music scene of North and South Carolina, parts of Virginia and Northern Georgia. If you venture out of Shagland, you would be hard pressed to find a person knowledgable on the subject. Beach Music can be best described as heartfelt blue-eyed soul sung to a mid-tempo swingin' beat that gets people shaggin. "If you don't know how to shag get your ass out of Carolina" is Bubba D.'s classic hit off of his first album.

You may find it odd that a Beach Music band be based out of Auburn, AL instead of say Myrtle Beach, Greenville or Spartanburg, SC. But as I have stated before Auburn is the loveliest village on the plains. And aside from being no. 1 and undefeated; and aside from the fact that all we do is win win win no matter what, Auburn is rife with naturally occuring Freakjams. Bubba D. Liverance has a strong attachment to Auburn and the University, as he penned the classic, "Let The Eagle Fly," a tribute to Auburn Tradition and his crowning achievement. Now i could go into a long story about the time Jimmy B. (whist attending Auburn University) initiated a cosmic blood feud with Bubba D. that still rages today. However that legend is best saved for another time.

The Rev. has a full length album entitled "Let My Peoples Dance" as well as a second EP containing chart topping hits such as "Cold Budweiser," "Take Me Back to Shagland," and "Come Back Baby!" A single off of his first album entitled "Didn't We Love?" has been picked up and released by Sony music in the Adult Contemporary category. Bubba D. is poised to take a ride to the top of the Charts so stay tuned and stay informed about Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and his Cornhole Prophets!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

43 - Powerglove

Genre: Metal/ Video Games/ Rock/ Powerglove/ Freakjams
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/powerglove

Bio: These dudes are so heavy they may tilt the earth's axis if they got any more solid or true. They are pure mass raging through the heavens! Powerglove plays remixes and their own arrangements of your favorite old school nintendo and sega games. They met at Berklee School of Music a few years back and have been crushing the opposition ever since. With two albums under their belt they have just signed on to the Summer Slaughter Tour and will be featured among many other sick metal bands thoughout the season. They impeccably play everything from Zelda to Mario to Tetris, Transformers, Sonic, and Duck Hunt. In the same vein as the Minibosses and other nintendo bands Powerglove transcends the genre.

Lightning fast guitar and bossed out synth lay atop intense foaming liquid metal drum work. Killer double bass pedal and tom fills accompany rich vocals and an overall tightness that seems too perfect to be performed by humans. Fortunately for them they all wear power gloves when jamming as well as posh armor that is similar to GWAR but with turtle shells and viking horns to boot. Check out their myspace for badass vids. They are headlining main stages in major cities, so go see them soon for they are destined for glory and are making their way through the levels of life with honor and prestige. Soon they will come upon a very difficult boss but I have confidence that their powergloves will see them through!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

42 - Marie Robertson

Genre: Experimental/ Classical/ Pop/ Ragtime/ Freakjams
Location: Denver, CO
Website: www.myspace.com/playmarierobertson

Bio: Marie Robertson brings a new sound that is difficult to classify yet a joy to hear. She writes her own brand of catchy pop with a classical and jazz twinge. Holing up in the mountains of Colorado, this artist, originally from Auburn, AL spends her days and nights tinkering in her cave creating wonderflous freakjams for the masses. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sultry, sometimes bright but always sexy. Her music is like no other but I would try to compare her with Feist, Scott Joplin, Vince Guaraldi, Carole King or Dave Brubeck. But her music doesn't really sound like any of that. The only way to know for sure is to go fucking check her out!

Marie began her musical career early at the age of five, traveling through the southeast with her family of musical gypsies. Continuously writing and practicing she was an overnight prodigal sensation. With all the local lords and robber barons at each others throats straining to get a listen to Marie Robertson's own brand of freakjams. She utilized fresh chord changes, modulations, delayed resolutions and amazing lyrics transversing the line between zen and other-worldlyness. Marie was once a part of a living breathing organism by the name of Hey! Alligator with longtime muse and freakjams fave Katie Martin. They have an album of complete material that will be available on freakjams soon. Soon meaning who knows? Because when it comes to Freakjams time is relative! Anyways go listen to Marie and her beautiful voice right now before time runs out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

41 - Sistine Criminals

Genre: Jungle/ Drum n' Bass/ Jazz/ Trip-Hop
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Websites: www.myspace.com/sistinecriminals

Bio: The Sistine Criminals is an experience you must revel in! The funkiest drum n' bass with live instruments you will ever hear. With the live saxophone mastery of Aaron Burnett and the impeccable rhythms of drummer Greg Sgrulloni, the Sistine Criminals creates high art in your face! Sonic trips thru the milky way accompanied by funkno bass, warm rhodes, raw synth, saxophones, heady beats and amorphous guitar squitulations. Invoking such sounds as Pat Metheny, Squarepusher, Aphrodite, John Coltrane, Joshua Redman, John Mclaughlin, Miles Davis, Photek, Wu Tang Clan, Aphex Twin, John Scofield, Particle and Fantastic Plastic Machine they create a genre that is purely their own.

The Sistine Criminals create lusher textures and richer rhythms than a single DJ could possibly produce. After getting together while students at Berklee College of Music they have been playing together since 2005, honing their sound on the way. I did get to catch them a few times in 2006-07 rocking as a trio, nevertheless their raw power surged forth and kept audience members spellbound with tenacious groove. After these past few years they have amassed a cult following and a collection of badass recordings to check out! So go my children and taste the forbidden jams that the Sistine Criminals have overflowing from their festive cornucopia!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

40 - The Indobox

Genre: Rock/ Electronic/ Dance/ Metal/ Hardcore/ Pop
Location: Allston, MA
Websites: www.theindobox.com/

Bio: Freakjams to the fullest! The Indobox cranks out crunk-techno-funk-rock for your face! These musicians, trained at The Burger King School of Music in Boston, ride some tripped out tech-grooves made to enhance your party wherever it may be. Tongue in cheek lyrics accompany deft pop synth work, smokin rock guitar and crazy dance drums. Check out their myspace for throwback classic Indobox! Their homepage includes all the news, as well as two kickass cuts from their new album!

This band has been jammin the scene in the northeast for a few years now and are now opening for major acts up there. The Indobox is sure to create a dance party that grows like Akira and will not stop until the last note has faded out. Their music reminds me of everything from Aphex Twin, Muse, King Crimson, The Beatles, STS9, MGMT, DeVo, Max Tundra to Prodigy. The Indobox has a lot of sick videos to check out for their live sound. Hard hitting drum beats support insane guitar mastery and three-part vocal harms, what more could you want? The Indobox is like a Pandora's box full of the dankest freshest green party-time music! Once you open it the fumes envelop your mind and pump it full of tasty jams until you can't help but take your pants off and dance!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

39 - Adelle Cotton

Genre: Folk/ Bluegrass/ Blues
Location: Greenville, SC
Websites:  www.adellecotton.com

Bio: This organic duo is rife with sweet succulent harmonies accompanied by a collection of various stringed instruments, plucked and bowed with emotion ranging from mysterious contemplation to bitter rage. These beautiful women create fields of sound with two voices, an acoustic guitar and cello. Originally called O-Mello-Cello Tree, they have matured as a group sonically and lyrically and are now aptly named Adelle Cotton. The name summons forth the essence of the south, as does their music. Influenced by early southern vocal groups and blues artists, they transcend other styles and have honed one of their own. One that is unique and full of hearty goodness. The definition of Adelle Cotton is "modern day blues women traveling the world with imaginative stories of the south."

Their new album live at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta is as clean and concise as a studio-cut recording. Proving that they are just as powerful, actually more-so in a live setting. With stories of live, love, and trees, Adelle Cotton sings the truth. Darby Wilcox's voice is fucking beautiful. She can go from a gentle songbird to a whiskey soaked country wail in a millisecond. Her incredible range is complimented by intense playing of Sarah Schaffer's cello. The cello brings an almost cinematic quality to the music. An orchestra performing a long-lost symphony couldn't rival the sound that comes from Adelle Cotton. I'm sure someone famous like Miles Davis, Satchmo or Charlie Parker once said, "There are two types of music, bad music and freakjams" Adelle Cotton is definitely the latter. They have a homepage for damn sure and they are on facebook so fucking be their friends already! Be warned though, their music causes large braingasms! But that's a good thing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

38 - JazzChronic

Genre: Funk/ Fusion/ Jazz
Location: Athens, GA
Websites: www.jazzchronic.com

Bio: This band of funky bluesy soul brothers originates from the hills around Athens, GA. They have the fresh crispy kind of funk emanating from their flying fluctuating fingertips. These guys are true soul pimps of the groove. They are understood as musical saints/hermits around their hometown, because they only come out to get funky! Illin saxophone crushes the funk like a seething mad viking demon. Maximum bass relentlessly assaults your motion-flux capacitor and will charge up your funk batteries to unleash bombastic spurts of the "crazy legs". Lets not forget the solid drums and snakelike guitar weaving and bobbing with various crispy wahs and clean tones for yo bones. The organ sits atop the clouds in JazzChronic's atsmosphere as a buddha-like deity adding moist precipitation to the grooves, as well as ocassionally hurling blasts of hail and acid rain as well. JazzChronic are extreme badasses of the funk! Check out JazzChronic's Youtube videos for live performances of pure sexual masterpieces. Their heady jams are like 100% raw dome candy!

I'll have to say JazzChronic is one of the seven secret ronins of Freakjams. They are like the Shogun Assassins of Funk. They travel from town to town bursting with a variety of funk flavors! They hopefully will grace a stage near you soon so they can exorcize the Oni and clean out your ki with their chronic vibes. You can locate their mojo at their homepage, www.jazzchronic.com or on Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation or Youtube! JazzChronic puts on a spectacular show of super-crunknicity and they have a new album out that is obviously an insta-classic. So go get you a copy of their new album, Groovathon and take a seriously long toke of JazzChronic!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

37 - The Treasures

Genre: Folk/ Country/ Rock/ America
Location: Ontario, Canada
Website: http://www.myspace.com/thetreasuresband

Bio: The name says it all! Stumble upon this band on myspace and you have found a hidden stash of treasured freakjams. Their recordings have drawn from a deep love of real good down-home-country/ folk stylings. You can hear some Graham Parsons, and fresh Eaglesesque vocal harmonies over twangy stringed instruments. The Treasures utilize funky good bass styles holdin it down, and rockin guitars reminiscent of Steve Earle. You can even get a bit of Waylon and Grateful Dead in there too. These boys live in the frozen northlands but expect to see them south of the border soon. With a new album on the way, the band is currently lining up tour dates to come to your town and freak you out country style.

With a little bit of Willie and some smoky whiskey drops from Townes Van Zandt you can be sure the Treasures are filling a long lost void of what Country music should be. I know nowadays what they call "country" is more like crappy pop music with some steel guitar thrown in there. Its like Nashville has been tryin for years to turn Country into a four letter word and they are succeeding. What we need is some good olde fashioned guerilla style bands like the Treasures to take the Country back! They threw a lotta guys outta Nashville, Willie being one of them. They didn't want Dwight Yoakam either, or Steve Earle, but those are the real guys and they said to hell with Nashville anyway. Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith can suck my balls! Give me John Anderson, Jerry Reed, Ray Wylie Hubbard or Johnny Paycheck any day! Now don't ya'll let them Treasures slip through your grease-stained mitts. Wait for it and buy their damn album!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

36 - Deep Fried 5

Genre: Funk, Soul, Groove, Freakjams
Location: Nashville, TN
Website: www.myspace.com/thedeepfriedfive

Bio: Yo these guys bring the funk, deep fried right out the pot for your natural enjoyment. Super grooves and tasty licks permeate the good-time fun lovin originals of the Deep Fried 5! Comin str8 outta Hashville these funk brothers channel the golden old school Motown and Stax sound in the basement of their Funk House and add a little Hip-Hop freshness to churn up some buttery Freakjams. For about two years they have been tearin up the south and the midwest touring and promoting their album, Saturday Night Funk/ Sunday Morning Soul! Comin from the Music Capital of the World they gotta be killer musicians, and the Deep Fried 5 deliver. Warm 70's bass and vintage funk keyboards backup the crunchy funk g-tar and wailing lead vox.

I just got a chance to catch these guys at the 5-Spot in Little Five Points in Hotlanta last weekend. They put on a funktastic jamboree chock full of groove-nugs and tight-ass space-jams! Influences range from the Isley Bros. Aretha, Jamiroquai, JB, Soulive, Earth,Wind and Fire, to even Shaq and Michael Jordan. They are currently amassing a huge following down here in Dixie and across the globe. Get on the train, the Funk train and let it Funk you down to the Funk House! The Deep Fried 5 has got some soul food comin right out of the deep frier right smack down on your paper plate with a sweet, salty, sweaty, greasy, goodness, for yo soul!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

35 - Packway Handle Band

Genre: Folk/ Acoustic/ Bluegrass
Location: Athens, GA
Website: www.packwayhandleband.com

Bio: The poignant poignards of Packway Handle's poetic political diatribe stabs through their badass Bluegrass freakjams and drives deep into the epicenter of your life-force. They bring an environmental and enlightened conciousness to their lyrical endeavors. Lets not forget their ho-down style acoustic jams for one second. Packway handle strokes out four part vocal harms over driving mandolin, finger pickin banjo, fiddle, acoustic guitar and stand up bass. Their live show whisks you away to Bluegrass heaven with an old school Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs jam session complete with the Devil went Down to Georgia hog-stompin fiddle work. Having seen them at a few venues including but not limited to the Olde Auburn Ale House; The Event Center in Opelika, AL; and the old 280 Boogie in Waverly, AL; I have experienced Packway Handle whipping a rowdy crowd up to freak out, jam and get nasty as well as seen them emit a serene zen-like essence enveloping the audience while simultaneously seeping into their chi. Packway handle will store these life-essences deep in your chakras and once called upon the spirit of Packway will uplift the gonads and unleash new energies that remain and power you up in all future lives and life situations.

In addition to their secret life mana, they have a cool website where you can check out tour dates and links. Packway Handle is constantly out there putting their smart and topical hillbilly mountain jams in front of mad domes. Already slammin festies and rockin larger and larger venues, The Packway Handle Band will soon be at the top of the charts (if not Billboard then at least the Freakjams charts!). Also they have a powerful message about nuclear waste and the state of the environment. Here at Freakjams we like the environment and dont like improper nuclear waste storage and disposal. So reduce, reuse, recycle and remember the name Packway Handle Band.

Friday, April 15, 2011

34 - Mojoflo

Genre: Jazz/ Funk/ R&B/ Soul/ Hip-Hop/ Freakjams
Location: Columbus, OH
Website: http://mojoflo.net/

Bio: Mojoflo is a slam packed punch of funk and soul energy surging out of Columbus, OH. This band has a two-piece horn section, keys, bass, drums, lead guitar and a smooth but powerful lead singer to top it all off. Together creating a steamy Columbus, Ohio chili bowl of soul, they mix in the freshest morsels, tidbits and spices of Reggae, Hip-Hop and Funk to create a brain satiating taste explosion of run-on sentences. These guys recently funked the funk out down at the Nowhere bar in Athens, GA last Thursday and are continuing on their grueling tour of the southland throughout the month. Checkout their homepage for tour dates! This is their first time rocking down here in the heart of dixie and they're generating a well-deserved buzz.

Although MJF has an extended repertoire of cover material, their originals really get the party poppin! Their influences range from new school R&B singers like Rihanna, Cee-Lo and Jill Scott to the golden old school sounds of Chaka Khan, AL Green, Curtis Mayfield and Al Green and Al Green. You can also hear a lot of Jazz influence in their improvisations. Mojoflo invokes sounds of new funk bands like Lettuce; Soulive; Medeski, Martin and Wood; Adam Deitch and Break Science; and Philly Style funk like: Fatback, Jill Scott, and the Roots. Don't forget the Hip-Hop! Mojoflo's drummer switches up the flow busting out lyrical gems all the while keepin time and letting beats flow. His tongue-twisting verbal ability over a pulsating funk groove is comprable to Miyamoto Musashi's ambidextrous stylings. Another high point in their show is when they mash up Hip Hop tunes with the song that beat was originally sampled from. Mojoflo goes from Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up" into "Touch The Sky" by Kanye West with agile horns, harmonious vocals and radical rhyme-kicking mic skills. If you need some new vibes to jam to, or better yet Freakjam to, then go flo with Mojoflo!

33 - The Boat Wizard

Location: Nomadic but frequently found in Nashville, TN; Auburn, AL; Troy, AL; and Atlanta, GA.
Genre: undisclosed
Website: Unavailable at this time.

Bio: News Flash! The Boat Wizard is Back! He is currently finishing worktapes for his debut album. We don't know when his face will be revealed because he is a wanted man in several dimensions, time zones and galaxies. In addition to making the Kessel run in under 4.3 parsecs the Boat Wizard has many tricks up his proverbial sleeve including but not limited to: an extended knowledge of Boat Wizardry (actually holding a degree from Columbia in the subject); Mad skills; Extended flossability; and an excellent sense of style. The Boat Wizard has finally made his first official appearance on Freakjams. Stay tuned for more info...

(Looking for a different boat wizard? Find out more here: A Different Kind of Boat Wizard?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

32 - The Vegabonds

Genre: Rock, Southern Rock, Rock'n Roll, Jam, Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.myspace.com/vegabonds

Bio: These lawless Brigands take the stage with the sole intent of rocking the venue to its foundations. Some may call them Rogues, Pirates or Vagabonds but they roll together solid and true as the Vegabonds! This band is becoming one of the most popular bands rockin' the scene here in the southeast. Hitting the road later this April they'll be opening for legendary southern rocker Greg Allman from a little known band you probably don't know about called the Allman Brothers. Back to these Vegabonds that slam Jaegerbombs and Vegas Bombs before dropping Megaton Bombs on the masses. I got a chance to jam with this power rock explosion last night at the Sky Bar and the crowd was chomping at the bit. The lovely ladies in the audience knew all the songs word for word and their various boyfriends had to play second fiddle to the tempestuous vocal stylings of their lead singer Daniel "Hacksaw" Allen.

In addition to maintaining a grueling touring schedule, the band has just released their debut album, Dear Revolution to widespread critical acclaim. The Vegabond's sound is a combination of classic rock and southern rock with the new school rock and jam band rock. If you like rock get ready to rock the funk out! When enjoying their album from start to finish you may be reminded of bands such as: The Allman Brothers, The Drive-By Truckers, Pink Floyd, Phish, Widespread Panic, The Kings of Leon, Joe Walsh, U2, Counting Crows, The Black Crowes, The Crow and Pantera. Okay maybe not the last two because one's a movie and one's Pantera, but you catch my drift? The Vegabond pound the ear-pussies on the reg with immaculate slide guitar work, groovin keys, nasty solos, bombastic drums and tight bass work. They play mostly down here in God's country i.e. the Southeastern section of the continental U.S. however they are planning to make an extensive tour of Thailand this summer. They might not look it all six members are half Thai. Whether you see them down the street or overseas, check out the Vegabonds for a super crunk party jam time experience sure to last for eons.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

31 - BeBad.US

Genre: Freakjams
Website: www.bebad.us
Location: Auburn, AL

Bio: Run by the infamous comedian Tense and Nervous, this affiliate blog is a towering library of independent music. WWW.BEBAD.US is a testament to the burgeoning renaissance of modern day freakjams. I must preface that there is also a large portion of twisted humor contained on this site, relating to some good old fashioned racial and religious humor. However if you can dig the Chappelle show you might be able to wade through a bit of Blue Collar Get R Done muslim jokes to get to the juicy band page section. Despite Tense and Nervous' unwieldy sense of humor and in not wanting to compile a treatise on the dichotomy of our distant cultures, Freakjams would like to focus on BeBad.US' plethora of Sound and Video archives. There are countless volumes of classic Freakjams waiting to be devoured by your insatiable sonic cortex.

There are extravagant masses of legendary musical Boat wizards contained in www.BeBad.US's Band Section. Acts like the dastardly Daikaiju to throwback heroes like Sterno, Pretty Beat Up and others. Make sure to check out Freakjams faves: Hermatavore, Rollin In The Hay, The Pine Hill Haints and Brown Kid; as well as new vids by bands like Blood or Whiskey and Rock N' Roll Ape Sex N' Hell! When entering the site you might spy the Wildman Steve seal of approval smiling buddha-like and overseeing the zen rock garden that is BeBad.US. Overall you can feel the waves of Booty-Thunder washing over your spirit and cleansing your chi when you stumble upon these epic freakjams. So check out BeBad.US and Be Bad! Real Bad!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 - Moon Taxi

Genre: Rock/ Jam/ Techno/ Electronic/ Freakjams
Location: Nashville, TN
Websites: www.myspace.com/moontaxi

Bio: Moon Taxi, as their name suggests is out of this world! The taxi will take your mind on a blast off journey through time and space! A modern day spatial Lewis and Clark (Sacajawea and Pocahontas too) exploring uninhabited sound worlds and planting their flag for future generations to see. Their compositions are an amazing amalgam of hard rock and electronica fused with techno, reggae and just the right amount of jam. Moon Taxi is reminiscent of bands like Muse, Particle, The Allman Brothers, Radiohead, The Clash and David Bowie. Their live show is mind-blowingly spectacular. I got a chance to catch them at AGR fraternity in Auburn and they melted faces and souls with their set-to-kill laser wave beams. After impeccably ripping a cover of the Allman Brothers' "Whipping Post" with flawless form and skill they launched into meteoric originals laced with scorching viscosity.

They are currently touring the world, having opened for Matisyahu, Government Mule, DJ Logic, The New Mastersounds and many others. Their virtuous twin guitars riff incalculably over tight drum spice supported with doric columns of keyboard, synth and dirty funk-rock bass-quakes. Did I mention their vocals? Their voices ring true as a heavenly host of virginal angelic seraphs precipitating lush harmonies that attract flocks of snow-white doves flying above a multitude of sea-blue dolphins under a double rainbow. Wow! A double rainbow! Words cannot describe Moon Taxi's unquenchable molten mass of soul power, however I try in vain. The only way you can begin to know their vast repertoire of unique Freakjams is to close your eyes and let them take you for a ride to the Moon and even further to the rings of Saturn. After making a left turn at Jupiter and sailing thru the milky waves of our galaxy you might return home with a new perspective of which direction music is headed. It is going to the freaking moon and Moon Taxi will take you there!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

29 - Alpha State

Genre: ROCK
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.reverbnation.com/alphastateauburnal

Bio: Alpha State is the Tits! A brand-spankin new band out of Aubizzle, they crank out Freak-rock maxed out to eleven! Their balls are massive, and you can check out their cream sac on the world wide webernet. They get the titties poppin and the D's swollen with old school and new school balls to the wall Rock n' Roll! Shane's crusty crush guitar blares out of his Marshall stack with Alec's clean southern rock voice soaring above his jammin rhythm guit-fiddle. Scott Shepherd herds the flocks with slammin pop-rock infused punk drum beats while Adam thunders out tumultuous bass lines holdin down the overall funk for your dome. They recorded their demo less than a year ago up in Nashville with engineer and renown producer Scotty 'too hottie' Rorrins (of Scotty and the Fags fame). Consisting mainly of covers you can get an idea of how their full length O.G. album will sound if you check out their single, "Wedding Cake".

Although three of them are still in college undertaking various majors and what not, if these guys stick together then they are most definitely destined for fame and glory. Just check out their single and you will wet your pants in excitement I guarantee it. With influences such as: Black Sabbath, Kings of Leon, Grand Funk Railroad, Hendrix, The Beatles, Mumford and Sons, Weezer, Wolfmother, The Strokes and Creedence you will want to catch one of their sold-out beer soaked classic rock infused live performances fo sho! Just see what people are sayin about them: "Masterful" - Axl Rose; "There sex is on Fire" - Caleb Followhill (of the Kings of Leon); "Alpha State is my favorite band, and Freakjams is my favorite blog!" - Lady Gaga (of Lady Gaga). You obviously don't have to take it from me, this band will obliterate your mind into oblivion. Make sure to check back on these guys for they already have many more original Freakjams in the works. Alpha State is a state of mind and Freakjams is a way of life!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

28 - Tony Brook

Genre: Country/ Blues/ Rock
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.tonybrook.net

Bio: Local Blues God Tony Brook has just released his newest album, "Guerilla." It is fucking awesome! I just caught Tony Brook this past Saturday at Bourbon St. in Auburn rockin' the crowd as a power trio. The pub-crawlers were pumped as he launched into a mix of hard-hitting originals and suped-up old school covers. Tony has been rockin the scene down here in the south for as long as I can remember, and has brought his own brand of Alabama Country Blues Rock to foreign lands as well. If you see his name on the marquee, be ready to grab a cold one and get rowdy. Try not to get into a barroom brawl as his music will certainly get your blood boilin.

He's got five amazing albums to his name and his likeness is emblazoned on the pages of Alabama rock history. Tony Brook's witty lyricism is only matched by his soulful guitar twang. His recordings range from low-country heart-wrenchers, beer-guzzling barroom anthems to hell bent lightning blues. His songs are solid messages of truth and political wisdom. You can hear a bit of Jerry Jeff, John Prine, David Allen Coe, Hank, Willie, Waylon, and even Tom Waits in his music. His sweet-tea southern drawl tells it like it is, and his music aint for the faint of heart. Check out "Mule's in a Ditch" off his new album for some real country. Check out Tony Brook and you'll discover a new brand of whiskey-drenched southern rock!

Friday, February 18, 2011

27 - Wildman Steve Radio

Genre: All
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.wildmansteve.com

Bio: Disclaimer: this is not a band! This is a movement! Wildman Steve is a beacon of hope shining bright in this messy world of music. The Wildman runs his own internet radio station independently with a team of genius DJ's exploring the underground, the long lost, forgotten and hidden sound gems that have existed since the dawn of recorded music. You can find everything you always wanted from a non-corporate controlled Radio network. Like the name suggests, his musical taste is wild and free! Wildman Steve is a musicologist that knows more about the history of Rock n Roll than you think you know the back of your hand!

Before he won the world over as an internet sensation, getting backstage passes to festivals and jet-setting across the globe, Wildman Steve played music with the best and the brightest in the Southland. In addition to being an acclaimed percussionist, Wildman Steve has worn many different hats. When I was growing up in Auburn, the Wildman owned the coolest record store in town. You could go and find stuff you wouldn't find in your average Record shop! However as CD stores became history, the Wildman has worked to make history as the world's most infamous Rock DJ! After working for the man, and living for the city on FM, the Wildman decided to open up shop on his own! He now provides constant ear-pollination 24/7 to anyone that has an internet connection. Check out Wildman Steve Radio at www.wildmansteve.com for streaming Freakjams!

Monday, February 14, 2011

26 - The Incredible Sandwich

Genre: Jam/ Rock/ Groove/ Freakjams
Location: Athens, GA
Websites:  www.myspace.com/theincrediblesandwich

Bio: Jam masters, The Incredible Sandwich fill your ears with pure joy and your pants with fresh jam! You won't be able to stop dancing when the Sandwich comes groovin thru your town. Hailing from Athens, GA they are renown in the south and have won multiple awards for best jam band in Athens. We all know Athens for spawning great bands like R.E.M. the B-52's and Widespread Panic, and The Sandwich is part of the next gen. of Athens talent currently rocking the scene. They have a sick album and merch available on their web space. They formed in 2007 and have a wide array of recordings to sponge up with your empty brain. A dry brain-sponge that has been deprived of your daily dose of liquid Freakjams.

Having graced the lineup of prestigious festivals such as Wakarusa, the Incredible Sandwich is on their way up slinging various flavored jams, preserves and jellies to the people. With influences ranging from Phish, Bob Dylan, Widespread Panic, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, there is a distinct Jazz and Classical flavor as well. Their stylings can groove out gospel stlye, hillbilly style, jazz style or almost any style you might prefer. All their distinct voices on their respective instruments create a vibrant palette of musical colour to draw from. Matt will tear out your eyes with his guitar wailing while Rackley lays down a fresh beat to jam to. Kevin phunks up the bass with Damien's killer organ rippin it up with his Mind-beams! This Sandwich is Incredible and Good For Your Health!

Monday, February 7, 2011

25 - Bodega Roja

Genre: Prog/ Jam/  Fusion/ Freakjams
Location: Atlanta, GA
Website: www.myspace.com/bodegaroja

Bio: Bodega Roja is a mind melting force of nature that conjures new acid-prog-jazz-jams and floods your uber-space with solid mesmerizing fusion power. Hailing from Atlanta, GA their magic envelops your groove thing in a warm blanket of dueling fuzz guitar and synth wailiness. Influences include: Muse; Tool; F-Zero X; Tribal Tech; Liquid Tension Experiment; Steve Vai; John Scofield; Medeski, Martin, and Wood; Particle; Kooken & Hoomen. I'm not sure if these really are their influences but they sound like a spicy gumbo of all of those fresh ingredients. The guitars shred incredible dueling solos with funk-jazz rhythms and monster piano styles. The drums and bass keep the freshness increasing steadily along a path of wisdom of the ages.

Originally an all instrumental group, Bodega Roja has recently begun its venture into the vocal arts as well. Adding a lot to the groups already gargantuan sound, they have yet to record their new stlye. Their badass instrumental tracks are already available on their myspace, and check out their homepage to join their mailing list. Already a mainstay on the Atlanta jam circuit, with a sound like theirs they will soon be rocking festivals near you. Keep your ears and eyes wide open for their Freakjams, for Bodega Roja will surely rock your dome!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

24 - Brown Kid

Genre: Brown/ Freakjams/ Rock/ Rap/ Funk/ Jam
Location: Auburn, AL
Website:  www.myspace.com/brownkid

Bio: When I hear Freakjams, I mean real true Freakjams it just tears at my heartstrings and warms my soul. Brown Kid is a delicious, fruitful magic basket of the most masterful Freakjams! Check out their myspace for some of the illinest freshness to ever come out of Auburn, AL. As you may know most Freakjams come from Auburn, AL or Boston, MA (not forgetting Brooklyn, NY; Athens, GA; or the entire Freakjam state of New Jersey) thats just a little known fact. I'm not saying that there cannot be Freakjams elsewhere, it just happens to be that the loveliest village on the plains is a melting pot of the most luscious Freakjams. Okay, so Brown Kid has achieved Legendary status here in the Southland from rocking out mega shows with Jason McMillan, Strangelove Ocean, The Pillij, The Good Doctor and others. Ed's mysterious vocals transcend the sludge of the haters, jealous pimps, jealous of his pimp-status, all the while his partner in crime, Rodrigo, kills the verses with incredible mic-skill putting all haters and whack MC's to the test.

With influences from The Violent Femmes to Sublime, their music is a cool mix of hilariously truthful lyrics and uncontested song forms. Buy their album on CdBaby!! you will not be disappointed! Brown Kid is still rockin down here in the Auburn area giving regular white people and black people a smidge of brownness in their life. If you are unsure about how Brown Kid will help you're life, try this little experiment. Stop eating cheeseburgers, stop eating taco hell, go to Mexico and get some real Mexican food. Then come back home; stop taking prozac and five hour energy shots; Sit down with a cerveza and a cigarillo filled with the most primo kush and listen to a purchased copy of Brown Kid's album. Instant cure for depression/anxiety/wanderlust. There you go. Life Cure= Brown Kid! Freakjams!

Monday, January 31, 2011

23 - Spiritual Rez

Genre: Reggae/ Ska/ Funk/ Dub
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.spiritualrez.com

Bio: Good time party Reggae band from the Bean, Spiritual Rez brings one light to the world. The Rez laces sumptuous horns beautifully over positive vibration Jamaican beats. They continue to grow musically and in popularity as the years go by. Having been on the Boston scene for multiple years they have spread their herb seed all over the U.S. They have recently released their album, Nexus that is available on their website. The Rez has an inspirational message that permeates through their songbook. Playing original Reggae for the masses has been their goal since day one. Although some of the lineup has changed over the years with different horn players and the like, there are the ones that have been there since the start. Toft's illin vocals tear it up in the studio as well as live. Meat's got those tight, in the pocket "Family man"-style drum beats. Van holds down the Buffalo soldier guitar groove and masterful solos while Jesse thumps the love on the bass and tries to stay out of jail. Their must be something wrong with putting musicians in jail, I mean should loud music really be illegal. And what about Willie? and Weezy? I mean please. Anyways back to the Rez!!

If you have a chance to see these guys definitely go, cuz their live show is like no other. I saw them as much as possible during my stint in the Bean. Whether they are jammin down at a house party or gettin the crowd movin at a venue, they always spread the Joy on like a thick layer of dub butter. Always packin the house wherever they play, they are still together writing fresh new jams. Although you can describe their music as Reggae, they can also waft into some metal, ska and even surf guitar rock. The Rez has come a long way with plenty of awesome original tunes and will continue on their pilgrimage; destination= Freakjams! Feel the love, the reggae, the dub, the funk, and the groove with Spiritual Rez.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

22 - Frit

Genre: Funk/ Jam/ Frit/ Freakjam
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/fritband

Bio:  The flumpiest of R&B stylings from these Boston based headless horsemen. From the deepest bogs and mires come the tumultuous flavors of Frit. Searing funk guitar licks laced over floor stompin' keyboardz and freakjam bass emanate from the murky fens. Don't forget rock solid drumwork keeping the freshness pumpin! While on your freakjams journey with Frit you may pass through the Himalayas and spy a Yeti or two or you may wind up on a windswept vista catching a glimpse of the golden child in an ancient tibetan monastery! You may fill yourself up at one of the annual feasts held by Mr. Swamplord himself in his Swamp kingdom. Frit is an experience through a mythical dreamscape of freakjams guided by the effortless flossing instrumental boat wizardry of these keymasters to the secret hanging gardens of funk.

Frit is a true embodiment of freakjams and will forever be mummified deep in the corridors of the temples of past civilizations, ever intent on embarking on their spiritual quest through the afterlife. This group moves in directions of Marcus Miller, Particle, Phish, Jimmy Smith, Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood, Joey Defrancesco, and even Stevie Ray Vaughn. It is definitely worth a peek at their various flows into Jam space. Go to their myspace, lay down your worries and sink into the home-style swamp gumbo. I want everyone in the room to get up, let it all hang out and get down with Frit!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 - Thugg Mansion

Genre: Funk/ Jam/ R&B/ Freakjams
Location: Beantown, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/thuggmansion

Bio: Thugg Mansion takes their name from the 2pac song "Thugz Mansion" and based their outlook on the composition. First of all the version of the song on the video is a horrible remix with acoustic guitar and completely rapes the dream that was the original version. In other words that version sucked, the realest truest version features an electric guitar loop and then little known Anthony Hamilton killing the chorus. That version of the song helped to create this band. Not only was that song a mainstay of their repertoire, but it laid the foundation for the kind of style they embodied. Playing a range of stylings from instrumental Jam-funk to Hip-Hop to Jazz and Reggae, they were a staple of the Boston party scene around the time of other legends, Barracuda Emergency, Jonny vs. the Ninjas and Whoarfrost. They no longer perform together as Thugg Mansion opting to let the group rest in peace. Now the individual members have went on to form other Freakjam faves like Frit, The Good Doctor, bananamananimal and others. Like most artists on Freakjams, Thugg Mansion's music is not commercially available, but wait for it because the full Freakjams site is on the way making it possible for you to purchase previously unavailable secret tracks from your favorite Freakjams artists.

Check out their flumpy myspace for illness like, "Waffle Haus" and "Love Juice." Members Nusty, Nasties, Stones, Schyheim (the youngest member of the Wu-Tang Clan) and Hershey Park mixed their powerful flavor packets together in a blender and produced a sweet-bitter love smoothie that satisfied the party people of Boston for three years. Many will remember how their crunknicity flossed from downtown Bean and shook the foundations of the world. You can experience Thugg Mansion for yourself and I hope you do. Where do homies go when we die? There ain't no heaven for a thug. There's only one place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G....at Thugg Mansion