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Thursday, December 8, 2011

69 - The Bama Gamblers

Location: Auburn, AL
Genre: Blues/ Rock
Websites:  www.thebamagamblers.com

Bio: It is only fitting that the Gamblers hold the no. 69 spot. These motherffin stunnas have not only a totally badass band name but they also have the best band logo I have ever seen! See if you can find their logo of an owl smokin one down on one of their various web spaces. They have some super sweet original material you have got to check out on their reverbnation page. Reigning like kings on the Auburn Alabama scene they have rocked the college circuit far and wide! With their hard hitting blues- rock they have no equals for they truly roll the dice testing their might over the top style... that was a Rolling Stones/ Mortal Kombat/ Sylvester Stallone reference if you didn't catch that.

The Bama Gamblers hit the stage with nothing to lose, relentlessly destroying faces with Matt's sidewinding slide guitar pickin and Forrest's driving blues beats. Bo and Jered take turns rocking the mic slanging their blues power to and fro inciting wild fits of dancing and merry-making. I have heard tale of a female singer that performs with them on occasion and that she has unmatched style and skill on the stage. However I have not had the chance to catch her roll with the Gamblers. These guys have conquered the southland with a reputation of dirty blues and thunderous rock n roll. Their cover selection ranges from classic rock, to blues to old school R&B sometimes with a tongue-in cheek twist. You gotta see them to know what I mean. They are currently working on a full length album that hopefully will be due out next year. If the Gamblers come to your town you must attend as they will help you throw down like only true Alabamians can do! They go down Gamblin and they do it with the swagger of tasteful southern gentlemen riding high and true into the sunset with hearts full of blues, bellies full of beer and bodies full of thrizz! White-hot thrizz lightning! The Bama Gamblers are a solid bet for an unforgettable night on the town!