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Friday, June 15, 2012

77 - Stonefeather

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Rock
Websites: http://www.myspace.com/stonefeathermusic

Bio: These seething heathens hail from L.A. with a punk, funk and rock sound uniquely their own. With a healthy mix of Chili Peppers, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age and other 90's rock, Stonefeather continues their quest of true power pop rock thru the ages. This trio of mega-dudes build upon a sacred bromance to conquer vast unseen sonic territories. With wit and wisdom uncommon to lads of their age, their catchy lyrics and dap-solid pop forms cure your deteriorating ear drums with dome-ensnaring musical power-bombs. All seriousness aside, some of their tunes are very poignant with deep underlying meaning. "Good Enuff" is a fantastic song with lyrics pertaining to our unsustainable american lifestyle. Stonefeather's music is political and topical as it is badass! "Kush Doctor"is a song about weed and that means that it is great. Not only is it hilarious, funky and catchy it also makes a very valid point. I can't stress how fucking super dope these guys are!

Their music is available on iTunes and CD Baby. Stonefeather is currently campaigning on pledgemusic.com for donations in support of recording a full-length album www.pledgemusic.com/projects/stonefeather. Definitely visit the site and watch the video, if you have some extra scrilla then donate that shit!! Having formed in 2008 A.D. they have been writing, recording and performing with relentless fury ever since. Breaking thru in the L.A. scene is a tuff job for any band, but these guys are hard at it and there is no doubt if they keep pushing they will make a significant bang out there! They already have a fantastical fanbase of roller skate dance crews, entrail devouring zombies and flesh-hounds. In addition to enslaving armies of zombies for world domination they have also been spending many hours out of the week tutoring invalids and constructing jade encrusted monoliths to ancient snake gods. Stonefeather is the shiz, so fire your fucking lasers already!