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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

68 - Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Genre: Southern Rock
Location: Birmingham, AL
Websites: www.reverbnation.com/leebainsiiithegloryfires

Bio: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires kick out high-powered alternative southern rock mixed with blues, country, punk and surf guitar! I can't think of a better combination. The Glory Fires are reminiscent of artists such as: The Drive By Truckers, Wilco, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Rev. Horton Heat, The Legendary Shack Shakers and Lucinda Williams. I unfortunately have not been able to attend one of their shows but having listened to the recordings, know this band's live show must be chock-full of raw Alabama energy! The song Magic City Stomp is a sweet tea fueled, slap in the face romp about Birmingham for those of you who dont know. The Glory Fires' music is a fantastic soundtrack to the Magic City's blend of train tracks, burned out buildings and old factories. Their songs have very cool structure, not being locked into a pop song format they can explore their own form and it keeps the listener on the edge of his pants!

Lee Bains has a patched up plaid knapsack full of influences from blues, jazz, jam, funk, country, southern rock, punk and metal. His influences coalesce into a firey brand of freakjams that only he can explore. His voice is sometimes soft and smooth, and at times harsh and smoky but always spot on! The vocals are very clear and crisp with succulent guitar tones laced underneath. Their lyrics are joyful hog-stompin southern vernacular delivered with electric love jelly and buck nasty true grit! The Glory Fires burn like a red hot branding iron sticking into your left butt cheek. And you like it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

67 - Brent Cobb

Genre: Country
Location: Ellaville, GA
Websites:  www.facebook.com/TheCobbWeb

Bio: This dude rocks to the max! Brent Cobb writes songs with catchy country-fried lyrics about girls, partyin and livin in the deep south. He is a true badass that knows about Bars, Guitars and Honkytonk Crack and aint afraid to talk about it. I mean listenin to this guy is like smokin a fat bowl of Honkytonk Crack! I got a chance to see him play a solo set openin for the Bama Gamblers the other night at Bourbon street bar and he brought the house down! Playin by himself with just a guitar in hand he captivated his audience with his high-powered beer fueled originals. He delivers hard drivin lyrics at the speed of a revved up locomotive, and writes Country and I mean Country music. Not Nashville pop that you hear so much on the radio and tv, but real Country music! Brent brings back the lyrical prowess of Steve Earle; the stage performance of Johnny Cash in his boot stompin pill poppin days; and the badassitude of Waylon Jennings, then mixes them together in a sound that is all his own.

His songs are well recorded and have spectacular musicians playing on them. Check out his myspace and like him on facebook while you give him a close listen-to. Pay close attention to this guy for he is bound to be a top Country songwriter. If you like clever lyrics and original music, singable choruses and a down home feel, then you will want to see him live. Although I havent seen him yet with a full band, the next time I see his name on the marquee I am definitely gonna drink a beer and get down to some Brent Muthafuckin Cobb!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

66 - Full Circle Clique

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Durty South
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Websites: www.starsmusicentertainment.com/

Bio: Rappers Marvalous and Kool G bring back catchy hooks of the glory days of Durty South Rap and lace them atop freshly produced beats. With their new single, "I'm Supposed to Ball," they are climbing the Billboard charts all the while gaining massive popularity on the internet. When I talk about the good old days of Rap music down in the Durrty, I'm talkin about Master P, Silkk The Shocker, UGK, Trick Daddy, Doe or Die, Still Poe Pimpin, The Youngbloodz, Three Six Mafia, Hypnotyze Camp Posse, Lil Wyte, Project Pat, Devin The Dude, Juvenile, Mia X, Soulja Slim, Outkast, Dungeon Family, Mr. Bigg, Gregory D, Baby D, Cash Money Millionaires and countless others! When Birdman was still Baby, before Lil Wayne held the No. 1 spot on his own, and before Mystikal and C Murder were incarcerated. Full Circle Clique brings me back to the time of Ying Yang Twinz "Boom Its On" and Master P's "Ice Cream Man."

Hustlin iz a Habit and its got to be when you are out there promoting your own music. This group is grindin hard and it is evident when you check out their well designed website, dope video and hot tracks. Buy their single off of iTunes because it is most definitely a hit! If Full Circle Clique can keep on churnin out fly hooks over fresh beats, they could very well bring back another Durty South Hip Hop renaissance. Like Pimp C said, "Quit Hatin the South!" Watch their youtube videos and give Full Circle Clique some love! If you don't, well they need more haters anyway. Full Circle Clique - "I'm Supposed To Ball!" Buy It Now!

Monday, November 7, 2011

65 - Caninus

Genre: Grindcore/ Metal/ Rock
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Websites: www.myspace.com/caninus

Bio: So we have all heard metal bands before, but this one is slightly different from the one thrashing your local pub on a fri. nite. Caninus is a band that features two lead singers but they are'nt human. The band is fronted by two pitbulls and their music is totally badass. This is dome grindcore at its best. Their jams transcend generational boundaries all the while appealing to various species as well! Caninus is a band that would be perfect for little timmy's 6th birthday party or even a laid-back office cocktail shindig. If your thing is grindcore then you will truly enjoy Caninus, however if you have an open mind but metal isn't typically your thing you can still latch on to the tasty kibbles and bits like their use of form, the soundscapes of their tunes or even their sense of rhythmic displacement.

From Brooklyn, this band is the cream of the crop when it comes to New York bands. As they say on their website they are and very well could be the first band fronted by an animal. As they list their influences from Cannibal Corpse to Duran Duran I can hear a distinct Cradle of Filth or Pantera flair to their longer jams. I like the freedom that they have when it comes to song length. Screw the conventional three minute pop song format and go for whatever feels right. As some of their songs clock in at less than 30 seconds, that means that you can enjoy their beggin strip morsels in short burst of ferocious energy. Check out Caninus and you won't be disappointed!