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Monday, January 31, 2011

23 - Spiritual Rez

Genre: Reggae/ Ska/ Funk/ Dub
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.spiritualrez.com

Bio: Good time party Reggae band from the Bean, Spiritual Rez brings one light to the world. The Rez laces sumptuous horns beautifully over positive vibration Jamaican beats. They continue to grow musically and in popularity as the years go by. Having been on the Boston scene for multiple years they have spread their herb seed all over the U.S. They have recently released their album, Nexus that is available on their website. The Rez has an inspirational message that permeates through their songbook. Playing original Reggae for the masses has been their goal since day one. Although some of the lineup has changed over the years with different horn players and the like, there are the ones that have been there since the start. Toft's illin vocals tear it up in the studio as well as live. Meat's got those tight, in the pocket "Family man"-style drum beats. Van holds down the Buffalo soldier guitar groove and masterful solos while Jesse thumps the love on the bass and tries to stay out of jail. Their must be something wrong with putting musicians in jail, I mean should loud music really be illegal. And what about Willie? and Weezy? I mean please. Anyways back to the Rez!!

If you have a chance to see these guys definitely go, cuz their live show is like no other. I saw them as much as possible during my stint in the Bean. Whether they are jammin down at a house party or gettin the crowd movin at a venue, they always spread the Joy on like a thick layer of dub butter. Always packin the house wherever they play, they are still together writing fresh new jams. Although you can describe their music as Reggae, they can also waft into some metal, ska and even surf guitar rock. The Rez has come a long way with plenty of awesome original tunes and will continue on their pilgrimage; destination= Freakjams! Feel the love, the reggae, the dub, the funk, and the groove with Spiritual Rez.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

22 - Frit

Genre: Funk/ Jam/ Frit/ Freakjam
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/fritband

Bio:  The flumpiest of R&B stylings from these Boston based headless horsemen. From the deepest bogs and mires come the tumultuous flavors of Frit. Searing funk guitar licks laced over floor stompin' keyboardz and freakjam bass emanate from the murky fens. Don't forget rock solid drumwork keeping the freshness pumpin! While on your freakjams journey with Frit you may pass through the Himalayas and spy a Yeti or two or you may wind up on a windswept vista catching a glimpse of the golden child in an ancient tibetan monastery! You may fill yourself up at one of the annual feasts held by Mr. Swamplord himself in his Swamp kingdom. Frit is an experience through a mythical dreamscape of freakjams guided by the effortless flossing instrumental boat wizardry of these keymasters to the secret hanging gardens of funk.

Frit is a true embodiment of freakjams and will forever be mummified deep in the corridors of the temples of past civilizations, ever intent on embarking on their spiritual quest through the afterlife. This group moves in directions of Marcus Miller, Particle, Phish, Jimmy Smith, Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood, Joey Defrancesco, and even Stevie Ray Vaughn. It is definitely worth a peek at their various flows into Jam space. Go to their myspace, lay down your worries and sink into the home-style swamp gumbo. I want everyone in the room to get up, let it all hang out and get down with Frit!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 - Thugg Mansion

Genre: Funk/ Jam/ R&B/ Freakjams
Location: Beantown, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/thuggmansion

Bio: Thugg Mansion takes their name from the 2pac song "Thugz Mansion" and based their outlook on the composition. First of all the version of the song on the video is a horrible remix with acoustic guitar and completely rapes the dream that was the original version. In other words that version sucked, the realest truest version features an electric guitar loop and then little known Anthony Hamilton killing the chorus. That version of the song helped to create this band. Not only was that song a mainstay of their repertoire, but it laid the foundation for the kind of style they embodied. Playing a range of stylings from instrumental Jam-funk to Hip-Hop to Jazz and Reggae, they were a staple of the Boston party scene around the time of other legends, Barracuda Emergency, Jonny vs. the Ninjas and Whoarfrost. They no longer perform together as Thugg Mansion opting to let the group rest in peace. Now the individual members have went on to form other Freakjam faves like Frit, The Good Doctor, bananamananimal and others. Like most artists on Freakjams, Thugg Mansion's music is not commercially available, but wait for it because the full Freakjams site is on the way making it possible for you to purchase previously unavailable secret tracks from your favorite Freakjams artists.

Check out their flumpy myspace for illness like, "Waffle Haus" and "Love Juice." Members Nusty, Nasties, Stones, Schyheim (the youngest member of the Wu-Tang Clan) and Hershey Park mixed their powerful flavor packets together in a blender and produced a sweet-bitter love smoothie that satisfied the party people of Boston for three years. Many will remember how their crunknicity flossed from downtown Bean and shook the foundations of the world. You can experience Thugg Mansion for yourself and I hope you do. Where do homies go when we die? There ain't no heaven for a thug. There's only one place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G....at Thugg Mansion

Monday, January 17, 2011

20 - Hermatovore

Genre: Instrumental/ Metal/ Thrash/ Death-metal/ Prog/ Rock
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: www.myspace.com/hermatovore

Bio: These guys are heavy! Heavier than the heaviest of elements! More massive than a black hole! Thundering guitars and metallic bass give way to new experiments in time. Blasting prog beats support black instrumental metal at its finest. Although I am not well versed in the numerous species of metal, (Death-metal, Black Metal, White Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Metal, Pure-Metal, Tech-metal, Mech-metal, Prog-metal, Juice-metal...) i can say that Hermatovore can claim them all and then some. Their metal is as poisonous as mercury and can melt matter almost exactly like green Alien blood. And like the blood it continues to melt and wont stop no matter what tries to stop it. That means their metal can melt the Earth in half without slowing down. Uh oh! They aren't all slam your dome through the wall Death-rock though, some of their songs hint at tongue in cheek 80's hair metal and glam. This is usually followed by cranked up to eleven mosh inspiring hardcore crunk-metal!

Hermatovore has been rocking raucous shows for centuries decimating their enemies and inciting fear in those that dare oppose them. Hermatovore is not your average run of the mill rock band, their influences range from The Sword, Led Zeppelin, Captain Falcon, Pantera, Cradle of Filth, Quiet Riot, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Children of Bodom, Double Dragon, Dragonforce, F-Zero, Conan the Barbarian, Dip n' Dots Ice Cream, and Anal Cunt. With their multi-faceted sweep-picking and guitar acrobatics you're in for some tittilating aural pleasure. Their new and exciting album is being shipped in piece by piece from the planet Krypton by superman himself but he has to go thru customs so it might take a sec. Plus Doomsday is on the loose and he wants Hermatovore all to himself. Nothing better to destroy civilization to, than some fresh Herm-style freakjams!  Hermatovore digests everything from plant material to meat protein to hermaphroditic angels. Hermatovore will devour you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

19 - Nice Daughter

Genre: Electronic/ Experimental/ Percussion/ Classical/ Techno/ Freakjams
Location: North Jersey
Website: www.myspace.com/nicedaughter

Bio: Nice Daughter is emerging from the woods of North Jersey spreading its sound waves outward seeping into the dreams and nightmares of people throughout the land. A mix of live percussion and synth creates an atmospheric rock and techno vibe with influences ranging from squarepusher to Aphex Twin to Nine Inch Nails with hints of the neo-classicism of 20th and 21st century composers. They are now performing critically acclaimed live shows in New Jersey and New York. You can see clips of their impeccable performances on their myspace page. When hearing this trio I am reminded of Terry Riley and Phillip Glass but transcribed for percussive instruments. Although they are only three they summon an orchestral array of sounds and timbres.

Their jams incorporate poly-rhythms and odd time signatures as well as contrasting dynamic shifts and trance inducing vibraphone melodies. Massive beats accompany deft synth work as their music grows and changes like an amoeba fluctuating in size and shape. If you are looking for something new in your hum-drum day to day life then check out Nice Daughter for some excitement, a transportation to a new world, a new life where monotony ceases to exist. This band holds your ticket to escaping the back-breaking day in day out slaving away in the mines. Take a break, a fresh breath and a good listen to Nice Daughter.

Friday, January 14, 2011

18 - Space Knife

Genre: Electro/ Techno/ Space/ Freakjams
Location: Space
Website:  www.facebook.com/pages/Space-Knife/158190204228610?ref=ts&v=wall

Bio: I saw Space Knife's first video about a month ago and it totally blew my mind! I saw Space Knife's new video last night at The Independent in Auburn and it took my mind and imploded it. Space Knife = spontaneous brain combustion. After releasing two video singles that have both already hit number one on the internet charts, his fame has grown exponentially. With every person he converts into a Space-lover come ten more that need his Space-love. He has only graced us with two video-singles so far, but after viewing them you will definitely be wanting more. His two singles are almost available on iTunes for purchase and a full-length album is on the way. Check out his facebook for up to date Space Knife info and you can listen and learn more at his reverbnation account as well.

Space Knife is originally from the planet Mars but came down to Earth in the human form and graced the loveliest village on the plains for a while invoking awe in those who haven't heard of Space Knife (a name that in other Galaxies, already had inspired vast awe). Space Knife is somewhat affiliated with the one-hit wonder 80's rock group, the Hot Knights (famous for power-ballads and boat wizardry). Since the band disbanded, Space Knife is focusing more on his solo career. Now his two videos are starting an internet sensation with their synth heavy dance grooves and insightful lyrics. In these two mesmerizing videos he outlines instructions in his own alien tongue for how to survive when Space Knife's tribe finally comes down from Mars and conquers Earth. I bet you didn't find that in the Bible...but its there, it was just edited out by monks over the years. If you look closely you will find right between Luke and John is the Gospel of Space Knife!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

17 - Turkuaz

Genre: Funk/ Groove/ R&B
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: www.myspace.com/turkuaznation

Bio: Huh!! Turkuaz is a nine-piece funk band that has been killin the NY scene for the past few years. Already opening for major artists up there, they have developed a unique smorgasbord of JB horn lines, Latin beats and big band energy. The undeniable thump of the rhythm, harmonious vocal lines, and funky synth lay a fat bed of jam under Chris and Greg's party horns. Currently touring the west coast, you will normally find them funkin up shows around their home in NYC. Check out the mega-funk on their myspace with groove anthems such as "Monkey Fingers" and the French inspired "Chat Lunatique." Their shows are colorful, multi-cultural and they get the crowd poppin with their funky origiz! Yo how many times can I say funk in this article. Funk, funk, funk, funk, funk freakjams!

Turkuaz consists of nine members all mixing their various styles of dirty funk into a blender that overflows all over the funk counter and then floods the whole funk house and into the funk street where the funk children walking to funk school start to drown in an endless sea of funky flotsam and jetsam. Their mystical harmonies weave a spider-web of funk for your dome. And as the morning dew moistens the web you can hear the funk crystals glistening in the air. Turkuaz takes their name from the ancient Babylonian funk-god of the same name, so you know that their funk dates back to pre-history. If you plan on attending a Turkuaz show prepare to be whisked away by their funky-dance party jams until you lay on the floor panting from a funk overdose. Keeping the tradition of funk alive is the Turkuaz's goal and that goal is very true to the goal of Freakjams. Funk equals Freakjams and so can you!

16 - Barracuda Emergency

Genre: Psychedelic/ Reggae/ Ska
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/barracudatoyourface

Bio: Barracuda Emergency is a good-time ska circus full of trombones, percussion and crispy reggae drums. A staple of the basement party scene in Boston circa 2006-2009. Ripping it up with other fresh party bands of the time like Jonny vs. the Ninjas, Whoarfrost, Thugg Mansion among many others. Dueling trombones wail along with space-guitar dub-bass and tribal rhythms. Perfect music to dance to when partyin' down in a dark depressing basement surrounded by sheets of ice and subarctic temperatures. Barracuda Emergency whisks you away to a tropical island of reggae jams where the party is intense and then the island festival becomes a spaceship that blasts off and hyperspeeds to a new galaxy. And as you pause to wonder at a colorful reggae star cluster your space journey ends back on a funky fishing boat in the Caribbean.

You can hear Trista's powerful yet sweet and sumptuous voice on "For the rest of our time." Checkout other fresh freakjams on their Myspace. Josh lays down a mega-reggae groove on the drum kit. Steve has the bass on lock with his Rasta lines. Torres flossin the percussion with Graham's trippy guitar stylings. The dueling trombones of Scotty and Brian blast bombastic squitulations. The raw energy in their live tracks funnels power through skanking guitar-wahs, organ pops and spellcasting vocals. Although they are not still performing, their mark has been made on the pages of the Music History books, chapter 43: Freakjams!

Monday, January 10, 2011

15 - Dirk Quinn Band

Genre: Funk/ Rock/ Groove/ Jam/ Freakjams
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Website:  www.dirkquinn.com

Bio: The Dirk Quinn Band are the Boat Wizards of funk! You could also say these musical brain surgeons rewire the inner workings of your brang stems so your groove system functions more smoothly. You have a deficiency of vitamin Dirk Quinn Band! What is the soulution? A fortified injection of liquid DQB milk straight to the dome-piece. These juicy philly style steak-tips come wit! With some cheese whiz on top, these musical whiz-kids whiz by whizzingly fast whizzing your aural sensy feelies with str8 whiz!! Killer jazz-method-funk-groove stylings reminiscent of Soulive and Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood. You can hear a lot of Jazz, and Rock influence when listening to Quinn's crunchy flossin' guitar jams. Dirk Quinn's instrumental compositions are on par as modern day funk symphonies switching time signatures and adding horn lines and different instrumentation as the piece demands.

DQB's live show gets the crowd jumpin' and their musical adventures explore deep under the ocean and continuously discover new species of jams. Sometimes one may even describe the waves of pleasure tumultuously invading your personal space as something similar to the essence of Freakjams. The Dirk Quinn band has released two impeccable full-length studio albums that are available on his website - www.dirkquinn.com. You can find them on Rhapsody, Pandora and Youtube as well. Constantly touring, they play everywhere from NYC to Auburn, AL to Athens, GA to the Lost City of Atlantis... Check out The Dirk Quinn Band ripping up solid Jazz-Funk up and down the eastern seaboard, coming to a college town near you! And BUY Their Albums!! freakjams.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

14 - MC Sniper

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Korean/ Pop/ R&B
Location: South Korea
Website: www.snipersound.com

Bio: MC Sniper is THE forefather of Hip-Hop in South Korea. He has released four albums, starred in numerous music videos and has appeared as a special guest in many other artists' music. I got turned onto his first album So Sniper...(2002) In High School. Very original seamless flows between Korean and English means you must be multi-lingual to get the entire message. Even if you do not speak Korean, his music still moves you with his impeccable tongue-twisting verses. He is a versatile MC bringing lyrical skill, fresh production and even his own singing voice to his tracks as well. His newer music is enhanced by frosty beats and incorporates the old-school swagger with a new-school sound. Although he leans more toward Hip Hop he also incorporates smoother R&B, (check out "BK Love") and even some Classical influence as well (check out this Youtube video Where Am I!). MC Sniper is at the forefront of the Hip Hop culture and has a bright vision for the future of Korean music.

MC Sniper is very influential in the South Korean Music scene, he has helped launch careers of many other South Korean artists. He has also been an inspiration for the younger generation of South Korean rappers. His songs reference hardship and social injustice. Sniper's lyrics are not always about the cars and money but about women, love and drinking as well.  He has a drinking capacity of two bottles of hard liquor so watch out! However he may spend his off time, he stays on his grind constantly, caring deeply for his community. He is a role model for the young, takes care of the elderly, and is a burgeoning entrepreneur as well! Check out his website, snipersound for upcoming releases and general info! His debut album is available on Amazon.com. I'll keep you posted on the availability of his other three albums as I find out more. If you like Hip-Hop and you enjoy Freakjams then MC Sniper is for you!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

13 - The Bandar-Log

Genre: Rock/ Garage/ Indie/ Funk
Location: Auburn, AL
Website:  www.myspace.com/thebandarlog

Bio: A local favorite from Auburn, AL, this Indie band is just hitting their stride. Rocking shows around the southeast spreading their groove butter wherever they go, the Bandar-Log has a variety of styles that combine to tear at your heartstrings. Fresh lyrics and silver-toned guitar rock upon funky bass-twang and gangster pop drum beats. Their live show is an intense orgy of funky dance jams and original rock thrashing. Although they have a very original sound they can be compared to the Clash, the Police and other early punk-rock. Their classic song forms incorporate seamless transitions to lush unexplored gardens of ska, pop and Indie. Having been together for a little over two years, they already perform a vast array of their own tunes.

Their live show is like no other. With Dave's tempestuous vocals, Russ' energetic crunk rock smash rhythms, John's intricate pulsating funk slap bass and Matt (Montgomery) Wise's screeching demon wailing guitar wizardry. Their picture tells all, with heavenly mana raining down onto their beautiful cherub faces, adding midichlorians to their Jedi bloodstreams. Day by day they train in the hyperbolic chambers gradually increasing their Sayan levels. For a super-crunk fun time with a visceral super-nova troupe of omega-bards check out the Bandar-Log! They have a new album out "AK-747" so go buy it a few times and support some real music. Though it might not be on pop radio it is definitely Freakjams!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

12 - Killin' Floor

Genre: Metal/ Blues/ Hard-Rock
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: www.myspace.com/killinfloornyc 

Bio: Oh My God!! This music is like if someone went back and recorded the screams of the Mongolian Hordes laying waste to the known world in the era of Genghis Khan. Check out their myspace and feel their surge of energy sure to melt your face from your skull. Taking the formula of Led Zeppelin and other great rock groups, they mesh old blues with revamped original funk-metal for extra rock aura. Based out of Brooklyn, this group rocks hardcore shows up in the Northeast with their subterranean swamp metal sometimes joined by electronica/ house fave Nice Daughter. The members met at William Patterson (famous music school) University in New Jersey. Altough the members of Killin' Floor are from all across the U.S. there is a southern twinge to their rampant destruction. They are working on a full-length album hopefully due out this year. As soon as their music becomes available for purchase it shall be posted upon Freakjams.

Their melodies snake around like the great world devouring serpent as the vocals twist like a cyclone sucking trees and villages from the countryside. Hopefully these guys will come and rock some shows in your area so you can be blessed with their god-like stylings. Attending one of their live shows is like being at the City of Troy when it burned to the ground or like experiencing the Big Bang at the creation of the Universe, or like hearing the sonic force of gigantic meteors raining down from the heavens and obliterating the dinosaurs. You get my point. Go and discover Killin Floor and if you do not wind up bloodied on the ground you might just survive to tell the tale. You know you should have gone to Mexico when your friend said come to Mexico with me. If you did you wouldn't have wound up on this Killin' Floor!

Monday, January 3, 2011

11 - The Uncle Roy Show

Genre: Country/ Blues/ Roots/ Rock/ R&B/ Latin
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.theuncleroyshow.com

Bio: Having rocked with such country greats as Little Jimmy Dickens, Freddie Fender, and Loretta Lynn, Uncle Roy is an eclectic songwriter just approaching his prime. Currently finishing up his third album, The Uncle Roy Show vol. 3: Mucho Gusto, this local legend is hard pressed for time. Between the interviews and paparazzi swarming around him at every public occasion, Uncle Roy says he has "little time to devote to songwriting". His new album is chock-full of Texas twang, old school R&B and Latin rhythms. The stories he tells are unmatched by his peers, he tells of barroom brawls, loves lost and the hard life. Songs like "The Power of Positive Drinking" and "The Twang Thang" are bright country numbers from his earlier albums.

New cuts, like "New Day" and "I'll Take You There" whisk you back to an older era of Peace & Love. Uncle Roy also has a commanding presence when taking the stage, inspiring awe in everyone who has a chance to enjoy his performance. He draws from a lifetime of experience when writing, and his songs are each unique yet complete. After years of playing around the world with many giants of Country music he now resides in Auburn performing shows whenever he can fit them in his busy schedule of writing and taking care of his family. Check out The Uncle Roy Show for the truth bout "Pretty Women, Soft Lights and Hard Country Music"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 - Strangelove Ocean

Genre: Funk/ Metal/ Fusion/ Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.myspace.com/strangeloveocean

Bio: Odin's sword swings heavy upon those that dare defy Strangelove Ocean! This instrumental Funk-Metal-Fusion band swings Dolemite sized booty thunder. But at the same time, they exhort brutal barbarian rage that can also invoke heady reggae jams at will. The metallic primordial groove sauce that is Strangelove Ocean will kick you in your pants! Harmonized twin guitars soar over volcanic bass activity and earth-pounding beats. A very original mix of thrash funk, creeper crunk, and megadestruction that will magiker you. Fozzy Crosbourne "The King of Chorus" if I'm not mistaken, immortalizes a local hero from the loveliest village on the plains. This hero can still be found jammin on a chariot of chorus at key shows in the area. Paying tribute to the old gods, heroes and ways of the elders is part of Strangelove's creed. And it is because of this creed that Strangelove is an essential part of Freakjams.

Strangelove Ocean had many years together on the high seas rocking defiantly to spite their enemies. After filling their bellies with wine and their coffers with silver, they have at last returned to their wives and families. Having enough of their days of pillaging, they are now living out their lives in the abundance of wealth. Although not still touring, they have a yet-to-be released album in the works! Since the retirement of Strangelove Ocean, they have all changed their identities and sometimes choose to pump raw crunk juice into the atmosphere with other groups. However, sometimes on a full moon and when the planets are aligned, you may chance to hear a name echoing through the hills, halls and ale houses...... Strangelove!