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Saturday, May 21, 2011

36 - Deep Fried 5

Genre: Funk, Soul, Groove, Freakjams
Location: Nashville, TN
Website: www.myspace.com/thedeepfriedfive

Bio: Yo these guys bring the funk, deep fried right out the pot for your natural enjoyment. Super grooves and tasty licks permeate the good-time fun lovin originals of the Deep Fried 5! Comin str8 outta Hashville these funk brothers channel the golden old school Motown and Stax sound in the basement of their Funk House and add a little Hip-Hop freshness to churn up some buttery Freakjams. For about two years they have been tearin up the south and the midwest touring and promoting their album, Saturday Night Funk/ Sunday Morning Soul! Comin from the Music Capital of the World they gotta be killer musicians, and the Deep Fried 5 deliver. Warm 70's bass and vintage funk keyboards backup the crunchy funk g-tar and wailing lead vox.

I just got a chance to catch these guys at the 5-Spot in Little Five Points in Hotlanta last weekend. They put on a funktastic jamboree chock full of groove-nugs and tight-ass space-jams! Influences range from the Isley Bros. Aretha, Jamiroquai, JB, Soulive, Earth,Wind and Fire, to even Shaq and Michael Jordan. They are currently amassing a huge following down here in Dixie and across the globe. Get on the train, the Funk train and let it Funk you down to the Funk House! The Deep Fried 5 has got some soul food comin right out of the deep frier right smack down on your paper plate with a sweet, salty, sweaty, greasy, goodness, for yo soul!