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Friday, August 2, 2013

78 - Hey! ALLigator

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Website: www.heyalligator.com

Bio:  Pussy Punch!!! Hey!ALLigator is the new smash sexually charged anime explosion bursting onto the American college circuit. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, this team of two executive geisha robots and their army of thrizz fueled kabuki party-bots have invaded America!! Hey!ALLigator clone-bots are available for a limited time at Wal-Mart in five variant outfits, accessories, replacement appendages and multi-colored wigs. Kabuki party-bots are sold separately with matching party favors. Ever so stylish and on top of their game they continuously push the boundaries of pop culture and entertainment.

Incorporating elements of street-punk, funk, hardcore, smash reggae and gangsta rap, Hey!ALLigator are on the forefront of the music scene. Their live show includes wild partying, party bot extravaganza, light laser blast and party blast. You can get your own Hey!ALLigator party blast in seven distinct flavor shots: Melon, Hawaiian Daquiri, Red Snapper, Loaded Baked Potato, Pizza Fries, Chocolate, and Diet Chocolate. They have thousands door prizes and are dead set to rock domes wherever they go! 

After demolishing the underground scene in Japan with Godzirra style ferocity, this group has absorbed untold amounts of thrizz!! Check out Hey!ALLigator for the nastiest bitch-funk from the hardcore streets!! ugghgnnnghhh!!! Coochie Choochie BANG BANG!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

77 - Stonefeather

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Rock
Websites: http://www.myspace.com/stonefeathermusic

Bio: These seething heathens hail from L.A. with a punk, funk and rock sound uniquely their own. With a healthy mix of Chili Peppers, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age and other 90's rock, Stonefeather continues their quest of true power pop rock thru the ages. This trio of mega-dudes build upon a sacred bromance to conquer vast unseen sonic territories. With wit and wisdom uncommon to lads of their age, their catchy lyrics and dap-solid pop forms cure your deteriorating ear drums with dome-ensnaring musical power-bombs. All seriousness aside, some of their tunes are very poignant with deep underlying meaning. "Good Enuff" is a fantastic song with lyrics pertaining to our unsustainable american lifestyle. Stonefeather's music is political and topical as it is badass! "Kush Doctor"is a song about weed and that means that it is great. Not only is it hilarious, funky and catchy it also makes a very valid point. I can't stress how fucking super dope these guys are!

Their music is available on iTunes and CD Baby. Stonefeather is currently campaigning on pledgemusic.com for donations in support of recording a full-length album www.pledgemusic.com/projects/stonefeather. Definitely visit the site and watch the video, if you have some extra scrilla then donate that shit!! Having formed in 2008 A.D. they have been writing, recording and performing with relentless fury ever since. Breaking thru in the L.A. scene is a tuff job for any band, but these guys are hard at it and there is no doubt if they keep pushing they will make a significant bang out there! They already have a fantastical fanbase of roller skate dance crews, entrail devouring zombies and flesh-hounds. In addition to enslaving armies of zombies for world domination they have also been spending many hours out of the week tutoring invalids and constructing jade encrusted monoliths to ancient snake gods. Stonefeather is the shiz, so fire your fucking lasers already!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

76 -The Hermits of Suburbia

Genre: Ska/ Punk/ Hardcore
Location: Lawrenccville, GA
Websites:  http://www.reverbnation.com/thehermitsofsuburbia

Bio: One of the premier Ska bands of the southeast, The Hermits of Suburbia slap you down with crispy fresh horns and dank skankin guitars! These hermits floss the sick nastiest Ska Lawrenceville, Georgia has ever heard! Their influences include Streetlight Manifesto, Skatalites, Tom Waits, Reel Big Fish, Fishbone, Goldfinger, Operation Ivy, The Specials, The Talking Heads, The Clash, Rancid among others. If you like high energy in your face punk rock and ska then the Hermits of Suburbia are for you; I cannot stress the danknicity of this band! Songs like Magic Mormon Underpants, Waldy and Unleash The Llama are some of their funking awesome jams. This band is for the freaks! Kickass trumpet, guitar and baritone sax solos flare over skanktastic drum beats and wandering monk-like bass lines. The lyrics are hilariously genius and sometimes it takes a few listens to entirely grasp them. You must check out this band and see them live if possible for their show must most definitely be raw mayhem!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

75 - Mama Mocha's Coffee

Location: Auburn, AL
Genre: Coffee, Espresso, Latte, Tea
Websites:  http://mamamochascoffeeroastery.com/

Bio: Since 2010 Mama Mocha has been roasting the most flavorful aromatic coffee in the universe. Mama Mocha's is located on S. Gay street in Auburn, AL situated inside of the Gnu's Room book store. Together the Gnu's room and Mama Mocha's are a coffee roasting, book reading, homework doing, philosophizing, artistic living room for the people of Auburn. Not only is at a salon type venue for healthy discourse on politics, religion, art, music, love and coffee; it is also a place where you can get a seriously dank cup of coffee! With beans roasting constantly you can smell the flavorful aromas from at least two if not three blocks away. Beans are being shipped in from farmers on a daily basis from around the world. Beans from Burundi, Sumatra, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, New Guinea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda, The Himalayas, Chile, Brazil and Peru can all be found at Mama Mocha's. Beans yall!

The espresso is chocolatey with notes of carmel and tobacco, at least it was yesterday. Today it could be a whole variety of flavors that I havent even begun to imagine espresso could taste like. Coffee variety changes day to day depending on what's in stock and what Mama Mocha is roasting that day. Bags of  her coffee truly fly off the shelves. All too often customers scowl at the person who bought the last bag of their favorite Rwanda Bourbon Microlot coffee only to be forced to buy a still warm, freshly roasted bag of deliciously sweet Brazillian Peaberry. So go to her website and order at least six bags of her coffee. Even if you dont like coffee, do it! Mama Mocha is an Amazonian princess riding her chariot of coffee beans like a valkyrie in the sky raining down a new standard of coffee to all nations. Goodbye Joe Muggs, Starbucks and Seattle's Best! Mama Mocha's homestyle coffee is the past present and future hotness!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

74 - The Great Barrier Reefs

Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Beach
Websites:  www.thegreatbarrierreefs.com/

Bio: From Nashville, Tennessee, The Great Barrier Reefs conjure slick instrumental fusion jazz rock reminiscent of the top fusion bands of the 70's and 80's. With virtuosic steel drums, clean buttery guitar tones and driving bass you can hear they are fantastic musicians creating a sum that is greater than its parts. I can hear Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Jaco's Big Band, Al DiMeola, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, The Yellowjackets, Mahavishnu, John McLaughlin and many others as influences for these guys. Heady fresh soundscapes will chill your dome and expand your consciousnesseseses. Having been together since 1997 they have had a lot of time to develop their sound. They are a mature band with intelligent compositions, but they like to have fun as well. With tongue in cheek song titles these Jazz monsters deftly rip through tasteful original song forms.

With a focus on improvisation, The Great Barrier Reefs can call upon a variety of styles and timbres to rock your dome with and for and whatnot for always. They have videos on YouTube so check out their live performances there, like this flawless vid of Matt's Birthday. They also have a large catalog of studio recordings so definitely listen to their tracks on reverbnation and myspace! The Great Barrier Reefs band will take you on a journey through the Galapagos islands, deep into the Marianna Trench and into various multi-colored reefs. Heed their call for they are inviting you to try their own brand of spicy lemonade and it tastes like JAZZ!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

73 - The Daddies

Location: Westford, MA
Genre: Soul/ R&B
Websites: http://soundcloud.com/user1769042

Bio: If Mozart, Beethoven and Bach had a threesome and produced an androgynous love child and it could travel through then it would probably be The Flaming Yawns. You gotta check out their single "Exotic Temptations" for an instant Freakjams masterpiece! This trio from Westford, Massachusetts blows minds open with incredible lyrics, spicy hooks and talent at extreme autistic levels! The Flaming Yawns!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

72 - Gravemarcher

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Metal, Hard Rock, Death Metal, Grunge, Stoner Rock
Websites: http://gravemarcher.bandcamp.com/

Bio: Gravemarcher is pure death-stoner rock that was engineered specifically to melt domes and liquify braing stems! Gravemarcher slangs a new brand of metal with an assorted array of poisonous doom grooves to march to!!  Effortlessly riding the wave of internet popularity that is currently surging at the forefront of new hard rock/ metal? Distorted bass drones into the pits of hell with manic drum smashing and evil guitar riffs soaring above the chaos. Banshee screams of pain and hatred reverberate through the halls of the dead! Freakjams is constantly scouting out the most raunchy death metal and Gravemarcher abides! Swarthing through the fields of unmarked graves, Gravemarcher wields its blackened horror scythe to cull the weaklings and amass countless souls. Become one of Gravemarchers growing horde of petrified zombies by liking them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gravemarcher/168379289904490?sk=wall

Hailing from Philadelphia, Gravemarcher is unadulterated by lack of creative control, producing the heaviest obliteration to emerge this year. This band emits thunderous sound reminiscent of bands like: Sabbath; The Sword; Queens of the Stone Age; Slayer; Kyuss and maybe some Pantera thrown in there. Their music is original, fresh and excellently mixed for extreme ear bleeding! Download their first EP available for free on Bandcamp! http://gravemarcher.bandcamp.com/ Do IT! Gravemarcher will tear your ears off and march on your grave!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

71 - Groove Stain

Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Ska, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Reggaeton, Punk, Rock, Hard Rock etc...
Websites: www.groovestain.com

Bio: Groove Stain is a fucking badass reggae, rock and ska band out of Atlanta, GA! They have a punked out smorgasbord of styles to funk you up with. Groove Stain's furious repertoire of original music has been spreading throughout the lands vivaciously since 1999! They are a five piece explosion of awesomeness! Trumpet sails over a contagious groove created by an incredibly tight rhythm section. Uber-nasty drum fills and rock solid beats are provided by the drummer live as well as in the studio. Funky six string reggae bass lines provide support for majestically virtuous keyboard and effortlessly flawless guitar floss. These guys have had a big impact on the scene in Atlanta and have a great following there. They have toured across the states playing with everyone from Snoop Dogg to the Pietasters! Groove Stain has multiple albums you should def purchase right here: Buy Groove Stain on iTunes!

I got a chance to catch a performance this past Saturday at My Furry Valentine in Atlanta, a literally insane show featuring acrobats, lasers, fire-twirlers, costumes, visual art and body painting. Groove Stain wailed through a bombastic set to a packed house of furry party goers. This band threw down like hellions with their boiling hot reggae funk jams until the crowd was whipped into a chaotic frenzy! Check out their tour schedule to find out where they are playing for you will definitely want to see them rock faces! Get Down with some Groove Stain!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

70 - The Juice

Location: Auburn, AL
Genre: Funk, Jazz, Techno, Electronica, Rock, Dance, Blues etc...
Websites: http://soundcloud.com/thejuiceau

Bio: A heady fresh blend of herbs and spices enhance the cool whipped succulent flavors of the Juice's instrumental jazz-techno-prog-dance-reggae jams! The Juice has so many species of funky musical vistas to conquer and explore, it is amazing that this band is so new on the scene. Lofty rhodes tones melt your brain and whisk you away into a dream-world where you are one with the groovealacious thunderdomes. Chameleon like guitar blends and supports the fruity goodness, yet exerts extended flossability and perfectly-timed boat wizardry. Their jams progress with utmost gumption and flair into lost wildernesses and timeless soundscapes. With analog synths, earthy drum sounds and smooth bass lines, the Juice is on a monastic soul journey thru time and space. Various different rabbit holes take their music into separate domensions simultaneously whilst pumping lushtastic aural baby kisses through the multiverse?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

69 - The Bama Gamblers

Location: Auburn, AL
Genre: Blues/ Rock
Websites:  www.thebamagamblers.com

Bio: It is only fitting that the Gamblers hold the no. 69 spot. These motherffin stunnas have not only a totally badass band name but they also have the best band logo I have ever seen! See if you can find their logo of an owl smokin one down on one of their various web spaces. They have some super sweet original material you have got to check out on their reverbnation page. Reigning like kings on the Auburn Alabama scene they have rocked the college circuit far and wide! With their hard hitting blues- rock they have no equals for they truly roll the dice testing their might over the top style... that was a Rolling Stones/ Mortal Kombat/ Sylvester Stallone reference if you didn't catch that.

The Bama Gamblers hit the stage with nothing to lose, relentlessly destroying faces with Matt's sidewinding slide guitar pickin and Forrest's driving blues beats. Bo and Jered take turns rocking the mic slanging their blues power to and fro inciting wild fits of dancing and merry-making. I have heard tale of a female singer that performs with them on occasion and that she has unmatched style and skill on the stage. However I have not had the chance to catch her roll with the Gamblers. These guys have conquered the southland with a reputation of dirty blues and thunderous rock n roll. Their cover selection ranges from classic rock, to blues to old school R&B sometimes with a tongue-in cheek twist. You gotta see them to know what I mean. They are currently working on a full length album that hopefully will be due out next year. If the Gamblers come to your town you must attend as they will help you throw down like only true Alabamians can do! They go down Gamblin and they do it with the swagger of tasteful southern gentlemen riding high and true into the sunset with hearts full of blues, bellies full of beer and bodies full of thrizz! White-hot thrizz lightning! The Bama Gamblers are a solid bet for an unforgettable night on the town!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

68 - Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Genre: Southern Rock
Location: Birmingham, AL
Websites: www.reverbnation.com/leebainsiiithegloryfires

Bio: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires kick out high-powered alternative southern rock mixed with blues, country, punk and surf guitar! I can't think of a better combination. The Glory Fires are reminiscent of artists such as: The Drive By Truckers, Wilco, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Rev. Horton Heat, The Legendary Shack Shakers and Lucinda Williams. I unfortunately have not been able to attend one of their shows but having listened to the recordings, know this band's live show must be chock-full of raw Alabama energy! The song Magic City Stomp is a sweet tea fueled, slap in the face romp about Birmingham for those of you who dont know. The Glory Fires' music is a fantastic soundtrack to the Magic City's blend of train tracks, burned out buildings and old factories. Their songs have very cool structure, not being locked into a pop song format they can explore their own form and it keeps the listener on the edge of his pants!

Lee Bains has a patched up plaid knapsack full of influences from blues, jazz, jam, funk, country, southern rock, punk and metal. His influences coalesce into a firey brand of freakjams that only he can explore. His voice is sometimes soft and smooth, and at times harsh and smoky but always spot on! The vocals are very clear and crisp with succulent guitar tones laced underneath. Their lyrics are joyful hog-stompin southern vernacular delivered with electric love jelly and buck nasty true grit! The Glory Fires burn like a red hot branding iron sticking into your left butt cheek. And you like it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

67 - Brent Cobb

Genre: Country
Location: Ellaville, GA
Websites:  www.facebook.com/TheCobbWeb

Bio: This dude rocks to the max! Brent Cobb writes songs with catchy country-fried lyrics about girls, partyin and livin in the deep south. He is a true badass that knows about Bars, Guitars and Honkytonk Crack and aint afraid to talk about it. I mean listenin to this guy is like smokin a fat bowl of Honkytonk Crack! I got a chance to see him play a solo set openin for the Bama Gamblers the other night at Bourbon street bar and he brought the house down! Playin by himself with just a guitar in hand he captivated his audience with his high-powered beer fueled originals. He delivers hard drivin lyrics at the speed of a revved up locomotive, and writes Country and I mean Country music. Not Nashville pop that you hear so much on the radio and tv, but real Country music! Brent brings back the lyrical prowess of Steve Earle; the stage performance of Johnny Cash in his boot stompin pill poppin days; and the badassitude of Waylon Jennings, then mixes them together in a sound that is all his own.

His songs are well recorded and have spectacular musicians playing on them. Check out his myspace and like him on facebook while you give him a close listen-to. Pay close attention to this guy for he is bound to be a top Country songwriter. If you like clever lyrics and original music, singable choruses and a down home feel, then you will want to see him live. Although I havent seen him yet with a full band, the next time I see his name on the marquee I am definitely gonna drink a beer and get down to some Brent Muthafuckin Cobb!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

66 - Full Circle Clique

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Durty South
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Websites: www.starsmusicentertainment.com/

Bio: Rappers Marvalous and Kool G bring back catchy hooks of the glory days of Durty South Rap and lace them atop freshly produced beats. With their new single, "I'm Supposed to Ball," they are climbing the Billboard charts all the while gaining massive popularity on the internet. When I talk about the good old days of Rap music down in the Durrty, I'm talkin about Master P, Silkk The Shocker, UGK, Trick Daddy, Doe or Die, Still Poe Pimpin, The Youngbloodz, Three Six Mafia, Hypnotyze Camp Posse, Lil Wyte, Project Pat, Devin The Dude, Juvenile, Mia X, Soulja Slim, Outkast, Dungeon Family, Mr. Bigg, Gregory D, Baby D, Cash Money Millionaires and countless others! When Birdman was still Baby, before Lil Wayne held the No. 1 spot on his own, and before Mystikal and C Murder were incarcerated. Full Circle Clique brings me back to the time of Ying Yang Twinz "Boom Its On" and Master P's "Ice Cream Man."

Hustlin iz a Habit and its got to be when you are out there promoting your own music. This group is grindin hard and it is evident when you check out their well designed website, dope video and hot tracks. Buy their single off of iTunes because it is most definitely a hit! If Full Circle Clique can keep on churnin out fly hooks over fresh beats, they could very well bring back another Durty South Hip Hop renaissance. Like Pimp C said, "Quit Hatin the South!" Watch their youtube videos and give Full Circle Clique some love! If you don't, well they need more haters anyway. Full Circle Clique - "I'm Supposed To Ball!" Buy It Now!

Monday, November 7, 2011

65 - Caninus

Genre: Grindcore/ Metal/ Rock
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Websites: www.myspace.com/caninus

Bio: So we have all heard metal bands before, but this one is slightly different from the one thrashing your local pub on a fri. nite. Caninus is a band that features two lead singers but they are'nt human. The band is fronted by two pitbulls and their music is totally badass. This is dome grindcore at its best. Their jams transcend generational boundaries all the while appealing to various species as well! Caninus is a band that would be perfect for little timmy's 6th birthday party or even a laid-back office cocktail shindig. If your thing is grindcore then you will truly enjoy Caninus, however if you have an open mind but metal isn't typically your thing you can still latch on to the tasty kibbles and bits like their use of form, the soundscapes of their tunes or even their sense of rhythmic displacement.

From Brooklyn, this band is the cream of the crop when it comes to New York bands. As they say on their website they are and very well could be the first band fronted by an animal. As they list their influences from Cannibal Corpse to Duran Duran I can hear a distinct Cradle of Filth or Pantera flair to their longer jams. I like the freedom that they have when it comes to song length. Screw the conventional three minute pop song format and go for whatever feels right. As some of their songs clock in at less than 30 seconds, that means that you can enjoy their beggin strip morsels in short burst of ferocious energy. Check out Caninus and you won't be disappointed!

Monday, October 24, 2011

64 - Shut Up N' Clap

Genre: Pop/ Rock/ Indie
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: shutupnclap.com/

Bio: These kids have a strong message and convey it over cool synths and fresh beats. Shut Up N' Clap are an indie band that already have a website rockin and an album to boot. There music is new and unapologetically snappy. There name is pretty badass as well. I mean their name is what most musicians are thinking when they're playing anyway, they just go ahead and say it. There music is rife with acoustic guitars, bass, electric guitar, synths, drums, noises and don't forget catchy lyrics and sultry harmonies. Shut Up N' Clap is combining all the best from new Indie Bands like Portugal the Man and Mumford and Sons as well as a hint of 80's pop to conjure up a very new sound!

I got to see an acoustic performance by Shut Up N Clap down at the Gnu's Room here in Auburn and was blown away at these youngsters with very mature voices and cool song choices. Im not sure as to which were original and which were covers but they covered an exotic array of themes like war and death as well as trying to stay positive amidst all that bullshit. I really enjoy their jam Ping Pam Pow for all of its tongue in cheek, zen-like lyrics. These kids eat confidence for breakfast and they are in no way bashful. Check out their sweet album as well kickass youtube videos. And watch out for them in the future because music is about being creative and I feel they have just poppe the top on there organic mustard jar of creativity.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

63 - A/S/L?

Location: Brick, New Jersey
Genre: Rock/ Punk/ Hardcore/ Hard-Rock/ Freakjams
Websites:  http://aslmusic.bandcamp.com/

Bio: Whilst scroming through some lost domensions with fellow domelord Zombi Fo, I fell asleep under the Bango Tree and was awakened by this band of demon hellriders. A/S/L? screams in your face!!! Watch out for face obliterating mind exploding hell screams and disqusting guitar and drum mega rock slop of doom! A/S/L??????????????? What?? They have apparently been ballin for aeons without dicks and that makes them pissed!! With one little arm and one big arm they challenge all other non-vertebrates with riot inducing rock fervor. Lyrics that are unapologetically sexual and provocative you cannot censor these hos! We be rollin off these tricks like we be stuntin!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

62 - The GodBody

Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Websites: www.myspace.com/godbody

Bio: The GodBody began in Boston as a collaboration between the illin lyricist/ producer MostArt and fellow rhymer Tre' Guevara. These guys put it down when it comes to Hip Hop w/ flavor and an Old-School swag. Takin influences from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop (i.e. Nas, Jay-Z, Big L's first albums respectively, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Wu-Tang, Tribe Called Quest and others) You can also hear influences like Brother Ali, Pharcyde, Mos Def, Black Star, AZ, D.I.T.C. and underground guys like Sage Francis, Eyedea and Atmosphere. With all of that funk under their belt they can't go wrong. The GodBody used to ball in Boston, but now currently reside in Los Angeles, where MostArt works as a staff writer and producer at Aftermath Ent.

Their goal is to put the real hip-hop out there, when we are constantly inundated with the bling and the bravado. The GodBody embraces the old-school style, when Hip-Hop was about a positive message to the youth; tongue-twisting verses and who was the best MC? instead of who's the hardest thug and who's got the most scrilla. I'm not sure if they are still recording or performing live, but they still have a catalog of great music to check out. Go to their myspace and get a taste of The GodBody!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

61 - Uhul

Genre: Punk
Location: Santa Caterina, Brazil
Websites: http://palcomp3.com/uhul/

Yo Stones here, bringing you the first ever guest freakjam!!... and what a pleasure it is to present Uhul (???- you know, its pronounced YAHOO! in Portuguese)! I met one of these Brazilian punk rockers in a bar in Austria a couple years ago where we bonded over our collective hatred for that country. After swapping war stories we put their album on the bar stereo and rocked out to the max, while simultaneously terrifying the locals (Fuck them, anyway!). And so it was that I was first introduced to Uhul, the Brazillian punk rock four piece that loves to Heineken!  Apparently there is a video floating around of our crazy antics that night.  What I can piece together involves lots of alcohol, offended locals, and police. What else can I say, that pretty much sums it up right there!

Uhul embodies the spirit of Punk Rock, Brazilian Style! Check out their webspaces and listen to their furious rock!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

60 - Ayo Awosika

Genre: Jazz/ Pop/ R&B
Location: Denver, CO
Website:  www.ayoawosika.com

Bio: Ayo Awosika is a new artist with a masterful and mature voice. She sings a fresh brand of R&B without getting bogged down with auto-tune and synthesized beats. Her band plays her tracks together live in the studio the old-school way which makes for a warmer and more personal sound. She has a classical background in voice and a degree in vocal performance from Berklee College of Music so she knows how to sing! Incorporating all the precision of classical music; the relaxed swing of Jazz and the freedom of R&B she sings music that is completely her own. Her voice sounds like a healthy mix of Natalie Cole, Eva Cassidy, Billie Holiday and Diana Krall; yet her music is something new. She combines the best parts of old school Jazz vocalists with the vocal agility of new R&B vocalists and all with the unmatched confidence of a classically trained performer.

Along with a killer voice, poetic lyrics and great songs, she is backed by some ridiculously- talented musicians. This band creates a jazz and pop hybrid sound that is reminiscent of Joshua Redman, Keith Jarrett and ECM(label) with a R&B twist. She has a brand new album entitled: Hearts, Words, and Other Forgotten Things. Check it out on CDBaby and iTunes. You can keep up to date with her on her homepage www.ayoawosika.com, or on her blog, www.ayoawosika.squarespace.com. Definitely pick up her album, for some real music with real words and a real voice!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

59 - Chris Posey

Genre: Country
Location: Cleveland, AL
Websites: www.reverbnation.com/chrisposeyband

Bio: Chris Posey is an all-american cowboy from Alabama. Thats the darn truth and if that aint country than please tell me what is. Garth Brooks can go back to L.A. for all I care, just as long as Chris and the other Alabama boys stay put and keep on givin us some real country music down here. Part of the underground country crew that has been rockin the beer joints in Alabama for the over a decade, Chris has a style all his own and a vibrant country voice that will shake any old honky tonk to its foundations. Comin up with the likes of Alabama legends such as Tony Brook and Adam Hood, Chris has a huge following down here and a right true philosophy about music here in God's country. He believes that good music should stay down here in Alabama and rightfully so. The more musicians the merrier, and Alabama is a great scene for all types of music. Alabama has had its share of musical greats, like Hank Williams, Nat King Cole, Percy Sledge, The Commodores, Wet Willie, Erskine Hawkins, Sun Ra and Lionel Hampton. Alabama is also the home of the Muscle Shoals sound studio that was the premier  recording studio in the nation back in the day. Bands and musicians like the Allman Bros. Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Bob Seeger, Bob Dylan and even more recently The Black Keys have all recorded there.

Chris Posey believes that Alabama can be home to another great musical renaissance like back in the 60's, and I'm right there with him. Alabama is smack dab in the middle of great music hubs like Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis and the Mighty Mississippi. Chris Posey writes a good bit of material about his home state and he is writing from the heart. He ain't writing an album for Taylor Swift so he can bank on royalties off music he doesn't care about. He writes what is real to him and that is solid badass country! In a time when we are inundated by pure clearchannel crap. Stupid overproduced pop they call country and annoying rap is all there is on the radio. What ever happened to the good country like Hank, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, Townes Van Zandt, Kris Kristofferson, Willie, Waylon and the boys? Well the answer ain't on the radio, its down here in Alabama and Chris Posey's on the front lines. Chris Posey is real country, for those of you who still know what that is.