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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

62 - The GodBody

Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Websites: www.myspace.com/godbody

Bio: The GodBody began in Boston as a collaboration between the illin lyricist/ producer MostArt and fellow rhymer Tre' Guevara. These guys put it down when it comes to Hip Hop w/ flavor and an Old-School swag. Takin influences from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop (i.e. Nas, Jay-Z, Big L's first albums respectively, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Wu-Tang, Tribe Called Quest and others) You can also hear influences like Brother Ali, Pharcyde, Mos Def, Black Star, AZ, D.I.T.C. and underground guys like Sage Francis, Eyedea and Atmosphere. With all of that funk under their belt they can't go wrong. The GodBody used to ball in Boston, but now currently reside in Los Angeles, where MostArt works as a staff writer and producer at Aftermath Ent.

Their goal is to put the real hip-hop out there, when we are constantly inundated with the bling and the bravado. The GodBody embraces the old-school style, when Hip-Hop was about a positive message to the youth; tongue-twisting verses and who was the best MC? instead of who's the hardest thug and who's got the most scrilla. I'm not sure if they are still recording or performing live, but they still have a catalog of great music to check out. Go to their myspace and get a taste of The GodBody!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

61 - Uhul

Genre: Punk
Location: Santa Caterina, Brazil
Websites: http://palcomp3.com/uhul/

Yo Stones here, bringing you the first ever guest freakjam!!... and what a pleasure it is to present Uhul (???- you know, its pronounced YAHOO! in Portuguese)! I met one of these Brazilian punk rockers in a bar in Austria a couple years ago where we bonded over our collective hatred for that country. After swapping war stories we put their album on the bar stereo and rocked out to the max, while simultaneously terrifying the locals (Fuck them, anyway!). And so it was that I was first introduced to Uhul, the Brazillian punk rock four piece that loves to Heineken!  Apparently there is a video floating around of our crazy antics that night.  What I can piece together involves lots of alcohol, offended locals, and police. What else can I say, that pretty much sums it up right there!

Uhul embodies the spirit of Punk Rock, Brazilian Style! Check out their webspaces and listen to their furious rock!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

60 - Ayo Awosika

Genre: Jazz/ Pop/ R&B
Location: Denver, CO
Website:  www.ayoawosika.com

Bio: Ayo Awosika is a new artist with a masterful and mature voice. She sings a fresh brand of R&B without getting bogged down with auto-tune and synthesized beats. Her band plays her tracks together live in the studio the old-school way which makes for a warmer and more personal sound. She has a classical background in voice and a degree in vocal performance from Berklee College of Music so she knows how to sing! Incorporating all the precision of classical music; the relaxed swing of Jazz and the freedom of R&B she sings music that is completely her own. Her voice sounds like a healthy mix of Natalie Cole, Eva Cassidy, Billie Holiday and Diana Krall; yet her music is something new. She combines the best parts of old school Jazz vocalists with the vocal agility of new R&B vocalists and all with the unmatched confidence of a classically trained performer.

Along with a killer voice, poetic lyrics and great songs, she is backed by some ridiculously- talented musicians. This band creates a jazz and pop hybrid sound that is reminiscent of Joshua Redman, Keith Jarrett and ECM(label) with a R&B twist. She has a brand new album entitled: Hearts, Words, and Other Forgotten Things. Check it out on CDBaby and iTunes. You can keep up to date with her on her homepage www.ayoawosika.com, or on her blog, www.ayoawosika.squarespace.com. Definitely pick up her album, for some real music with real words and a real voice!