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Monday, October 24, 2011

64 - Shut Up N' Clap

Genre: Pop/ Rock/ Indie
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: shutupnclap.com/

Bio: These kids have a strong message and convey it over cool synths and fresh beats. Shut Up N' Clap are an indie band that already have a website rockin and an album to boot. There music is new and unapologetically snappy. There name is pretty badass as well. I mean their name is what most musicians are thinking when they're playing anyway, they just go ahead and say it. There music is rife with acoustic guitars, bass, electric guitar, synths, drums, noises and don't forget catchy lyrics and sultry harmonies. Shut Up N' Clap is combining all the best from new Indie Bands like Portugal the Man and Mumford and Sons as well as a hint of 80's pop to conjure up a very new sound!

I got to see an acoustic performance by Shut Up N Clap down at the Gnu's Room here in Auburn and was blown away at these youngsters with very mature voices and cool song choices. Im not sure as to which were original and which were covers but they covered an exotic array of themes like war and death as well as trying to stay positive amidst all that bullshit. I really enjoy their jam Ping Pam Pow for all of its tongue in cheek, zen-like lyrics. These kids eat confidence for breakfast and they are in no way bashful. Check out their sweet album as well kickass youtube videos. And watch out for them in the future because music is about being creative and I feel they have just poppe the top on there organic mustard jar of creativity.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

63 - A/S/L?

Location: Brick, New Jersey
Genre: Rock/ Punk/ Hardcore/ Hard-Rock/ Freakjams
Websites:  http://aslmusic.bandcamp.com/

Bio: Whilst scroming through some lost domensions with fellow domelord Zombi Fo, I fell asleep under the Bango Tree and was awakened by this band of demon hellriders. A/S/L? screams in your face!!! Watch out for face obliterating mind exploding hell screams and disqusting guitar and drum mega rock slop of doom! A/S/L??????????????? What?? They have apparently been ballin for aeons without dicks and that makes them pissed!! With one little arm and one big arm they challenge all other non-vertebrates with riot inducing rock fervor. Lyrics that are unapologetically sexual and provocative you cannot censor these hos! We be rollin off these tricks like we be stuntin!