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Thursday, June 30, 2011

44 - Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and the Cornhole Prophets

Genre: Beach Music/ Rock/ Shag
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites:  www.revbubbaband.com

Bio: Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and the CHP are unconditionally true to the artform of Beach Music. Well what is Beach Music you ask? Well you might think of such artists or songs as Jimmy Buffet or Puff the Magic Dragon... however you would be mistaken. While Jimmy B. and the Parrot head gang rule the gulf coast airwaves of Florida with an iron fist; Bubba D. Liverance and the Cornhole Prophets rein over the Beach Music scene of North and South Carolina, parts of Virginia and Northern Georgia. If you venture out of Shagland, you would be hard pressed to find a person knowledgable on the subject. Beach Music can be best described as heartfelt blue-eyed soul sung to a mid-tempo swingin' beat that gets people shaggin. "If you don't know how to shag get your ass out of Carolina" is Bubba D.'s classic hit off of his first album.

You may find it odd that a Beach Music band be based out of Auburn, AL instead of say Myrtle Beach, Greenville or Spartanburg, SC. But as I have stated before Auburn is the loveliest village on the plains. And aside from being no. 1 and undefeated; and aside from the fact that all we do is win win win no matter what, Auburn is rife with naturally occuring Freakjams. Bubba D. Liverance has a strong attachment to Auburn and the University, as he penned the classic, "Let The Eagle Fly," a tribute to Auburn Tradition and his crowning achievement. Now i could go into a long story about the time Jimmy B. (whist attending Auburn University) initiated a cosmic blood feud with Bubba D. that still rages today. However that legend is best saved for another time.

The Rev. has a full length album entitled "Let My Peoples Dance" as well as a second EP containing chart topping hits such as "Cold Budweiser," "Take Me Back to Shagland," and "Come Back Baby!" A single off of his first album entitled "Didn't We Love?" has been picked up and released by Sony music in the Adult Contemporary category. Bubba D. is poised to take a ride to the top of the Charts so stay tuned and stay informed about Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and his Cornhole Prophets!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

43 - Powerglove

Genre: Metal/ Video Games/ Rock/ Powerglove/ Freakjams
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/powerglove

Bio: These dudes are so heavy they may tilt the earth's axis if they got any more solid or true. They are pure mass raging through the heavens! Powerglove plays remixes and their own arrangements of your favorite old school nintendo and sega games. They met at Berklee School of Music a few years back and have been crushing the opposition ever since. With two albums under their belt they have just signed on to the Summer Slaughter Tour and will be featured among many other sick metal bands thoughout the season. They impeccably play everything from Zelda to Mario to Tetris, Transformers, Sonic, and Duck Hunt. In the same vein as the Minibosses and other nintendo bands Powerglove transcends the genre.

Lightning fast guitar and bossed out synth lay atop intense foaming liquid metal drum work. Killer double bass pedal and tom fills accompany rich vocals and an overall tightness that seems too perfect to be performed by humans. Fortunately for them they all wear power gloves when jamming as well as posh armor that is similar to GWAR but with turtle shells and viking horns to boot. Check out their myspace for badass vids. They are headlining main stages in major cities, so go see them soon for they are destined for glory and are making their way through the levels of life with honor and prestige. Soon they will come upon a very difficult boss but I have confidence that their powergloves will see them through!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

42 - Marie Robertson

Genre: Experimental/ Classical/ Pop/ Ragtime/ Freakjams
Location: Denver, CO
Website: www.myspace.com/playmarierobertson

Bio: Marie Robertson brings a new sound that is difficult to classify yet a joy to hear. She writes her own brand of catchy pop with a classical and jazz twinge. Holing up in the mountains of Colorado, this artist, originally from Auburn, AL spends her days and nights tinkering in her cave creating wonderflous freakjams for the masses. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sultry, sometimes bright but always sexy. Her music is like no other but I would try to compare her with Feist, Scott Joplin, Vince Guaraldi, Carole King or Dave Brubeck. But her music doesn't really sound like any of that. The only way to know for sure is to go fucking check her out!

Marie began her musical career early at the age of five, traveling through the southeast with her family of musical gypsies. Continuously writing and practicing she was an overnight prodigal sensation. With all the local lords and robber barons at each others throats straining to get a listen to Marie Robertson's own brand of freakjams. She utilized fresh chord changes, modulations, delayed resolutions and amazing lyrics transversing the line between zen and other-worldlyness. Marie was once a part of a living breathing organism by the name of Hey! Alligator with longtime muse and freakjams fave Katie Martin. They have an album of complete material that will be available on freakjams soon. Soon meaning who knows? Because when it comes to Freakjams time is relative! Anyways go listen to Marie and her beautiful voice right now before time runs out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

41 - Sistine Criminals

Genre: Jungle/ Drum n' Bass/ Jazz/ Trip-Hop
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Websites: www.myspace.com/sistinecriminals

Bio: The Sistine Criminals is an experience you must revel in! The funkiest drum n' bass with live instruments you will ever hear. With the live saxophone mastery of Aaron Burnett and the impeccable rhythms of drummer Greg Sgrulloni, the Sistine Criminals creates high art in your face! Sonic trips thru the milky way accompanied by funkno bass, warm rhodes, raw synth, saxophones, heady beats and amorphous guitar squitulations. Invoking such sounds as Pat Metheny, Squarepusher, Aphrodite, John Coltrane, Joshua Redman, John Mclaughlin, Miles Davis, Photek, Wu Tang Clan, Aphex Twin, John Scofield, Particle and Fantastic Plastic Machine they create a genre that is purely their own.

The Sistine Criminals create lusher textures and richer rhythms than a single DJ could possibly produce. After getting together while students at Berklee College of Music they have been playing together since 2005, honing their sound on the way. I did get to catch them a few times in 2006-07 rocking as a trio, nevertheless their raw power surged forth and kept audience members spellbound with tenacious groove. After these past few years they have amassed a cult following and a collection of badass recordings to check out! So go my children and taste the forbidden jams that the Sistine Criminals have overflowing from their festive cornucopia!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

40 - The Indobox

Genre: Rock/ Electronic/ Dance/ Metal/ Hardcore/ Pop
Location: Allston, MA
Websites: www.theindobox.com/

Bio: Freakjams to the fullest! The Indobox cranks out crunk-techno-funk-rock for your face! These musicians, trained at The Burger King School of Music in Boston, ride some tripped out tech-grooves made to enhance your party wherever it may be. Tongue in cheek lyrics accompany deft pop synth work, smokin rock guitar and crazy dance drums. Check out their myspace for throwback classic Indobox! Their homepage includes all the news, as well as two kickass cuts from their new album!

This band has been jammin the scene in the northeast for a few years now and are now opening for major acts up there. The Indobox is sure to create a dance party that grows like Akira and will not stop until the last note has faded out. Their music reminds me of everything from Aphex Twin, Muse, King Crimson, The Beatles, STS9, MGMT, DeVo, Max Tundra to Prodigy. The Indobox has a lot of sick videos to check out for their live sound. Hard hitting drum beats support insane guitar mastery and three-part vocal harms, what more could you want? The Indobox is like a Pandora's box full of the dankest freshest green party-time music! Once you open it the fumes envelop your mind and pump it full of tasty jams until you can't help but take your pants off and dance!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

39 - Adelle Cotton

Genre: Folk/ Bluegrass/ Blues
Location: Greenville, SC
Websites:  www.adellecotton.com

Bio: This organic duo is rife with sweet succulent harmonies accompanied by a collection of various stringed instruments, plucked and bowed with emotion ranging from mysterious contemplation to bitter rage. These beautiful women create fields of sound with two voices, an acoustic guitar and cello. Originally called O-Mello-Cello Tree, they have matured as a group sonically and lyrically and are now aptly named Adelle Cotton. The name summons forth the essence of the south, as does their music. Influenced by early southern vocal groups and blues artists, they transcend other styles and have honed one of their own. One that is unique and full of hearty goodness. The definition of Adelle Cotton is "modern day blues women traveling the world with imaginative stories of the south."

Their new album live at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta is as clean and concise as a studio-cut recording. Proving that they are just as powerful, actually more-so in a live setting. With stories of live, love, and trees, Adelle Cotton sings the truth. Darby Wilcox's voice is fucking beautiful. She can go from a gentle songbird to a whiskey soaked country wail in a millisecond. Her incredible range is complimented by intense playing of Sarah Schaffer's cello. The cello brings an almost cinematic quality to the music. An orchestra performing a long-lost symphony couldn't rival the sound that comes from Adelle Cotton. I'm sure someone famous like Miles Davis, Satchmo or Charlie Parker once said, "There are two types of music, bad music and freakjams" Adelle Cotton is definitely the latter. They have a homepage for damn sure and they are on facebook so fucking be their friends already! Be warned though, their music causes large braingasms! But that's a good thing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

38 - JazzChronic

Genre: Funk/ Fusion/ Jazz
Location: Athens, GA
Websites: www.jazzchronic.com

Bio: This band of funky bluesy soul brothers originates from the hills around Athens, GA. They have the fresh crispy kind of funk emanating from their flying fluctuating fingertips. These guys are true soul pimps of the groove. They are understood as musical saints/hermits around their hometown, because they only come out to get funky! Illin saxophone crushes the funk like a seething mad viking demon. Maximum bass relentlessly assaults your motion-flux capacitor and will charge up your funk batteries to unleash bombastic spurts of the "crazy legs". Lets not forget the solid drums and snakelike guitar weaving and bobbing with various crispy wahs and clean tones for yo bones. The organ sits atop the clouds in JazzChronic's atsmosphere as a buddha-like deity adding moist precipitation to the grooves, as well as ocassionally hurling blasts of hail and acid rain as well. JazzChronic are extreme badasses of the funk! Check out JazzChronic's Youtube videos for live performances of pure sexual masterpieces. Their heady jams are like 100% raw dome candy!

I'll have to say JazzChronic is one of the seven secret ronins of Freakjams. They are like the Shogun Assassins of Funk. They travel from town to town bursting with a variety of funk flavors! They hopefully will grace a stage near you soon so they can exorcize the Oni and clean out your ki with their chronic vibes. You can locate their mojo at their homepage, www.jazzchronic.com or on Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation or Youtube! JazzChronic puts on a spectacular show of super-crunknicity and they have a new album out that is obviously an insta-classic. So go get you a copy of their new album, Groovathon and take a seriously long toke of JazzChronic!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

37 - The Treasures

Genre: Folk/ Country/ Rock/ America
Location: Ontario, Canada
Website: http://www.myspace.com/thetreasuresband

Bio: The name says it all! Stumble upon this band on myspace and you have found a hidden stash of treasured freakjams. Their recordings have drawn from a deep love of real good down-home-country/ folk stylings. You can hear some Graham Parsons, and fresh Eaglesesque vocal harmonies over twangy stringed instruments. The Treasures utilize funky good bass styles holdin it down, and rockin guitars reminiscent of Steve Earle. You can even get a bit of Waylon and Grateful Dead in there too. These boys live in the frozen northlands but expect to see them south of the border soon. With a new album on the way, the band is currently lining up tour dates to come to your town and freak you out country style.

With a little bit of Willie and some smoky whiskey drops from Townes Van Zandt you can be sure the Treasures are filling a long lost void of what Country music should be. I know nowadays what they call "country" is more like crappy pop music with some steel guitar thrown in there. Its like Nashville has been tryin for years to turn Country into a four letter word and they are succeeding. What we need is some good olde fashioned guerilla style bands like the Treasures to take the Country back! They threw a lotta guys outta Nashville, Willie being one of them. They didn't want Dwight Yoakam either, or Steve Earle, but those are the real guys and they said to hell with Nashville anyway. Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith can suck my balls! Give me John Anderson, Jerry Reed, Ray Wylie Hubbard or Johnny Paycheck any day! Now don't ya'll let them Treasures slip through your grease-stained mitts. Wait for it and buy their damn album!