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Saturday, October 1, 2011

63 - A/S/L?

Location: Brick, New Jersey
Genre: Rock/ Punk/ Hardcore/ Hard-Rock/ Freakjams
Websites:  http://aslmusic.bandcamp.com/

Bio: Whilst scroming through some lost domensions with fellow domelord Zombi Fo, I fell asleep under the Bango Tree and was awakened by this band of demon hellriders. A/S/L? screams in your face!!! Watch out for face obliterating mind exploding hell screams and disqusting guitar and drum mega rock slop of doom! A/S/L??????????????? What?? They have apparently been ballin for aeons without dicks and that makes them pissed!! With one little arm and one big arm they challenge all other non-vertebrates with riot inducing rock fervor. Lyrics that are unapologetically sexual and provocative you cannot censor these hos! We be rollin off these tricks like we be stuntin!

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