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Monday, November 7, 2011

65 - Caninus

Genre: Grindcore/ Metal/ Rock
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Websites: www.myspace.com/caninus

Bio: So we have all heard metal bands before, but this one is slightly different from the one thrashing your local pub on a fri. nite. Caninus is a band that features two lead singers but they are'nt human. The band is fronted by two pitbulls and their music is totally badass. This is dome grindcore at its best. Their jams transcend generational boundaries all the while appealing to various species as well! Caninus is a band that would be perfect for little timmy's 6th birthday party or even a laid-back office cocktail shindig. If your thing is grindcore then you will truly enjoy Caninus, however if you have an open mind but metal isn't typically your thing you can still latch on to the tasty kibbles and bits like their use of form, the soundscapes of their tunes or even their sense of rhythmic displacement.

From Brooklyn, this band is the cream of the crop when it comes to New York bands. As they say on their website they are and very well could be the first band fronted by an animal. As they list their influences from Cannibal Corpse to Duran Duran I can hear a distinct Cradle of Filth or Pantera flair to their longer jams. I like the freedom that they have when it comes to song length. Screw the conventional three minute pop song format and go for whatever feels right. As some of their songs clock in at less than 30 seconds, that means that you can enjoy their beggin strip morsels in short burst of ferocious energy. Check out Caninus and you won't be disappointed!

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