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Friday, August 2, 2013

78 - Hey! ALLigator

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Website: www.heyalligator.com

Bio:  Pussy Punch!!! Hey!ALLigator is the new smash sexually charged anime explosion bursting onto the American college circuit. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, this team of two executive geisha robots and their army of thrizz fueled kabuki party-bots have invaded America!! Hey!ALLigator clone-bots are available for a limited time at Wal-Mart in five variant outfits, accessories, replacement appendages and multi-colored wigs. Kabuki party-bots are sold separately with matching party favors. Ever so stylish and on top of their game they continuously push the boundaries of pop culture and entertainment.

Incorporating elements of street-punk, funk, hardcore, smash reggae and gangsta rap, Hey!ALLigator are on the forefront of the music scene. Their live show includes wild partying, party bot extravaganza, light laser blast and party blast. You can get your own Hey!ALLigator party blast in seven distinct flavor shots: Melon, Hawaiian Daquiri, Red Snapper, Loaded Baked Potato, Pizza Fries, Chocolate, and Diet Chocolate. They have thousands door prizes and are dead set to rock domes wherever they go! 

After demolishing the underground scene in Japan with Godzirra style ferocity, this group has absorbed untold amounts of thrizz!! Check out Hey!ALLigator for the nastiest bitch-funk from the hardcore streets!! ugghgnnnghhh!!! Coochie Choochie BANG BANG!!!

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