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Friday, April 15, 2011

33 - The Boat Wizard

Location: Nomadic but frequently found in Nashville, TN; Auburn, AL; Troy, AL; and Atlanta, GA.
Genre: undisclosed
Website: Unavailable at this time.

Bio: News Flash! The Boat Wizard is Back! He is currently finishing worktapes for his debut album. We don't know when his face will be revealed because he is a wanted man in several dimensions, time zones and galaxies. In addition to making the Kessel run in under 4.3 parsecs the Boat Wizard has many tricks up his proverbial sleeve including but not limited to: an extended knowledge of Boat Wizardry (actually holding a degree from Columbia in the subject); Mad skills; Extended flossability; and an excellent sense of style. The Boat Wizard has finally made his first official appearance on Freakjams. Stay tuned for more info...

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