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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

35 - Packway Handle Band

Genre: Folk/ Acoustic/ Bluegrass
Location: Athens, GA
Website: www.packwayhandleband.com

Bio: The poignant poignards of Packway Handle's poetic political diatribe stabs through their badass Bluegrass freakjams and drives deep into the epicenter of your life-force. They bring an environmental and enlightened conciousness to their lyrical endeavors. Lets not forget their ho-down style acoustic jams for one second. Packway handle strokes out four part vocal harms over driving mandolin, finger pickin banjo, fiddle, acoustic guitar and stand up bass. Their live show whisks you away to Bluegrass heaven with an old school Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs jam session complete with the Devil went Down to Georgia hog-stompin fiddle work. Having seen them at a few venues including but not limited to the Olde Auburn Ale House; The Event Center in Opelika, AL; and the old 280 Boogie in Waverly, AL; I have experienced Packway Handle whipping a rowdy crowd up to freak out, jam and get nasty as well as seen them emit a serene zen-like essence enveloping the audience while simultaneously seeping into their chi. Packway handle will store these life-essences deep in your chakras and once called upon the spirit of Packway will uplift the gonads and unleash new energies that remain and power you up in all future lives and life situations.

In addition to their secret life mana, they have a cool website where you can check out tour dates and links. Packway Handle is constantly out there putting their smart and topical hillbilly mountain jams in front of mad domes. Already slammin festies and rockin larger and larger venues, The Packway Handle Band will soon be at the top of the charts (if not Billboard then at least the Freakjams charts!). Also they have a powerful message about nuclear waste and the state of the environment. Here at Freakjams we like the environment and dont like improper nuclear waste storage and disposal. So reduce, reuse, recycle and remember the name Packway Handle Band.

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