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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

62 - The GodBody

Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Websites: www.myspace.com/godbody

Bio: The GodBody began in Boston as a collaboration between the illin lyricist/ producer MostArt and fellow rhymer Tre' Guevara. These guys put it down when it comes to Hip Hop w/ flavor and an Old-School swag. Takin influences from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop (i.e. Nas, Jay-Z, Big L's first albums respectively, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Wu-Tang, Tribe Called Quest and others) You can also hear influences like Brother Ali, Pharcyde, Mos Def, Black Star, AZ, D.I.T.C. and underground guys like Sage Francis, Eyedea and Atmosphere. With all of that funk under their belt they can't go wrong. The GodBody used to ball in Boston, but now currently reside in Los Angeles, where MostArt works as a staff writer and producer at Aftermath Ent.

Their goal is to put the real hip-hop out there, when we are constantly inundated with the bling and the bravado. The GodBody embraces the old-school style, when Hip-Hop was about a positive message to the youth; tongue-twisting verses and who was the best MC? instead of who's the hardest thug and who's got the most scrilla. I'm not sure if they are still recording or performing live, but they still have a catalog of great music to check out. Go to their myspace and get a taste of The GodBody!

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