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Thursday, December 23, 2010

1 - Pu$$ycat Pimpz (P.C.P.)

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Street Funk
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/pcptillidie


Bio: Our first artist profile is dedicated to the nefarious, infamous, Boston based Hip-Hop group, The Pu$$ycat Pimpz. What can I say, or rather not say about these guys? This group is currently in hibernation, taking an extended hiatus after their sold out shows at large stadiums and arenas in the Northeast. Their music can be described as "Genius" - The Washington Post, for their lyrical mastery and "breathtaking majesty of form and skill" - DJ Tray Boner mix 96.7. The height of these guys career was between 2004-2007, when most of their hits were recorded. Songs like, "Is This a Barn?"; "Sex on My Love" and "Time To Get Krunk!" were all recorded around that time.

The group began in 2004 with MC Shang, MC Crimelord, and MC Sikky D recording their first single in their college dorm. Wanting to stay underground, the three MC's worked hard to make sure their Hot Fire spread slowly and under control. Soon the crew expanded to just under twenty members with the likes of The Victorious U.D.A., MC Squibs, MC Nusty AKA The Wolfmang, MC Nista - The Sinista Sista, Professor Pax, Dr. Domes, Ramses, L.I.F.E. Control, MC Planet, Titus of Gaul, Black Tongue, Slaughter Beast, Dr. Light, MC Stones and others... There agility is unmatched on the mike. Now with seven complete albums (none of them are currently commercially available) they remain originators true to their art form. Look out for the P.C.P. reunion coming in the next light-year for your dome!

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