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Saturday, December 25, 2010

3 - Microwave Mansion

Genre: Indie/ Power Pop/ Electronica
Location: Auburn, AL
Website(s): www.myspace.com/microwavemansion

Bio: In collaboration with Pirate House inc. and East Buddha productions, Microwave Mansion ushers forth a new echelon of style. Their sheer output is miraculous. Constantly in the studio compiling masterpiece after masterpiece; i'm talking day and night, 24/7, 365 days a year. If this group took a break for one millisecond, the earth as we know it would spin out of control and slip into the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy! They wield an arsenal of musical instruments as well as hold a stable of musicians and artists that explore vast, uncharted, magical territories of sound and space. They have a musical manifest destiny that will destroy any preconceived notions of art or design.

This group began years ago as a small collection of friends making music together at their High School in Birmingham, AL. Now they are based out of their Auburn studio, where inspirational soundscapes are flowing like the mighty Mississippi river through the breadbasket of cyberspace. Check out their music blog and myspace page and stay informed! You'll be sure to find gems like, "Ovarian Dancer", "Try Harder", and their newest single "Hey Riley!". These are true underground frosty nuggets that ring true and harmonize with the Freakjams way. Although Microwave's music is not yet available for commercial sale, wait for it because, if you are into space-funk, J-pop, krunk-hyphy smooth-jazz-world or afro-hyper-techno, these guys are for you!

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