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Saturday, December 25, 2010

4 - Tio

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap/ Rock/ Freakjams 
Location: Nashville, TN
Website: www.myspace.com/rodrigonow

Bio: This artist is the true originator of Freakjams and embodies its very spirit. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Rodrigo AKA Tio (meaning badass in espanol) is the quintessential modern day Winston Churchill of Hip- Hop. His music is vibrant as well as original, pairing his versatile mic skills with funky OG beats and overall freshness. Now residing in Nashville, TN, Tio is rocking shows around the southeast! Previously a member of the Rap, Rock live sensation, The Pillij based out of Auburn; Tio has been known to rap with Artists ranging from Auburn funk band- The Good Doctor; Freakjam favorite - Jason McMillan; neo-soul funk band - Therapy; to now defunct but legendary prog-metal band - Strangelove Ocean!

Tio is a budding entrepreneur booking his own shows, making his own beats, writing god-like rhymes as well as teaching blind kids, developing their lyricism and playing funky bass. Check out his myspace page for fresh tracks, like "Hide The Porno", and "Time 4 Some Action".  He has an upcoming show on the 28th of January 2011 at the Independent in Auburn, AL! He will be performing alongside local rap group ABDEF and classic rock and original rock group, Alpha State. Both mainstays of the college music scene. Whenever you think of Tio think of Freakjams because its for the children!

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