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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

28 - Tony Brook

Genre: Country/ Blues/ Rock
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.tonybrook.net

Bio: Local Blues God Tony Brook has just released his newest album, "Guerilla." It is fucking awesome! I just caught Tony Brook this past Saturday at Bourbon St. in Auburn rockin' the crowd as a power trio. The pub-crawlers were pumped as he launched into a mix of hard-hitting originals and suped-up old school covers. Tony has been rockin the scene down here in the south for as long as I can remember, and has brought his own brand of Alabama Country Blues Rock to foreign lands as well. If you see his name on the marquee, be ready to grab a cold one and get rowdy. Try not to get into a barroom brawl as his music will certainly get your blood boilin.

He's got five amazing albums to his name and his likeness is emblazoned on the pages of Alabama rock history. Tony Brook's witty lyricism is only matched by his soulful guitar twang. His recordings range from low-country heart-wrenchers, beer-guzzling barroom anthems to hell bent lightning blues. His songs are solid messages of truth and political wisdom. You can hear a bit of Jerry Jeff, John Prine, David Allen Coe, Hank, Willie, Waylon, and even Tom Waits in his music. His sweet-tea southern drawl tells it like it is, and his music aint for the faint of heart. Check out "Mule's in a Ditch" off his new album for some real country. Check out Tony Brook and you'll discover a new brand of whiskey-drenched southern rock!

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