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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

24 - Brown Kid

Genre: Brown/ Freakjams/ Rock/ Rap/ Funk/ Jam
Location: Auburn, AL
Website:  www.myspace.com/brownkid

Bio: When I hear Freakjams, I mean real true Freakjams it just tears at my heartstrings and warms my soul. Brown Kid is a delicious, fruitful magic basket of the most masterful Freakjams! Check out their myspace for some of the illinest freshness to ever come out of Auburn, AL. As you may know most Freakjams come from Auburn, AL or Boston, MA (not forgetting Brooklyn, NY; Athens, GA; or the entire Freakjam state of New Jersey) thats just a little known fact. I'm not saying that there cannot be Freakjams elsewhere, it just happens to be that the loveliest village on the plains is a melting pot of the most luscious Freakjams. Okay, so Brown Kid has achieved Legendary status here in the Southland from rocking out mega shows with Jason McMillan, Strangelove Ocean, The Pillij, The Good Doctor and others. Ed's mysterious vocals transcend the sludge of the haters, jealous pimps, jealous of his pimp-status, all the while his partner in crime, Rodrigo, kills the verses with incredible mic-skill putting all haters and whack MC's to the test.

With influences from The Violent Femmes to Sublime, their music is a cool mix of hilariously truthful lyrics and uncontested song forms. Buy their album on CdBaby!! you will not be disappointed! Brown Kid is still rockin down here in the Auburn area giving regular white people and black people a smidge of brownness in their life. If you are unsure about how Brown Kid will help you're life, try this little experiment. Stop eating cheeseburgers, stop eating taco hell, go to Mexico and get some real Mexican food. Then come back home; stop taking prozac and five hour energy shots; Sit down with a cerveza and a cigarillo filled with the most primo kush and listen to a purchased copy of Brown Kid's album. Instant cure for depression/anxiety/wanderlust. There you go. Life Cure= Brown Kid! Freakjams!

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