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Friday, February 18, 2011

27 - Wildman Steve Radio

Genre: All
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.wildmansteve.com

Bio: Disclaimer: this is not a band! This is a movement! Wildman Steve is a beacon of hope shining bright in this messy world of music. The Wildman runs his own internet radio station independently with a team of genius DJ's exploring the underground, the long lost, forgotten and hidden sound gems that have existed since the dawn of recorded music. You can find everything you always wanted from a non-corporate controlled Radio network. Like the name suggests, his musical taste is wild and free! Wildman Steve is a musicologist that knows more about the history of Rock n Roll than you think you know the back of your hand!

Before he won the world over as an internet sensation, getting backstage passes to festivals and jet-setting across the globe, Wildman Steve played music with the best and the brightest in the Southland. In addition to being an acclaimed percussionist, Wildman Steve has worn many different hats. When I was growing up in Auburn, the Wildman owned the coolest record store in town. You could go and find stuff you wouldn't find in your average Record shop! However as CD stores became history, the Wildman has worked to make history as the world's most infamous Rock DJ! After working for the man, and living for the city on FM, the Wildman decided to open up shop on his own! He now provides constant ear-pollination 24/7 to anyone that has an internet connection. Check out Wildman Steve Radio at www.wildmansteve.com for streaming Freakjams!

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