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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

29 - Alpha State

Genre: ROCK
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.reverbnation.com/alphastateauburnal

Bio: Alpha State is the Tits! A brand-spankin new band out of Aubizzle, they crank out Freak-rock maxed out to eleven! Their balls are massive, and you can check out their cream sac on the world wide webernet. They get the titties poppin and the D's swollen with old school and new school balls to the wall Rock n' Roll! Shane's crusty crush guitar blares out of his Marshall stack with Alec's clean southern rock voice soaring above his jammin rhythm guit-fiddle. Scott Shepherd herds the flocks with slammin pop-rock infused punk drum beats while Adam thunders out tumultuous bass lines holdin down the overall funk for your dome. They recorded their demo less than a year ago up in Nashville with engineer and renown producer Scotty 'too hottie' Rorrins (of Scotty and the Fags fame). Consisting mainly of covers you can get an idea of how their full length O.G. album will sound if you check out their single, "Wedding Cake".

Although three of them are still in college undertaking various majors and what not, if these guys stick together then they are most definitely destined for fame and glory. Just check out their single and you will wet your pants in excitement I guarantee it. With influences such as: Black Sabbath, Kings of Leon, Grand Funk Railroad, Hendrix, The Beatles, Mumford and Sons, Weezer, Wolfmother, The Strokes and Creedence you will want to catch one of their sold-out beer soaked classic rock infused live performances fo sho! Just see what people are sayin about them: "Masterful" - Axl Rose; "There sex is on Fire" - Caleb Followhill (of the Kings of Leon); "Alpha State is my favorite band, and Freakjams is my favorite blog!" - Lady Gaga (of Lady Gaga). You obviously don't have to take it from me, this band will obliterate your mind into oblivion. Make sure to check back on these guys for they already have many more original Freakjams in the works. Alpha State is a state of mind and Freakjams is a way of life!

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