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Monday, August 1, 2011

54 - Waste Basket

Genre: Ska/ Punk/ Hardcore/ Freakjams
Location: Chicago, IL
Websites: www.myspace.com/wastebasket

Bio: I saw these cantankerous Chicago ska punkers rock the Ale House in Auburn last wednesday and they brought the heat! Fiery two-minute masterpieces blasting forth from their rocket launchers of ska. This band has deep horny harmonies created with powerful trombone and earthy saxophone, as well as a tight rhythm section and virile testosterone fueled punk vocals. Waste Basket is definitely hardcore Chicago ska punk at its finest. "I'm a slob and I don't care so fuck you!" is just one of there many Shakespearian jams. "S.O.S." is another song that rocked the Ale House to its core. The lyrics include the message is that every day is the fucking same! This song is great because it reminds me of when I had a real job, and how much better it is now that I don't!

I like bands that do not censor themselves. They are not conforming to a pop format thats for damn sure. These guys are heavily Rancid, Skatalites, Op Ivy and Screetching Weasel influenced, which if you don't know already is dope. Waste Basket is the perfect combo of ska and punk. Hard hitting and up-apologetically blunt! This band is perfect for a late night waste-fest, street skate competition or back alley brawl. Listen to them in the morning and you will wake up faster than six shots of espresso to your fucking dome! Waste Basket is on tour around the states and will come to your town soon, so be patient and continue to practice your skanking, moshing and thrashing so you can be ready to get Wasted!!!

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