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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

55 - Kristen Hines

Genre: Folk/ Rock/ Pop/ Acoustic/ Singer- Songwriter
Location: Atlanta, GA
Websites: www.kristenhinesmusic.com

Bio: Kristen Hines does it all. She runs her own website, writes her own songs and performs across the southeast. Her songs traverse a wide range of styles. She has a strong basis in Folk and you can hear east indian and native american influences as well. Her lyrics reference biblical and religious themes as well as love, heartbreak and friendship. A renaissance woman in her own right, Kristen Hines writes intelligent pop music with heart and her emotion radiates through her songs. She has a wealth of great recordings to check out. With an EP and a full-length album to boot, Kristen is a real hard-working pro singer-songwriter. Visit her homepage, facebook, myspace and discover cool tracks on her bandcamp page as well.

Originally from Jamaica, she is based out of Atlanta, GA and currently attends Auburn University in sweet home Alabama. Making a name for herself across the plains and the lands down here in the south, you can catch her in a variety of venues here in God's country! Kristen Hines is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians and songwriters as she is proof that you can do it yourself and get your songs out there without any outside help. Yep she's a badass. Kristen Hines, buy her music now!! Freakjams!

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