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Monday, August 8, 2011

58 - Way Way East Bay

Genre: Funk/ Soul/ R&B/ Jazz
Location: Logan, UT
Website: www.myspace.com/waywayeastbaymusic

Bio: The funk permeates the seams of this rockin horn-based R&B band. Excellent horn voicings and prime grooves from the rhythm section support Maureen's versatile soul vocals. The band is ridiculously tight but in all the right ways. A killer horn section blasts funky harmonic and melodic lines and the soloists flawlessly kill technical and juicy jams off the top of the dome. Way Way East Bay is  a group of seasoned professional musicians based in Utah that have united and recorded an amazing album. With sounds reminiscent of 60's and 70's motown, soul and funk. They are primarily influenced by the great horn bands of that era. Bands like Tower of Power, Chicago, Cold Blood, James Brown, The Sons of Champlin and more. Way Way East Bay covers some of this classic material as well as playing some funky new origz.

This band primarily plays in UT and might not be as active now as in past years. All of the members are continuously involved in a multitude of other musical endeavors. I'm not sure if the band plans on recording a second album, but I hope so because their debut recording is kick-ass! Way Way East Bay has a myspace page where you can check out their tracks. When you give them a listen you might think it would have been a monster studio undertaking with a four peice horn section, full rhythm section, lead and backing vocals. However according to their myspace, they recorded all this music with a time constraint and played it pretty much all the way through. Recorded like all the good old-school records were made, the whole band in the studio at the same time doing the whole song in one take. Huh, imagine that. I'm not sure yet if this album is available online for purchase, but when I find out I'll put a link to it. Click their myspace link and get ready to enjoy Way Way East Bay, some real old school funk with a new school vibe!

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