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Sunday, August 7, 2011

57 - Funky Butter

Genre: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Freakjams
Location: New York, NY
Websites: www.funkybutter.com/home.html

Bio: This band is so good its retarded. With two badass chick singers, buttery Palladino-esque bass thumpin, creamy funk drums, sexy keyboards and guit-fiddles Funky Butter has a multi-colored pallet to paint funkalacious soundscapes. Formed by the coming together of Kate, Dallin, Dan and Justin who all attended NYU for music and Josh Steingard on drums, who graduated Berklee School of Music in Boston. Not only do they have unchallenged technical skill on their instruments, but their vocals intertwine, I think you know what I mean. No really, their vocals layer upon each other in lush harmony that is very similar to the sounds of thousands of rare amazonian birds that have evolved over millenia to have the most perfect singing voices.

Funky Butter used to crush shows around NYC, Boston and Philadelphia with a tasty organic buttery spread you can't seriously believe its not butter! Unfortunately the Butter is no longer together as all the members are all currently pursuing other musical adventures. Luckily before the members went on to their next evolutionary stage as artists they recorded a fantastic final album. Their recording pushes the boundaries of real rock n roll! With sounds like the Beatles, Janis, Joshua Redman, Diana Krall, Wayne Krantz, Steely Dan, Horace Silver, Ella Fitzgerald... I could spend days listing their respective influences, however it is evident these folks are musicologists at heart. Their music transcends the Rock genre and is something all its own. One thing is for damn sure it is pure unadulterated Freakjams, Aisle 9 - Dairy section: Funky Butter! I don't have to justify myself here just buy their album now!

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