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Monday, January 31, 2011

23 - Spiritual Rez

Genre: Reggae/ Ska/ Funk/ Dub
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.spiritualrez.com

Bio: Good time party Reggae band from the Bean, Spiritual Rez brings one light to the world. The Rez laces sumptuous horns beautifully over positive vibration Jamaican beats. They continue to grow musically and in popularity as the years go by. Having been on the Boston scene for multiple years they have spread their herb seed all over the U.S. They have recently released their album, Nexus that is available on their website. The Rez has an inspirational message that permeates through their songbook. Playing original Reggae for the masses has been their goal since day one. Although some of the lineup has changed over the years with different horn players and the like, there are the ones that have been there since the start. Toft's illin vocals tear it up in the studio as well as live. Meat's got those tight, in the pocket "Family man"-style drum beats. Van holds down the Buffalo soldier guitar groove and masterful solos while Jesse thumps the love on the bass and tries to stay out of jail. Their must be something wrong with putting musicians in jail, I mean should loud music really be illegal. And what about Willie? and Weezy? I mean please. Anyways back to the Rez!!

If you have a chance to see these guys definitely go, cuz their live show is like no other. I saw them as much as possible during my stint in the Bean. Whether they are jammin down at a house party or gettin the crowd movin at a venue, they always spread the Joy on like a thick layer of dub butter. Always packin the house wherever they play, they are still together writing fresh new jams. Although you can describe their music as Reggae, they can also waft into some metal, ska and even surf guitar rock. The Rez has come a long way with plenty of awesome original tunes and will continue on their pilgrimage; destination= Freakjams! Feel the love, the reggae, the dub, the funk, and the groove with Spiritual Rez.

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