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Monday, February 13, 2012

71 - Groove Stain

Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Ska, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Reggaeton, Punk, Rock, Hard Rock etc...
Websites: www.groovestain.com

Bio: Groove Stain is a fucking badass reggae, rock and ska band out of Atlanta, GA! They have a punked out smorgasbord of styles to funk you up with. Groove Stain's furious repertoire of original music has been spreading throughout the lands vivaciously since 1999! They are a five piece explosion of awesomeness! Trumpet sails over a contagious groove created by an incredibly tight rhythm section. Uber-nasty drum fills and rock solid beats are provided by the drummer live as well as in the studio. Funky six string reggae bass lines provide support for majestically virtuous keyboard and effortlessly flawless guitar floss. These guys have had a big impact on the scene in Atlanta and have a great following there. They have toured across the states playing with everyone from Snoop Dogg to the Pietasters! Groove Stain has multiple albums you should def purchase right here: Buy Groove Stain on iTunes!

I got a chance to catch a performance this past Saturday at My Furry Valentine in Atlanta, a literally insane show featuring acrobats, lasers, fire-twirlers, costumes, visual art and body painting. Groove Stain wailed through a bombastic set to a packed house of furry party goers. This band threw down like hellions with their boiling hot reggae funk jams until the crowd was whipped into a chaotic frenzy! Check out their tour schedule to find out where they are playing for you will definitely want to see them rock faces! Get Down with some Groove Stain!!

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