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Sunday, February 19, 2012

72 - Gravemarcher

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Metal, Hard Rock, Death Metal, Grunge, Stoner Rock
Websites: http://gravemarcher.bandcamp.com/

Bio: Gravemarcher is pure death-stoner rock that was engineered specifically to melt domes and liquify braing stems! Gravemarcher slangs a new brand of metal with an assorted array of poisonous doom grooves to march to!!  Effortlessly riding the wave of internet popularity that is currently surging at the forefront of new hard rock/ metal? Distorted bass drones into the pits of hell with manic drum smashing and evil guitar riffs soaring above the chaos. Banshee screams of pain and hatred reverberate through the halls of the dead! Freakjams is constantly scouting out the most raunchy death metal and Gravemarcher abides! Swarthing through the fields of unmarked graves, Gravemarcher wields its blackened horror scythe to cull the weaklings and amass countless souls. Become one of Gravemarchers growing horde of petrified zombies by liking them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gravemarcher/168379289904490?sk=wall

Hailing from Philadelphia, Gravemarcher is unadulterated by lack of creative control, producing the heaviest obliteration to emerge this year. This band emits thunderous sound reminiscent of bands like: Sabbath; The Sword; Queens of the Stone Age; Slayer; Kyuss and maybe some Pantera thrown in there. Their music is original, fresh and excellently mixed for extreme ear bleeding! Download their first EP available for free on Bandcamp! http://gravemarcher.bandcamp.com/ Do IT! Gravemarcher will tear your ears off and march on your grave!!

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