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Sunday, February 26, 2012

75 - Mama Mocha's Coffee

Location: Auburn, AL
Genre: Coffee, Espresso, Latte, Tea
Websites:  http://mamamochascoffeeroastery.com/

Bio: Since 2010 Mama Mocha has been roasting the most flavorful aromatic coffee in the universe. Mama Mocha's is located on S. Gay street in Auburn, AL situated inside of the Gnu's Room book store. Together the Gnu's room and Mama Mocha's are a coffee roasting, book reading, homework doing, philosophizing, artistic living room for the people of Auburn. Not only is at a salon type venue for healthy discourse on politics, religion, art, music, love and coffee; it is also a place where you can get a seriously dank cup of coffee! With beans roasting constantly you can smell the flavorful aromas from at least two if not three blocks away. Beans are being shipped in from farmers on a daily basis from around the world. Beans from Burundi, Sumatra, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, New Guinea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda, The Himalayas, Chile, Brazil and Peru can all be found at Mama Mocha's. Beans yall!

The espresso is chocolatey with notes of carmel and tobacco, at least it was yesterday. Today it could be a whole variety of flavors that I havent even begun to imagine espresso could taste like. Coffee variety changes day to day depending on what's in stock and what Mama Mocha is roasting that day. Bags of  her coffee truly fly off the shelves. All too often customers scowl at the person who bought the last bag of their favorite Rwanda Bourbon Microlot coffee only to be forced to buy a still warm, freshly roasted bag of deliciously sweet Brazillian Peaberry. So go to her website and order at least six bags of her coffee. Even if you dont like coffee, do it! Mama Mocha is an Amazonian princess riding her chariot of coffee beans like a valkyrie in the sky raining down a new standard of coffee to all nations. Goodbye Joe Muggs, Starbucks and Seattle's Best! Mama Mocha's homestyle coffee is the past present and future hotness!!

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