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Friday, June 10, 2011

38 - JazzChronic

Genre: Funk/ Fusion/ Jazz
Location: Athens, GA
Websites: www.jazzchronic.com

Bio: This band of funky bluesy soul brothers originates from the hills around Athens, GA. They have the fresh crispy kind of funk emanating from their flying fluctuating fingertips. These guys are true soul pimps of the groove. They are understood as musical saints/hermits around their hometown, because they only come out to get funky! Illin saxophone crushes the funk like a seething mad viking demon. Maximum bass relentlessly assaults your motion-flux capacitor and will charge up your funk batteries to unleash bombastic spurts of the "crazy legs". Lets not forget the solid drums and snakelike guitar weaving and bobbing with various crispy wahs and clean tones for yo bones. The organ sits atop the clouds in JazzChronic's atsmosphere as a buddha-like deity adding moist precipitation to the grooves, as well as ocassionally hurling blasts of hail and acid rain as well. JazzChronic are extreme badasses of the funk! Check out JazzChronic's Youtube videos for live performances of pure sexual masterpieces. Their heady jams are like 100% raw dome candy!

I'll have to say JazzChronic is one of the seven secret ronins of Freakjams. They are like the Shogun Assassins of Funk. They travel from town to town bursting with a variety of funk flavors! They hopefully will grace a stage near you soon so they can exorcize the Oni and clean out your ki with their chronic vibes. You can locate their mojo at their homepage, www.jazzchronic.com or on Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation or Youtube! JazzChronic puts on a spectacular show of super-crunknicity and they have a new album out that is obviously an insta-classic. So go get you a copy of their new album, Groovathon and take a seriously long toke of JazzChronic!!

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