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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

43 - Powerglove

Genre: Metal/ Video Games/ Rock/ Powerglove/ Freakjams
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/powerglove

Bio: These dudes are so heavy they may tilt the earth's axis if they got any more solid or true. They are pure mass raging through the heavens! Powerglove plays remixes and their own arrangements of your favorite old school nintendo and sega games. They met at Berklee School of Music a few years back and have been crushing the opposition ever since. With two albums under their belt they have just signed on to the Summer Slaughter Tour and will be featured among many other sick metal bands thoughout the season. They impeccably play everything from Zelda to Mario to Tetris, Transformers, Sonic, and Duck Hunt. In the same vein as the Minibosses and other nintendo bands Powerglove transcends the genre.

Lightning fast guitar and bossed out synth lay atop intense foaming liquid metal drum work. Killer double bass pedal and tom fills accompany rich vocals and an overall tightness that seems too perfect to be performed by humans. Fortunately for them they all wear power gloves when jamming as well as posh armor that is similar to GWAR but with turtle shells and viking horns to boot. Check out their myspace for badass vids. They are headlining main stages in major cities, so go see them soon for they are destined for glory and are making their way through the levels of life with honor and prestige. Soon they will come upon a very difficult boss but I have confidence that their powergloves will see them through!

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