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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

37 - The Treasures

Genre: Folk/ Country/ Rock/ America
Location: Ontario, Canada
Website: http://www.myspace.com/thetreasuresband

Bio: The name says it all! Stumble upon this band on myspace and you have found a hidden stash of treasured freakjams. Their recordings have drawn from a deep love of real good down-home-country/ folk stylings. You can hear some Graham Parsons, and fresh Eaglesesque vocal harmonies over twangy stringed instruments. The Treasures utilize funky good bass styles holdin it down, and rockin guitars reminiscent of Steve Earle. You can even get a bit of Waylon and Grateful Dead in there too. These boys live in the frozen northlands but expect to see them south of the border soon. With a new album on the way, the band is currently lining up tour dates to come to your town and freak you out country style.

With a little bit of Willie and some smoky whiskey drops from Townes Van Zandt you can be sure the Treasures are filling a long lost void of what Country music should be. I know nowadays what they call "country" is more like crappy pop music with some steel guitar thrown in there. Its like Nashville has been tryin for years to turn Country into a four letter word and they are succeeding. What we need is some good olde fashioned guerilla style bands like the Treasures to take the Country back! They threw a lotta guys outta Nashville, Willie being one of them. They didn't want Dwight Yoakam either, or Steve Earle, but those are the real guys and they said to hell with Nashville anyway. Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith can suck my balls! Give me John Anderson, Jerry Reed, Ray Wylie Hubbard or Johnny Paycheck any day! Now don't ya'll let them Treasures slip through your grease-stained mitts. Wait for it and buy their damn album!

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