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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

42 - Marie Robertson

Genre: Experimental/ Classical/ Pop/ Ragtime/ Freakjams
Location: Denver, CO
Website: www.myspace.com/playmarierobertson

Bio: Marie Robertson brings a new sound that is difficult to classify yet a joy to hear. She writes her own brand of catchy pop with a classical and jazz twinge. Holing up in the mountains of Colorado, this artist, originally from Auburn, AL spends her days and nights tinkering in her cave creating wonderflous freakjams for the masses. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sultry, sometimes bright but always sexy. Her music is like no other but I would try to compare her with Feist, Scott Joplin, Vince Guaraldi, Carole King or Dave Brubeck. But her music doesn't really sound like any of that. The only way to know for sure is to go fucking check her out!

Marie began her musical career early at the age of five, traveling through the southeast with her family of musical gypsies. Continuously writing and practicing she was an overnight prodigal sensation. With all the local lords and robber barons at each others throats straining to get a listen to Marie Robertson's own brand of freakjams. She utilized fresh chord changes, modulations, delayed resolutions and amazing lyrics transversing the line between zen and other-worldlyness. Marie was once a part of a living breathing organism by the name of Hey! Alligator with longtime muse and freakjams fave Katie Martin. They have an album of complete material that will be available on freakjams soon. Soon meaning who knows? Because when it comes to Freakjams time is relative! Anyways go listen to Marie and her beautiful voice right now before time runs out!

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