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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

40 - The Indobox

Genre: Rock/ Electronic/ Dance/ Metal/ Hardcore/ Pop
Location: Allston, MA
Websites: www.theindobox.com/

Bio: Freakjams to the fullest! The Indobox cranks out crunk-techno-funk-rock for your face! These musicians, trained at The Burger King School of Music in Boston, ride some tripped out tech-grooves made to enhance your party wherever it may be. Tongue in cheek lyrics accompany deft pop synth work, smokin rock guitar and crazy dance drums. Check out their myspace for throwback classic Indobox! Their homepage includes all the news, as well as two kickass cuts from their new album!

This band has been jammin the scene in the northeast for a few years now and are now opening for major acts up there. The Indobox is sure to create a dance party that grows like Akira and will not stop until the last note has faded out. Their music reminds me of everything from Aphex Twin, Muse, King Crimson, The Beatles, STS9, MGMT, DeVo, Max Tundra to Prodigy. The Indobox has a lot of sick videos to check out for their live sound. Hard hitting drum beats support insane guitar mastery and three-part vocal harms, what more could you want? The Indobox is like a Pandora's box full of the dankest freshest green party-time music! Once you open it the fumes envelop your mind and pump it full of tasty jams until you can't help but take your pants off and dance!

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