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Sunday, June 12, 2011

39 - Adelle Cotton

Genre: Folk/ Bluegrass/ Blues
Location: Greenville, SC
Websites:  www.adellecotton.com

Bio: This organic duo is rife with sweet succulent harmonies accompanied by a collection of various stringed instruments, plucked and bowed with emotion ranging from mysterious contemplation to bitter rage. These beautiful women create fields of sound with two voices, an acoustic guitar and cello. Originally called O-Mello-Cello Tree, they have matured as a group sonically and lyrically and are now aptly named Adelle Cotton. The name summons forth the essence of the south, as does their music. Influenced by early southern vocal groups and blues artists, they transcend other styles and have honed one of their own. One that is unique and full of hearty goodness. The definition of Adelle Cotton is "modern day blues women traveling the world with imaginative stories of the south."

Their new album live at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta is as clean and concise as a studio-cut recording. Proving that they are just as powerful, actually more-so in a live setting. With stories of live, love, and trees, Adelle Cotton sings the truth. Darby Wilcox's voice is fucking beautiful. She can go from a gentle songbird to a whiskey soaked country wail in a millisecond. Her incredible range is complimented by intense playing of Sarah Schaffer's cello. The cello brings an almost cinematic quality to the music. An orchestra performing a long-lost symphony couldn't rival the sound that comes from Adelle Cotton. I'm sure someone famous like Miles Davis, Satchmo or Charlie Parker once said, "There are two types of music, bad music and freakjams" Adelle Cotton is definitely the latter. They have a homepage for damn sure and they are on facebook so fucking be their friends already! Be warned though, their music causes large braingasms! But that's a good thing!

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