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Friday, July 1, 2011

45 - LP Stiles

Genre: Jazz/ Fusion/ Funk/ Groove
Location: Mantua, NJ
Websites: www.lpstiles.net/wp

Bio: Ever evolving grooves squitulate from this NJ based group! LP Stiles has developed a sincere following in the Northeast based on their infectious sound and high-energy live show. They started as a trio (guitar, bass, drums) in 2006 and later on integrated a saxophone player to expand their groovedom. Having just won a local band competition in their adopted hometown of Philly, they are set to continue ripping up shows around PA, NY and the rest of the New World. They create a unique and powerful energy with only four instruments. The saxophonist uses a variety of pedals to shape his already beefy tone. Occasionally whipping out an electronic saxophone (iwii?) and delivering soaring synth melodies over the jam. The guitarist also plays with a variety of tones and it almost sounds like a change in instrumentation.

They are mainly an instrumental band however their guitarist belts out fresh vocals on a few original tunes. Their sound reminds me of a mix of Soulive, Chris Potter, Maceo Parker, Joshua Redman, Steve Slagle, Pat Metheny, John Mclaughlin, Grover Washington Jr., Dennis Chambers and James Brown. With a focus on jazz fusion and funk they can occasionally cross the borders into R&B and Reggae/ Dub as well. They are on iTunes, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Last.fm, Freakjams and Youtube (what a mouthful!). You can check out their homepage, www.lpstiles.net/wp as well. Although they don't play that often south of the Mason/Dixon line you can expect to see them deep in the heart of Dixie soon. Check out their new album A Modest Proposal available on iTunes now!

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