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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

50 - The Good Doctor

Genre: Superfunk/ Rock/ Jazz/ Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: www.myspace.com/thegooddoctormusic

Bio: This group of haters illuminates tasty Freakjams to the universe! Superfunk, a genre of music that can only exist in a state of Freakjams. Like wormholes, black holes or dark matter exists in space. Can you fathom the fathomless? Can you hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? These are difficult life-related questions that you must answer when faced with the infinite quandaries and parables of Freakjams. Will Freakjams stand the test of time or will it create new spheres of reality? The Good Doctor has dealt with these questions and has seen the other side. The real question is can you? 

The answer to everything is yes... with limitless possibilities the Good Doctor transcends the mucky muck with sheer force of will. They play a brand of superfunk that can only be appreciated by hermetically sealed Japanese philosophers yet they relentlessly attack the clubs and venues of Alabama and the deep south. You may think that Japan and Alabama are vastly different, however the energies and the Landhornes align to make the two vibrate together as a newly forged tuning fork. You can experience the Good Doctor for yourself in the comfort of your own home after you spend your earth-dollars on a copy of their debut EP on the internet place that is known as the iTunes.

As the members of the Good Doctor may go on spirit journeys, the Boat Wizard stays the same and the sounds you may encounter on the way are in the first stages of crystallization. As the primordial ooze that spawned the single celled organisms that in turn begat Methuselah, the Good Doctor draws upon these forces and heals your ills with a special prescription to be filled by Dr. Long on the second album. A New Doctor is on the rise in the east and he saw that it was Good.

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