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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

48 - John and The Conners

Genre: Folk Rock/ Ghettotech/ Western Swing/ Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Websites: www.myspace.com/johnandtheconners

Bio: These suckas know how to write some fresh songs. Check out John and the Conners for some real folk rock jams! John and the Conners like to classify their music as a mix of Ghettotech, Folk Rock and Western Swing. I would have to agree with that whole-heartedly. John and the Conners are one of the few outfits that currently rock the Auburn scene with style and grace. They have garnered a good reputation and a big following due to their excellent song-craft and lawless stage performance. Their music is mainly a mix of acoustic instruments and lush vocal harmonies. They do mix it up with electric guitar, mandolin and the occasional banjo. Their demo was recorded up at Jay's place in Nashville engineered by Scotty Rollins, a very famous freakjammer and true originator. Their recordings sound awesome! You can hear some of their tracks on Reverbnation and Myspace.

John and the Conners get their name from the Terminator movie series, as their lead singer Chris looks a lot like John Conner. Had you not known that their name might just seem like an appropriate title for a traveling acoustic folk group. Chris's tenor voice is very distinct with the perfect amount of growl mixed in with his light airy style. When accompanied by the rest of the group's sweet voices they create a sheet of sound that envelops like a morning mist over a green Alabama field. Andy Cox lays a tingly banjo in there that brings a fresh texture to the acoustic guitar and wafting piano. John and the Conners is Americana at its purest, with tight and simple forms and perfect instrumentation. Go forth and listen to John and the Conners and taste the rainbow!

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