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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

52 - Stoney Lawless

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Freakjams
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/stoneylawless

Bio: Stoney has been a mainstay of the underground hip-hop scene for the last five years. A very talented MC, his rhymes are clever, deft and agile as he swings from his mic cord like tarzan eliminating whack MC's along the way. With classic old school beats and a get fresh flow, Stoney Lawless makes other rappers jealous with his impeccable lyricism. With lyrics that remind me of other underground heroes, Murs , Slug and Atmosphere, Sage Francis and all the other true badasses that aren't so underground anymore. With beats that remind me of the Pharcyde and Nas' first album you couldn't ask for a better combo in Hip Hop. You got dope beats and dope lyrics and that's a deadly combination, like Harlem's Finest, and I don't use that reference lightly. If Stoney keeps grindin then the sky is the limit.

Hailing from Minnesota, Lawless relocated to Beantown a few years ago and has been constantly firing up bowls and letting rapid-fire rhymes spew forth into microphones and recording software along the way. I used to see him walking the streets around haviland and Mass. ave back in the day when I too roamed Back Bay. The only place you can find this classic badassness is on his myspace page so check it out. If I can get in touch with him, I will try my hardest to get him on the first Freakjams mixtape coming out in the next lightyear for all domes! Stoney Lawless is a real MC so get with the flowgram!

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