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Sunday, July 17, 2011

51 - The Original Booty Burglars

Genre: Freak-Rock/ Butt-Rock/ Funk-Rock/ Freakjams
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Websites: www.originalbootyburglars.com/

Bio: I have heard legends of the original booty burglars travel across the lands, seas and skies. I heard of broken legs, grown men in diapers and unrelenting booty burlgin freak-rock for your face! The rumours were true and I lived to tell the tale. I freaked out at their last performance about four years ago. It was a gargantic throwdown at their rehearsal space in Los Angeles. They partied down till the cows came home and we all had a transcendental experience that opened up new pathways for neurongz in our brang-stems! After a mind-exploding performance, sadly I think they went their separate ways, but not without leaving a virtuosic catalog of mass destruction in their wake! Their mighty reign lasted for an entire decade. From forming in the stone houses carved from cliffs in their home with the Pueblos Indians to peace talks between the Hungarians and the hill tribes.These guys are the Trace Adkins of Butt Rock! Spartan warfare at its best, the Booty Burglars are deathridin, whiskey drinkin, leg breakin, party rockin bastards from hell!

Check out their fantastic bombastic plastic spastic jams on their homepage and myspace page because they damn-sure will stick it your jammerhole! They ride their huffys through the streets and take on the Ghosts of L.A. on their home turf. Their lyrics are well thought out and speak to you in a style that speaks to the heart. In other words, their speaking your language! The Original Booty Burglars are so fuckin great, Im gonna list just some of their fucking sweet masterpieces dripping wet with philosophic truth, so here we go: You're so fuckin drunk!; Huffy Riders; Deathride; Dope Ass Body; Jammerhole; and Funky Camel Toe. The Original Booty Burglars are the perfect band to increase the crunknicity of any fancy wine dinners, catered executive meetings, or drunk off your ass back-woods hootenannys! Get down with the one and only Original Booty Burglars, guaranteed to increase sex drive!

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