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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

49 - Rollin In The Hay

Genre: High Octane Groove Grass/ Bluegrass/ Country/ Blues
Location: Birmingham, AL
Websites: www.facebook.com/RollinInthehay

Bio: Rollin in The Hay set the standard for high-energy, moonshine drinkin, badass bluegrass bands in the south! With washboard, acoustic guitars and bass they bring a fiery combo of country, southern rock and bluegrass to whip up audiences into a seething frenzy. Having seen their performances at various venues in the southeast, I can tell you with gusto that they are the best around! They create thunderous mountain jams with Johnny Fontana's fast paced finger pickin, and hog-stompin washboard playin by the notorious Wildman Steve. They have a wide variety of country-fried originals and farm fresh covers to incite non-stop dancing at their shows. Their southern twinged voices harmonize beautiferously winding and floating ever so wonderously over their driving rhythms and booty quakin bass lines.

Check out their homepage for delicious Bluegrass as well as their myspace and facebook for more info. They have four amazing albums you gotta give a listen to! The lightning fast bluegrass tunes have hints of Ry Cooder, Hawaiian Slack-Key, and even a little Django. While their lyrics are bout the deep-south, southern girls, Birmingham and the Highway; Trucks and Trains, everything you'd want from a mud-slingin' blues, country, bluegrass band and more. A must see for a serious ho-down experience! If you haven't tasted their own brand of Rot-Gut yet, I suggest you head on down to Alabam, drink a little bathtub gin, smoke a fatty and get down to Rollin in The Hay!

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