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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

16 - Barracuda Emergency

Genre: Psychedelic/ Reggae/ Ska
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/barracudatoyourface

Bio: Barracuda Emergency is a good-time ska circus full of trombones, percussion and crispy reggae drums. A staple of the basement party scene in Boston circa 2006-2009. Ripping it up with other fresh party bands of the time like Jonny vs. the Ninjas, Whoarfrost, Thugg Mansion among many others. Dueling trombones wail along with space-guitar dub-bass and tribal rhythms. Perfect music to dance to when partyin' down in a dark depressing basement surrounded by sheets of ice and subarctic temperatures. Barracuda Emergency whisks you away to a tropical island of reggae jams where the party is intense and then the island festival becomes a spaceship that blasts off and hyperspeeds to a new galaxy. And as you pause to wonder at a colorful reggae star cluster your space journey ends back on a funky fishing boat in the Caribbean.

You can hear Trista's powerful yet sweet and sumptuous voice on "For the rest of our time." Checkout other fresh freakjams on their Myspace. Josh lays down a mega-reggae groove on the drum kit. Steve has the bass on lock with his Rasta lines. Torres flossin the percussion with Graham's trippy guitar stylings. The dueling trombones of Scotty and Brian blast bombastic squitulations. The raw energy in their live tracks funnels power through skanking guitar-wahs, organ pops and spellcasting vocals. Although they are not still performing, their mark has been made on the pages of the Music History books, chapter 43: Freakjams!

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