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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

12 - Killin' Floor

Genre: Metal/ Blues/ Hard-Rock
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: www.myspace.com/killinfloornyc 

Bio: Oh My God!! This music is like if someone went back and recorded the screams of the Mongolian Hordes laying waste to the known world in the era of Genghis Khan. Check out their myspace and feel their surge of energy sure to melt your face from your skull. Taking the formula of Led Zeppelin and other great rock groups, they mesh old blues with revamped original funk-metal for extra rock aura. Based out of Brooklyn, this group rocks hardcore shows up in the Northeast with their subterranean swamp metal sometimes joined by electronica/ house fave Nice Daughter. The members met at William Patterson (famous music school) University in New Jersey. Altough the members of Killin' Floor are from all across the U.S. there is a southern twinge to their rampant destruction. They are working on a full-length album hopefully due out this year. As soon as their music becomes available for purchase it shall be posted upon Freakjams.

Their melodies snake around like the great world devouring serpent as the vocals twist like a cyclone sucking trees and villages from the countryside. Hopefully these guys will come and rock some shows in your area so you can be blessed with their god-like stylings. Attending one of their live shows is like being at the City of Troy when it burned to the ground or like experiencing the Big Bang at the creation of the Universe, or like hearing the sonic force of gigantic meteors raining down from the heavens and obliterating the dinosaurs. You get my point. Go and discover Killin Floor and if you do not wind up bloodied on the ground you might just survive to tell the tale. You know you should have gone to Mexico when your friend said come to Mexico with me. If you did you wouldn't have wound up on this Killin' Floor!

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