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Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 - Thugg Mansion

Genre: Funk/ Jam/ R&B/ Freakjams
Location: Beantown, MA
Website: www.myspace.com/thuggmansion

Bio: Thugg Mansion takes their name from the 2pac song "Thugz Mansion" and based their outlook on the composition. First of all the version of the song on the video is a horrible remix with acoustic guitar and completely rapes the dream that was the original version. In other words that version sucked, the realest truest version features an electric guitar loop and then little known Anthony Hamilton killing the chorus. That version of the song helped to create this band. Not only was that song a mainstay of their repertoire, but it laid the foundation for the kind of style they embodied. Playing a range of stylings from instrumental Jam-funk to Hip-Hop to Jazz and Reggae, they were a staple of the Boston party scene around the time of other legends, Barracuda Emergency, Jonny vs. the Ninjas and Whoarfrost. They no longer perform together as Thugg Mansion opting to let the group rest in peace. Now the individual members have went on to form other Freakjam faves like Frit, The Good Doctor, bananamananimal and others. Like most artists on Freakjams, Thugg Mansion's music is not commercially available, but wait for it because the full Freakjams site is on the way making it possible for you to purchase previously unavailable secret tracks from your favorite Freakjams artists.

Check out their flumpy myspace for illness like, "Waffle Haus" and "Love Juice." Members Nusty, Nasties, Stones, Schyheim (the youngest member of the Wu-Tang Clan) and Hershey Park mixed their powerful flavor packets together in a blender and produced a sweet-bitter love smoothie that satisfied the party people of Boston for three years. Many will remember how their crunknicity flossed from downtown Bean and shook the foundations of the world. You can experience Thugg Mansion for yourself and I hope you do. Where do homies go when we die? There ain't no heaven for a thug. There's only one place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G....at Thugg Mansion

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