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Friday, January 14, 2011

18 - Space Knife

Genre: Electro/ Techno/ Space/ Freakjams
Location: Space
Website:  www.facebook.com/pages/Space-Knife/158190204228610?ref=ts&v=wall

Bio: I saw Space Knife's first video about a month ago and it totally blew my mind! I saw Space Knife's new video last night at The Independent in Auburn and it took my mind and imploded it. Space Knife = spontaneous brain combustion. After releasing two video singles that have both already hit number one on the internet charts, his fame has grown exponentially. With every person he converts into a Space-lover come ten more that need his Space-love. He has only graced us with two video-singles so far, but after viewing them you will definitely be wanting more. His two singles are almost available on iTunes for purchase and a full-length album is on the way. Check out his facebook for up to date Space Knife info and you can listen and learn more at his reverbnation account as well.

Space Knife is originally from the planet Mars but came down to Earth in the human form and graced the loveliest village on the plains for a while invoking awe in those who haven't heard of Space Knife (a name that in other Galaxies, already had inspired vast awe). Space Knife is somewhat affiliated with the one-hit wonder 80's rock group, the Hot Knights (famous for power-ballads and boat wizardry). Since the band disbanded, Space Knife is focusing more on his solo career. Now his two videos are starting an internet sensation with their synth heavy dance grooves and insightful lyrics. In these two mesmerizing videos he outlines instructions in his own alien tongue for how to survive when Space Knife's tribe finally comes down from Mars and conquers Earth. I bet you didn't find that in the Bible...but its there, it was just edited out by monks over the years. If you look closely you will find right between Luke and John is the Gospel of Space Knife!

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