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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

17 - Turkuaz

Genre: Funk/ Groove/ R&B
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: www.myspace.com/turkuaznation

Bio: Huh!! Turkuaz is a nine-piece funk band that has been killin the NY scene for the past few years. Already opening for major artists up there, they have developed a unique smorgasbord of JB horn lines, Latin beats and big band energy. The undeniable thump of the rhythm, harmonious vocal lines, and funky synth lay a fat bed of jam under Chris and Greg's party horns. Currently touring the west coast, you will normally find them funkin up shows around their home in NYC. Check out the mega-funk on their myspace with groove anthems such as "Monkey Fingers" and the French inspired "Chat Lunatique." Their shows are colorful, multi-cultural and they get the crowd poppin with their funky origiz! Yo how many times can I say funk in this article. Funk, funk, funk, funk, funk freakjams!

Turkuaz consists of nine members all mixing their various styles of dirty funk into a blender that overflows all over the funk counter and then floods the whole funk house and into the funk street where the funk children walking to funk school start to drown in an endless sea of funky flotsam and jetsam. Their mystical harmonies weave a spider-web of funk for your dome. And as the morning dew moistens the web you can hear the funk crystals glistening in the air. Turkuaz takes their name from the ancient Babylonian funk-god of the same name, so you know that their funk dates back to pre-history. If you plan on attending a Turkuaz show prepare to be whisked away by their funky-dance party jams until you lay on the floor panting from a funk overdose. Keeping the tradition of funk alive is the Turkuaz's goal and that goal is very true to the goal of Freakjams. Funk equals Freakjams and so can you!

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